Thanks For Taking The Pledge

Tell Us Why You Support Public Television

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  1. Madeline Camporeale says:

    I watch TV now and then, but almost always Channels 13 and 21. Why, because the material offered is intelligent, mind provoking and enjoyable. I feel the same about my radio station, WNYC FM, which is on almost all the day. I cannot imagine life without 13,21, and WNYC. I am presently a member of 13 and WNYC and while I cannot afford to add anymore at this time, I want you to know I am one of many listeners, watchers and those that care… Thank you

  2. Kathleen Jerome says:

    PBS is the only place where I can be sure to get all the news. Their news coverage is more complete, covering local and foreign news as well as national news. I feel that news coverage is being threatened, and that worries me.

  3. Esther Dresner says:

    I have been a member for many, many years. I am now 80 years old. I am a real fan of Washington Week and watch it every week. I also love your March Program guide with its wonderfuil quote by Edwar R. Murrow on the cover. I have always enjoyed your special programs including Masterpiece Classic, Pete Seeger and Roy Orbison to name a few. The March line-up sounds terrific. You are about the only station I watch and I still remember Sesame Street, the Electric Company and Hodge Podge Lodge and of course,first and foremost,Mr.
    Rogers who was remarkable. I watched hat in th70s when my daughter was small.
    I salute you for a job well done and I wish you much success in the coming years.
    Sincerely, Esther Dresner Since I get the program guide ,I on’t think I need the program update email. Merci.
    PS Like Madeline Camporeale,I also listen to WNYC and WQXR a great deal of the time and I support them as well as my local station WWFM& WRTI in Philadelphia. Where would we be without all you wonderful stations?
    This a belated Valentine to THIRTEEN!

  4. Robert Wilke says:

    I watch nothing but Thirteen. Favorites are Nature, Frontline, Nova and American Experience.
    I have been a member of Thirteen for many years.

  5. Carol Steinberg says:

    Thirteen is the best channel on TV. It would be sorely missed. Mitt Romney is way off base by advocating that. Do not vote for him. If I just turn on 13 without knowing what is on, there is something good. Masterpiece Theater is amazing as well as Great Performances. It is without doubt the best there is on television, all channels included.

  6. L Candan Goksenin says:

    I have watched PBS since 197Os, in particular The News Hour. My children grew up with PBS and enjoyed it. Maybe the candidate should think of stopping subsidies given to “for profit” institutions.

  7. Rudy Montas says:

    PBS is part of a rare breed where you get real news. For Mitt Romney to suggest stopping subsidiaries is a shame, He is certainly not getting my vote.

  8. Sharon ROdas says:

    PBS is the best station around, PERIOD. Without federal fund it will become yet another commercial TV station.

  9. Bill McCauley says:

    PBS listeners are the best informed compared to other media sources. A good reason to shut PBS down.

  10. Regina Domeraski says:

    PBS has the best programs on TV. It is also the only place I can find international news covered in any depth and detail (thanks to the BBC). Life will be pretty grim for anyone with half a brain without PBS.

  11. Anne Frankel says:

    It would be a big mistake to cut federal subsidies to public broadcasting and I’m sure that the “1%” would not take steps to make up the shortfall! Perhaps none of the Romneys have ever watched Masterpiece Theater, Nature, or Great Performances.

  12. Thomas MInet says:

    PBS is one of the few places that truth, and an intelligent discussion of issues that really matter, can be found on television. I suspect that’s why the candidate and his party would cut funding if they could. Their success depends on lies and prevarications.

  13. Denise Fryburg says:

    To think of a world without public media is unthinkable.

  14. Barbara Serating says:

    I couldn’t imagine my television viewing life without PBS. What an enormous loss it would be. Masterpiece, Nature and so many more programs are the best ….

  15. sally regenhard says:


  16. Dianne says:

    PBS is necessary to an informed society. The viewpoints there are balance, as opposed to commercial news coverage. The cost associated with PBS is negligible compared to the education it provides. Cut a few unnecessary Air Force 1 trips and PBS is paid for. And yes, I support PBS regularly–also WQXR.

  17. Hamid says:

    Keeping the public thriving on ignorance is a strategy that works best for one party.Any surprise PBS is on their chopping block? I support PBS enough to be a member for over 25 years, encouraging others to join and be viewers.

  18. Sandy Jimenez says:

    No way Mr. Romney. No way.

  19. Frank McCarthy says:

    I enjoy the PBS NewsHour, Antiques Roadshow,NYC-Arts and Masterpiece Classic and Masterpiece Mystery. I also enjoy BBC World News. Advocating cutting funds for Public Television is outrageous.

  20. Marvin Ciporen says:

    We have watched and supported PBS for more than 40 years and our children’s world’s were expanded and enriched from the shows they saw growing up. Yes, we also love Big Bird and the Newshour. But unlike Mitt Romney, we know how valuable PBS is, especially in parts of the country where there are no other honest and unbiased news sources. We are proud to have our tax dollars going to PBS. Perhaps if Mr. Romney and his friends paid the same percentage in taxes as we do there would be more than enough money to underwrite PBS.

