What to Give

There are many assets to consider when making a gift to WNET.

Sometimes the best asset to give is cash.

Stocks and Bonds
It is easy to give these assets, and often makes good tax-sense.

Real Estate
Primary residence, vacation home, commercial properties; all can be given to WNET.

Retirement Plan Assets
A great way to avoid income taxes on these assets.

Life Insurance
If it is no longer needed to protect your family, consider giving it to WNET.

Collectives and Artworks
Often overlooked, collectibles make a great gift to WNET.

Retained Life Estate
Give WNET your home, but don’t move out.

Business Interests
Business owners have unique gift strategies to choose from.

US Savings Bonds
US Savings Bonds could make a great gift to WNET.

For more information

Please contact us for more information on selecting the one or more of the assets described here.

Office of Planned Giving
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New York, New York 10019
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We can work with you and your financial advisors to help you plan a gift to WNET that meets your needs and expectations.

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