  21. Evelyn Castro says:

    PBS is the only “game” in town on t.v. It is the only channel worth having a television for, as it is the only broadcasting station with programming of substance. Thanks to Thirteen/WNET, I am well informed about the world and all it current events. Thanks to Public Television, my intelligence is respected and cultivated. Romney’s attack on Big Bird and subsidy’s for PBS was an attack on education and the people who support education!

  22. ingrid says:

    My son grew up with Big Bird and all of my students did also. Their first academic lessons, numbers and alphabets were on Sesame Street. Live performances, educational cultural programs all come from PBS. We need decent programming in this country.

    What’s this country coming to, is everything for sale, do we have to pay for everything? I thought this was a “free” country. So many movie stars started on Sesame Street, then went on to become A list, Oscar winning actors.

  23. Claire says:

    Not everyone can afford cable tv. PBS all over the country gives everyone with a tv access to unbiased news, cultural events that have become cost prohibitive to the general public, wholesome entertainment, educational programs,art, science, nature–really just a plethora of things not available otherwise. The amount of the subsidy for this is not what caused us to be indebted to China. Get real! This candidate is so out of touch, but then, we here know that, so I am preaching to the chior.

  24. Edward says:

    Thirteen is the ONLY channel on TV that provides objective news coverage. This is critical to our democracy and therefore reason enough to maintain federal subsidies. Tack on Nova, NBR, American Experience, Sherlock, Dowton Abbey, and the best of them all, Frontline, and it becomes almost criminal to even think of cutting funding.

  25. Marcia Budd says:

    Mitt Romney was shameful last night H e lied, lied,lied.

  26. Angela Colclough says:

    I watch channel 13. We switch the TV. on to watch the BBC news and then continue watching on Monday evening we see antique road show which I really enjoy. Now on

    We watch PBS because we enjoy the programms, we start with the BBC News and then just continue. We see sll sorts of excellent stuff. Thanks Channel 13

  27. Louise Brohm says:

    I have no way to address Governor Romney’s comment that he will discontinue funding to PBS.
    I do have a question for him: ” Governer Romney,have you, Mrs. Romney and any of your children ever watched a program on PBS?
    No. What a shame!

  28. John Olsen says:

    Commercial telelvision has become a wasteland of low-class entertainment and trash. Public television is the
    only source of quality entertainment, and education.

  29. Judith Levin says:

    There is nothing more important than federal funding of THIRTEEN’s public television broadcasting. From daily news to general information to concerts, ballet, drama, science and so much else, there is something for everyone and every bit of it is quality programming. We rarely get that quality on other channels. Television is a fantastic means of communication and THIRTEEN serves it best.
    Judith Levin

  30. Dr. Maggie Finn says:

    I understand how important it is to support PBS, public libraries and schools. Without this kind of support for free access to excellent information, the disenfranchised and impoverished are doomed to a life and legacy of an untouchable caste. I believe that it might be hard to understand how important this kind of thing is if you have only lived a life of privelege. Walk merely a mile in someone else’s shoes (or perhaps someone’s unshod feet) to get an idea of how much having access to free and unbiased information can impact one’s chances for success.

  31. Bill Godleski says:

    What an idiotic thing to say! And in front of the nation’s viewers, no less. We are trillions of dollars in debt and this candidate thinks he’s going to reduce the deficit by witholding what amounts to pocket change from one of the best public programs available. Jeez!

  32. Zenon Pylyshyn says:

    The GOP’s attack on all levels of American culture continues. Maybe Dressage will be spared?

  33. Mary Neschke says:

    PBS. the only chanel on TV that is worth watching, intellegent, wholesome, educiational, uplifting and filled with wonderful programs on a wide varity of subjects.
    A life without PBS is unthinkable.

  34. Jenny says:

    PBS has the most truthful, unbiased documentaries available. I can’t afford cable, and offering public broadcasting television is the best way to get current news from all over the world. I’m not understanding why anyone would want to cancel it. Well, maybe if I were a millionaire, and I could afford cable. It’s so sad that one of our countries politicians’ don’t really understand that.

  35. Walter Foery says:

    Without PBS, where would we see the Ring at the Met, the opening night of the NY Phil, Downton Abbey and all the other wonderful adventures on Masterpiece? Come on, Mitt, attacking PBS, which gets such a tiny, TINY part of the Federal budget? What’s WRONG with you?

  36. Micah Garen says:

    Societies that value culture and the arts would not cut funding to public television and arts programs. The US is far behind other countries in this regard. Canada, France, Sweden, the list goes on and on of countries to support public programming. As a documentary filmmaker living in the US, the funding is simply abysmal, and it’s a disgrace. And Romeny is an abomination.

  37. Keith Sachs says:

    Offerings like PBS are part of the soul of society because PBS does not exist for profit but to enrich society. . Image a world without Big Bird and his friends to teach children, Masterpiece Theatre to entertain us, and the music that we can hear only on PBS.

  38. Coleen says:

    Globe Trekker is an awsome show. The PBS & NJ stations have kept me a more imformed person.
    I guess Mr Romney does not watch public television.

  39. Andrew Hou says:

    I support PBS, we need Channels that is educational, unbiased and not for business profits for our childrens.

  40. Paul says:

    At the stage of our democratic development as a society, we must have an independent body of journalists, reporters and analysts who offer objective, honest and factually correct data and information. PBS is complementing very well already the Internet, also often offering selective news, that progressive viewers can reason over.

  41. Sha says:

    Public television is one of the last bastions of unbiased journalism, education, creativity, and progress. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need federal funding. But in order to help a generation that is more tuned into reality television, partisan babble (on both sides), and messes of programs, we must allow the funding to continue.

    Besides, why stop funding a network dedicated to the education of human beings?

  42. PAUL GANELES says:


  43. Bridget H. says:

    I grew up watching Sesame Street, Wishbone, Nature, and Masterpiece Theater. I didn’t have cable growing up but thanks to public television I did have quality programming. Thank you PBS for being such a positive influence on so many.

  44. Terri-Ellen Lerner says:

    A world without PBS is a world without sunshine, joy & total entertainment. Most of the talents I love, I first discovered on Channel 13(Celtic Woman; Celtic Thunder, The Irish Tenors…just to name a few. Oh, also Helmut Lotti! If I had even considered voting for Romney(which I didn’t!), what he said about cutting PBS would have lost him my vote! What, no Masterpiece Classic, or Mystery? Shame on him!

  45. Mkke Kelly says:

    I’m a Romney supporter but don’t like to hear the public radio and television stations get called out for partisan bias. (Thirteen and NR) These outlets are the last hurrah for truly commercial free, thoughtful serious good programing that you find elsewhere, and the little they do get funded is nothing cmpared to the benefit to us all.
    AND they do a heck of a job supporting themselves with their own fundraising.
    (I’ll talk to Mitt when he gets in)

  46. gary j. moore says:

    For years, as a teacher, I relied on Channel 13 programming to augment my in-class teaching. Now, as a retired teacher, I throughly enjoy 13 programming, their support of the Celebration of Teaching and Learning and especially their music specials. To defund them would be a great blow to education, and this from a person that says he supports better education. Really?

  47. Dr Barbara Brodsky says:

    My children learned from Seasme Street and now are now are continuing the tradition with their own children. I am a retired senior citizen and need the culture, the news, the information that I receive from Thirteen! It is the only channel that I can turn to for the truth, for analysis of the news, for programs on nature and science and the arts. EVen with over 100 channels, etc. this is the only one that educates in every program they present. When I heard Romney’s attack on Thirteen, I found another reason to praying that he does not win. He is not only out of touch with the poor and the middle class, he is also of touch with culture and education.

  48. Ernie says:

    Ask him what his grandkids watch … bet it’s Sesame Street.
    Shame on you “Mitch” as Letterman call’s him.

  49. Leah says:

    First of all, the cutting of funding for PBS to trim the deficit, is like trying to free up a 500GB hard drive by deleting text files. Misguided at best, delusional at worst. The fact that so many people, including a candidate for President, consider a resource like this to be an unwelcome burden, is deeply distressing. PBS was an integral part of my education, not only growing up (poor), but it’s a form of continuing education even now. It’s really the only reason I have a TV these days. The quality of the programming and diversity of subject matter are second to none on any other network. PBS, unlike other networks, has never deviated from being a place for curiosity, new experiences, intellectual discourse, an arts showcase, and a platform for investigation and discovery. It’s really hard to put into words what PBS has meant for me, other than to say it constantly reminds me what a good thing curiosity is, and that has given me freedom in so many other areas. PBS, is the only other institution besides comedy, that actually attempts to tell the truth, and has a pretty decent batting average at it.

  50. donna rubens says:

    Romney represents the party of the “know-nothings.” Public broadcasting is a vital service, something our society desperately needs. All cannot be “buy, buy, buy.”

  51. Dick Berg says:

    Should I count back from a million or tell you simply, it is one of the only things in this country standing between us and 8 years more of Ronald Reagan, George W Bush and MItt Romney.. It’s time for the media and the politicians to stop making nice to the people who want to tear pbs and civil liberties down, one by one.

  52. Tiffany says:

    The ONLY valuable television programs these days can be found on Public Television. I am forever grateful for the quality and content of shows on these networks and to the people who produce them. These networks aim to educate and enlighten us all. If you don’t want to watch – that’s your sad choice. But don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  53. Migdalia Pizarro says:

    I could not imagine life without Channel 13 and Sesame Street which has been in my life for over 40 years. Spanish was my first language, and my parents trusted the programs on Channel 13 to teach us English. I want future generations to all benefit from wonderful programs too.

  54. judy says:

    When my children were young and I could not afford cable or dvd rentals, channel 13, sesame street, Mr. Rogers, Lambchops, they all did the trick. PBS was the only channel they ever saw. I will forever stand by these shows that not only teach education, but also tolerance and diversity.

  55. miriam says:

    Americans who watch PBS become more informed, educated and culturally literate. There is no other reliable source of news in this country, and it’s the last defense against civic and cultural decline in the U.S.

  56. Henry Wong says:

    Impartial news? Too dangerous. It’s not the money. It’s the inability to manipulate the coverage. That’s frightening to some segments.

  57. Deborah Skolnik says:

    Two words: DOWNTON ABBEY!

  58. Beatriz Sanchez says:

    And he said it so matter of fact, smiling and making a joke of it as though PBS wasn’t important at all! He is not a nice man. He lied shamelessly last night. I love PBS and all its programs.

  59. Patricia Shillingburg says:

    My husband and I watch WNET and WLIW almost exclusively. And, the News Hour every night. Last night I heard Mr. Romney say that he would not support PBS, and I felt ill. But, even more freaky was that plastic face that he studiously put on, that one with the snear, every time Mr. Obama was speaking. What was all that about? So that his face would not react to anything that Obama said?

  60. Barbara Brooks says:

    Channel 13 offers quality programming, you can go there and learn something. It provides safe family viewing – no vulgar commercials. The Republican regime goes to war with the wrong country and now continues fighting intelligence at home.

  61. Andrea Aughenbaugh says:

    These boys are serious. Our Republican New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, closed our public broadcasting station as soon as he took office.

  62. Geoffrey merrill says:

    At least PBS keeps some tether on the robber barons who are becoming quite bold.
    I’m sure most of the educated Middle Eastern leaders are just as happy to have PBS around as we are in the United States. We all like to get the breath of fresh air that PBS supplies.

  63. padmini Aiyer says:

    My husband and I always watch channel 13 programs, especially BBC, Masterpiece theater and Nature . And we enjoy these quality programs. I am a member of channel 13 for several years.

  64. Jum M. says:

    I love 13 and I think thiis will be just the beginning of many Romney cuts. I hope that this hurts his chances.

  65. Janet Carter says:

    There is precious little one can watch on television these days to be entertained, enlightened, educated, provoked or inspired by. And the same for NPR as well. I have, on more than one occasion, thought, “well, at least this is something worthwhile, and personally beneficial, my tax dollars support. My hope is that I don’t have to add, ‘but not for long’.

  66. Steve Smith says:

    Cutting the budget to PBS is a miniscule assist to our financial woes. A cheap shot!

  67. RoundPonda says:

    Why would Romney cut all funding for PBS ??? Because the PBS News Hour is one of the only sources of TRUTH about all politics… PBS embarrasses the GOP and exposes all their lies, deceits, simply by bring totally nonpartisan and not spinning the news…

  68. Carole O'Keefe says:

    For all of us who thought life was going to be more like our days in a really good liberal arts school, public television is a great facsimile. Somehow, I feel as though the bradest spectrum of ideas and most professional and creative dramatic productions from here and from other parts of the world have been scouted out and brought to my living room. And, if we had to borrow money from China to keep PBS on the air, millions of Americans wouldn’t hesitate for a second to take on the debt

  69. Virginia says:

    PBS has it all….good stories, movies, nature, news, music,kids shows….I could go on and on. With hundreds of choices on the cable network, there is NOTHING worth watching 90% of the time….so our choice is PBS to fill that void!

  70. Gary Holland says:

    Cutting off PBS funding is like sprinkling a drop of water in a desert. The economic problems this country has are far greater than tactics like this can ever begin to address and the cost/benefit ratio is simply off kilter.

  71. itala rutter says:

    The only un-canned, thoughtful, innovative, provocative media entertainment we have left!

  72. tedw says:

    I learned a lot from PBS programming and public Arts during my youth and my adulthood. To lose it would be a tragedy as it provides a great learning experience for all ages both intellectually and culturally. To say that public money spent on public television and the associated supported Arts is not well spent is insane. This just shows how out of touch with the average person Romney is and should send up red flags to anyone with half a brain.

  73. Thomas Cichalski says:

    I’ve thrived on PBS for the past 12 years. I really like American Masters, the many historical pieces, British comedy and drama. There is nothing left on network TV, but crass and vulgar sitcoms or inane reality shows. When I visit my children, they have the “1001” channel package. Yet when I have the remote I always navigate back to PBS.

  74. jim padula says:

    I have been a station partner for many years and feel my monthly contribution a great value. I suspect that some candidates would like PBS to go away.

  75. Marian McCorkle says:

    I could live without all the other stations, but not PBS. It’s the only station worth watching. I could also live without Romney, so please, save PBS and vote for Obama.

  76. Robert Schron says:

    You should have said who said it and not simply identified the statement as having come from a candidate. That said, we need to be very careful who we elect next month and make sure the electorate isn’t suckered into voting for another dangerous Republican ticket (see Bush/Cheney). But don’t be too surprised if Romney changes his mind and, like so many other flip-flops he’s become known for, decides PBS, after all, is important and worth funding.

  77. Judy Natkins says:

    I love PBS – it is the best station around! Where else can I watch full length operas and hear Charlie Rose and Tavis Smiley interview the top newsmakers of the day with thoughtful and stimulating conversations? And then there are my favorite Masterpiece Mystery and Masterpiece Classic – always entertaining and extraordinarily well-done drama.

    The “news” on commercial television is mostly the latest crimes with only a few minutes of real news – only PBS presents what is really happening in the world.

    TV will be enormously weakened if Mitt Romney gets the opportunity to defund PBS! Yet another reason to re-elect President Obama!

  78. Bob Rosenbloom says:

    So far, the only specific thing Mr. Romney has come up with is killing Big Bird. That’s pretty desperate.

  79. Myron Clement & Joe Petrocik says:

    That smug smile from Romney last night, as he mentioned cutting funding to Thirteen, confirmed what a jerk he really is — and how dangerous he is !

  80. maria says:

    My kids grew up watching public television. They loved and I know that their children would love it too. Like a lady above commented, “JUST VOTE FOR OBAMA”

  81. Thierry says:

    As a middle class person who pays lots of taxes, I believe that PBS provides excellent value for American taxpayers. This is how I’d like my tax dollars spent, Mr. Romney. It provides wonderful educational programming for the whole family. I watch PBS almost every day, and don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s money well spent.

  82. Kate Bini says:

    I raised two sons knowing they could watch Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and learn at the same time they were enjoying the programs. Then, of course I am always watching all of the wonderful, informative programs for adults.
    Who but someone totally out of touch with anything other than his money would say they would cut funding for PBS???

  83. regina says:

    Public Television has so much to offer. The programing is excellent. Don’t watch much TV except for the public televiion channels, 13, 21 and 9. . The public needs these channels to keep informed and to watch programs that are well done . e.g. Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Classics etc. Let’s all keep supporting and watching public television!!!!

  84. anita Halpern says:

    I watch channel thirteen more than any other channel. I am housebound and it provides me with the most quality program.The concert, opera, Masterpiece Theater provide me with all the entertainment I used to go to, but cannot any longer.It is informative, educational, and entertaining. Should funds be eliminated it would be sorely missed. I am a sustaining contributor..

  85. S. J. L. says:

    I can’t imagine living without PBS, WNYC and NPR.They are my primary source of news, analysis and the exchange of ideas.
    Obama’s got to do better!

  86. JCM says:

    Big bird does nothing more than indoctrinate innocent children to become tree hugging liberals, have pre-marital sex, then get an abortion, all at taxpayers expense. That one thousandth of one percent of the federal budget Romney would save cutting PBS could be much better spent on the war with Iran we need to start this moment.
    PBS deprives American corporations from the opportunity to charge high fees which generate revenue and result in multi-million dollar bonuses for executives by giving away for free that which should be paid for. PBS hates America or they would allow private industry another venue to suck every dollar possible out of the pockets of the middle class and the poor which is what our funding fathers intended. GET REAL
    The finest television in the nation is, bar none, PBS. Not up for debate. The cost to the taxpayers is miniscule and simply the early education benefits alone make it worth the cost one thousand times over. Not to mention the music, art, history and culture that commercial television can not produce in their wildest dreams. PBS brings the beauty of the world to those who may never have known much of that beauty otherwise. Thank God for PBS and what they give tis country.

  87. VICTOR SHEDLIN says:


  88. Morgan Powell says:

    Newshour has been a staple of my existence since before I could read. It is an indispensable FAIR AND BALANCED news source, almost always providing expanded context to timely issues with opposing sides sharing a forum. Of course Newshour is just one of the many programs that deserve accolades for groundbreaking and meaningful reporting (Moyers & Co) or entertainment.

  89. JYoussouf says:

    PBS is an invaluable television resource. I always watch the news and commentary provided because it is superior in every way to the commercial stations that pander to the lowest common denominator. Mitt and his pals represent the worst in American politics. Defunding PBS will not lower my tax bill by one red cent!

  90. mary mccray says:

    i watch pbs have watch it for yrs and yrs thier some of the programs i just love anq road show for one i do not how many years i have watched it i watch some other things also it varies but i watch sometiing on their channel at leat 6 days a week this is a mean person to day this i bet rich people watch just us little people just have so many great shows . how could they think of this see what real people mean to them

  91. Judy says:

    Cutting funding to PBS will do nothing to address the deficit and, for sure, it will not create jobs. The only reason to cut PBS is to cut the TRUTH – sorta like Romney did during the first debate.

  92. kilo says:

    withdrawing support for PBS is the first domino.
    and i dont even own a TV.
    years back i used to listen to the howard stern show every morning on reg radio.
    friends would query: why? he’s rude. vulgar. obscene. sexist. etc. ( and…smart, guys)
    my thinking: if i wake up and turn on my radio and howard stern is still broadcasting, censorship is still at bay.
    the bill of rights is still in effect. the public has the right to choose.
    btw — my friends have TV’s so i enjoy PBS.
    just not the cost of cable.

  93. Polly Weissman says:

    The gasp from millions of listeners to what Romney said about withdrawing support from PBS was clearly audible around the country!

  94. Zakiyah Ansari says:

    All 8 of my children have grown up watching Sesame Street and have learned so many things from watching it. Now that I have a new grandson I want him to be able to experience Sesame Street and other great programs shown only on PBS.

    I myself loved Electric company and Morgan Freeman. I learned how to spell many a words watching that show. The arrogance of Mitt Romney! PBS is just the beginning of what he will cut if he gets into office.

  95. S STEWART says:

    Mitt Romney’s laughing promise that he would end government support of PBS sickened me.

    I have watched – and contributed to – THIRTEEN since it went on the air. I am especially dedicated to The NewsHour, Washington Week, NOVA, the Masterpiece series and Theater Talk, and see most of the other programs. I DVR them when I shall not be home to watch them.

    THIRTEEN news is the best, most complete and most even-handed on TV. NOVA has educated me for years, often thrilling me. The high quality of all of the programming is extraordinary. We viewers support its work as well as we can afford. But ending government support for PBS would severely curtail ability to continue its uniquely high-quality programming. That would be a major disservice to the nation.

  96. Nan Greenwood says:

    Could it be that PBS’s honest and intelligent programming is deemed a threat to those whose candidacies rely on distorting the truth? The public is served by public broadcasting, while other media serve private interests. The best way to save PBS? Contribute, and vote for Obama.

  97. J Bouchon says:

    The children’s programming on PBS is the only thing I feel unreservedly comfortable about my son watching. Otherwise, what is there? And news, Nature, Masterpiece. Is there more intelligent TV out there? I think not!

  98. mary mccray says:

    who is this person jcm how hateful and all about money is this person no heart

  99. Margaret Kilkenny says:

    I found Mitt Romney to be very much a chameleon during the debates. Suddenly, he passed himself off as a compassionate conservative. But the minute he attacked PBS all the veils fell away. There is no fiscal advantage to cutting PBS’s Federal Aid as someone on the board already pointed out. Each taxpayer contributes a pittance and in return they are given outstanding entertainment and educational opportunities that are loved and admired around the world. Sad day, Mr. Romney, sad day.

  100. Liz says:

    PBS is a respite from the noise and chatter of network and cable news and programming. I feel respected as a thoughtful and intellectually curious adult by the program offerings on PBS.
    Thank You

  101. Myra R Schwartz says:

    I am a fan of all the programming on PBS-13 WNET and 21-WLIW…there are so many programs that I love and watch on a regular basis that I am appalled at the threat of a candidate for President threatening to cut funding, particularly when he is using PBS to broadcast his bid for election.

  102. NORA MACKENZIE says:

    I’ve been watching Public TV since its inception. My children grew up on Sesame Street. I remember Julia Child in black and white. My husband and I laughed uproariously and loved every minute. I have loved all the English sitcoms and dramas. Soames, remember him. I can’t remember the name of the drama but, by god, I hated Soames. What would I watch for brain food? Only Public TV. Thank you, thank you thank you.

  103. Joan Ogden says:

    If there were no other reason to oppose Mitt Romney, his desire to end subsidy to PBS would be quite enough.
    The Newshour, Frontline, Nature, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, Great Performances and many others are superb. If Romney wants to improve education, which he stressed in the first debate, he should consider public education, and in this Public Television plays the most important role in the nation.

  104. frank says:

    If it weren’t for PBS, I would not own a television.

  105. Diana says:

    PBS has captured the hearts of families, young and old…I do not wish to say goodbye, ever. Mitt, you mean to tell me PBS has not captured your heart or your 5 children…leave PBS alone. I will vote OBAMA cause I know he wont turn his back on the public.

  106. Kathy says:

    I need cable/satellite to receive TV transmission in my home and with ALL those choices, it’s disheartening to flip through countless channels trying to find something intelligent to watch. I know I can count on PBS to deliver quality, interesting, and educational programs that I enjoy. As a longtime viewer of Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery, Nature, Antiques Roadshow, etc., I would miss them tremendously. How shameful that a presidential candidate that supposedly supports education would want to slash funding for PBS, which would just be a drop in the proverbial bucket of the federal budget. Not everyone can afford cable, or internet access, and PBS delivers such a valuable and worthwhile service to all its viewers. Thanks Mitt – once again you’ve so wonderfully illustrated just how out of touch with average Americans you really are!

  107. Lou Rivera says:

    PBS is an excellent and unbiased source of information, as well as an unmatched provider of intelligent, entertaining drama. I can not even begin to understand why anyone would want funding diminished or even eliminated for PBS.

  108. Frank & Roseann Nicoletti, NY, NY says:

    Sure, we’ll admit that we watch a couple of favorite drama and comedy programs on regular network TV, but most of the rest of regular programming we find as an insult to our intelligence. The rest of our viewing time, therefore, is spent with THIRTEEN, where we can enjoy additional drama and comedy, as well as news, documentaries and movies that enhance rather than insult our intellect. We are proud members of both the THIRTEEN family and the family of citizens who respect the power and importance of education of young & old alike…On that note, our respect for President Obama remains unwavering, while Candidate Romney’s uncaring, senseless and frighteningly dangerous comment places him at an all-time low in our book.

  109. Richard says:

    Maybe wealthy folks like Romney and his major backers won’t miss the great performing arts programs that the less well-to-do have access to only on PBS. They can afford to attend in person whenever and wherever they like. Maybe they don’t care about PBS’ great educational programming. They can afford the best preschools. They certainly don’t want anyone to see programs about Nature and especially about threats to the environment which might make people want stronger environmental protection regulations. And they most clearly don’t want
    in depth unbiased news and serious discussion of major policy issues. But I”m pretty sure that more than 47% of the public wants to continue public support of public television

  110. hannah brooks says:

    Balanced reporting, thoughtful programs, the only place for arts and culture that serves ALL people. I pay taxes AND support public broadcasting with discretionary income because what public broadcasting brings to the table is so critically important to ALL Americans, regardless of their tax bracket or ability to pay. I am sure every one of us who does feels exactly the same way.

  111. Rayna Herckis says:

    A life without PBS – terrible!
    A life without reality tv shows – great!


  112. Margo says:

    I don’t even need to think before I answer. I support PBS because of its top quality programming. How can I NOT support the station that brings us Downton Abbey, Wallender, and a host of other amazing programs, too numerous to mention. Add to that, many timely, thought-provoking documentaries and The News Hour. It’s a no-brainer. There’s nothing else like PBS. Unfortunately, many folks out there would prefer not to have to think. Hence the ridiculous number of equally-ridiculous reality shows. We need to protect Channel 13 and other PBS outlets lest all our brains turn to mush.

  113. Mark Levy says:

    Last night I watched Mitt Romney sound like the proverbial used-car salesman whom you wouldn’t buy a car from. He started his aggressive posturing with a cheap attack on PBS — which was really a cheap shot, an attack on intelligent and thoughful liberal-minded individuals. What, does he think I should ask my parents for money to send PBS? Does he think we should privatize PBS and have more coporate commercials on it?

  114. Jose Garcia says:

    I’ve known about PBS all my life but didn’t truly appreciate it until I had kids. Without a doubt it quickly became my companion with teaching and exposing my kids to a greater world. As an adult I then started to realize the programing for “grown-ups” and the unequalled entertainment value available. President Obama mentioned during last night’s debate that budget cuts were a question of choice, I choose a candidate that supports Public Television.

  115. Sharon O'Brien says:

    Certainly the Gov never watches PBS and the ignorance shows!

  116. Olga Jabbour says:

    i remember, back in college, learning that the year after Sesame Street aired young children were coming to kindergarden significantly more prepared than before Sesame Street ever aired. At first this new statistic was puzzling but soon the psychologist figured it out and attributed the smarter kids to Sesame Street! Public television programing is educational and an aid in education!

  117. Charlotte Brooks says:

    PBS is the only intelligent source of news (along with NPR) available, as well as great entertainment and progamming that actually might require some thought. I can’t imagine being consigned to nothing but talking heads, reality shows, sit-coms and staged mayhem. We are very fortunate in this area of New Jersey to have 3 PBS channels from which to choose. But I’m preaching to the choir here. I’m not surprised that someone who could dismiss 47% of the population of this great country could be so dismissive of a medium he must perceive as too open-minded.

  118. Lisa Guernsey says:

    My 4-year-old loves the kids’ programming PBS provides. It’s the only children’s programming we allow him to watch actually. We don’t have to worry about commercials and demands to buy him whatever he sees on TV. And no stupid violent stuff either.

  119. F R. Swartz says:

    Politicians have no shame and will say anything to make a point. It is time to stand up to these cowards and fight fire with fire. PBS is one of the most informative sources ever and serves a vital public service. I know Romney will not apologize but his mean spirited words are now on tape and hopefully will come back to haunt him. PBS should do an expose on off shore tax havens citing him an an example. This would be most instructive and show how hypocritical he really is.

  120. Julian Parks says:

    I watched the Presidential Debates last night, and I saw Mitt Romney take delight in wanting to do away with PBS and how out of touch he is on so many levels. This is just another example of certain people and groups who want to control the message. We Americans get a lot more out of PBS than what is put into it in terms of money. I watch mostly PBS. When I was a kid growing up in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina, it was PBS that had programs one could actually learn something and had entertainment, and PBS still does that till this day. I fully support Channel 13, Channel 21, WNYC, and NPR for the public services they provide.

  121. susan stern says:

    shame on you…………….

  122. Sondra Alcantara says:

    It was not only what Romney said about cutting funding for PBS, but how it said it that really irks me. His condescending attitude as he laughingly mentioned liking Big Bird and even the moderator of the debate, whom he treated very disrespectfully, gave an incite into his true character. Watch out America if this man is elected. His steam roller approach did not impress.

  123. Una says:

    It was chilling to hear that PBS would be on the block and degenerate into just another commercial venue. For our children’s sake we must not allow that to happen

  124. Urban Chronotis says:

    I’m with Mitt Romney on this.
    I’m a working class guy, I am NOT rich, but I know I DO NOT want to see taxpayer $$$’s spent on television and radio programming that over the years has been biased in it’s political coverage, There is nothing on PBS that I can’t get elsewhere and do. I do not remember the last time I viewed a PBS affiliate, but I don’t need to go into the sewer to know what’s in it, do I?

  125. Dinah Virgulto says:

    Where else can I watch opera, ballet and symphony concerts, Big Bird and in-depth news coverage! Nowhere!
    What civilizes us? Culture. This is where you get it!

  126. Jerry Tuttle says:

    Leona & I are constant viewers of programs on PBS Channels 13 and 21. They give us constant pleasure. Please keep them going.

  127. susan stern says:

    shame on you…………………

  128. Rita Houlihan says:

    I’ve been a Thirteen member for at least 15 years. PBS brings me, and all of us great art; funny, I mean really funny comedies; wonderful old and new movies; stimulating science coverage and thought provoking political and social coverage. Our lives would be a lot less interesting without Channel THIRTEEN.

  129. Pamela Margerm says:

    I watch many programs on PBS, especially the documentaries which I use when I teach. There is no organization like it in the United States. If PBS is not funded we may as well shut our public universities as well since they also require public funding.

  130. Iola Brubeck says:

    If PBS should be eliminated I might as well throw out my TV set. It’s the only channel worth watching. On cable I pay for over a hundred channels most of which I never watch, except for an occasional sports event.. The rest of TV is truly a wasteland.It’s the only place that I can find a civil discussion of current events.

  131. Donna says:

    PBS Channel 13 is my only source to receive accurate and valid information on domestic and world news. I find it unbiased and educational and blissfully free from the opinionated, overly personalized and low brow presentations of network & cable news . I believe that the PBS News Hour and Moyers and Company help me to make better informed and more responsible decisions. I tell everyone I know.

  132. Robert Spector says:

    Maybe the 1% doesn’t need or care about PBS…I do!

  133. C. Sanjour says:

    Romney sure sparked a lively debate. His idea about Cutting funding for public television shows his total lack of vision for this country. It will be a sad and horrible world for many, not some, if this man is elected president.

  134. Cynthia Rice says:

    We are a better educated people thanks to the high-quality television experiences offered on every PBS station. Thank you for enriching our minds everyday…….

  135. Sarah Ferguson says:

    My children are grown now but PBS was an important part of their upbringing. Think of how much better the world would be if we all lived by the moral code Fred Rogers exemplified. As my children grew older Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nature, Nova and Ken Burns’ series expanded their world. Every child deserves well-crafted Public Broadcasting.

  136. Barbara Wyatt says:

    Earlier this week I watched the heart-wrenching documentary “Half the Sky” on PBS.
    Remains the question: Is Mr. Romney ever watching anything on PBS?
    I don’t know what to say, other than: Go and vote. For Obama. Even he seemed too tired
    to argue with a man like Romney.

  137. Tim O'Dea says:

    I teach the criminal justice curriculum at a local college, and use programs like Frontline’s “The Interrupters” to impress on tomorrow’s leaders the importance of committing to action at the community level for positive change regarding disturbing problems facing our communities. Without programs like Frontline, Nova, and Newshour, I would be pressed to find honest presentations of current events that are useful in spurring critical thinking and dialog in the classroom. Let’s hope PBS can keep up this important work.

  138. Connie Rockman says:

    Public Television has the only fine children’s programming, the most balanced news programming, and the finest arts programming. It is essential for the civilized life of our country!

  139. Brian Dillon says:

    The Romney comment at the debate (said with a smirk and —it seemed to me—to demonstrate he was “a good humored and witty fellow” who personally “liked” Big Bird on Sesame Street and Jim Lehrer of PBS, but even so he felt that government funding to PBS should be CUT was an attempt to sugarcoat one more of his erroneous points of view. He does not see PBS as a significant contributor to the knowledge and judgment of its audience. If anything, the financial support PBS gets from the U.S. budget is much too little.. But then Romney sees no value in the public’s having more intelligence or judgment.

  140. Lee V Blum says:

    At almost 90 years of asge and a lifelong Republican (though not what RNC is now!) Channel Thirteen is the only educational channel worth watching and is my lifeline to art and culture, sorely missing in today’s political climate.
    I support and have supported Ch 13 for years to the best of my ability.and receive their programs.

    Thank you
    Lee v Blum (Mrs)

  141. Susan says:

    PBS is the source for thoughtful, intelligent programs such as Masterpiece Classic (Downton Abbey) Masterpiece Mystery (Foyle’s War, Sherlock), PBS Newshour, Nature specials. Romney said he wouldn’t borrow money from the Chinese to fund this (?) – o.k. – but he would to purchase weapons the Pentagon doesn’t need, doesn’t want, didn’t ask for?

  142. Else says:

    And just where would we find quality programming? Unbiased, educated, cultural, and scientific programming? To say that support of Thirteen would diminish under an administration, should alert the public to those who are willing to abandon an educational foundation that spans generations.

  143. Janet Davidson says:

    I was horrified at the audacity of Mitt Romney to even conceive of such an outrageous concept! This is like another blow to the world of the Arts! Channel 13 exposes us all to an elevated window of cultural enrichment! It makes you question what that candidate has in mind ,when his solution is to cut this most valuable resource and deny PBS to our society! As an educator,who has devoted her entire life to enriching the minds of so many children, I cannot believe such a solution would benefit anyone??? Perhaps this candidate needs to watch more of channel 13,so that he can make better judgement calls! Whose interest is he representing?Certainly,not ours!

  144. martha in tarrytown says:

    What would I do without Public TV? Unthinkable!!
    Operas, concerts, lectures, travels to far away countries, all for the brain and the heart and soul.
    Please, please, there should be no doubt: VOTE OBAMA – more than ever.

  145. Diana P. Fimiano says:

    Wholesome television viewing! Educational as well as variety! International and the homefront…Nature.. Children’s programming. Excellent!!!!!

  146. Marilyn Neuwirth says:

    Public Television, in particular Channels 13 and 21, are my reliable source of balanced news reporting – in depth reporting that I cannot get on other television channels. Public Television also provides programming much superior to that on commercial channels. For those reasons I have always supported Public Television through my annual membership in Channel.

  147. Caroline says:

    With the glut of content-empty television programming, public broadcasting is more important than ever. It is a great equalizer — bringing art, science, nature, politics, news, and children’s programing to all. I am never disappointed when I turn on my PBS station. As a parent, the children’s programs are indispensable! I credit The Electric Company with teaching my children to read (at 4 1/2!) and spell so well. I don’t know what I would do without public broadcasting. I feel just as passionately about my NPR!

  148. Seymour Kary says:

    13 Enriches our life!

  149. nancy gould says:

    PBS chronicles America and the world. What would we do without it? I am a staunch Republican, who understands the need to curb excessive spending, in light of the current debt. But we need to remember and our children need to learn, the lessons that PBS so eloquently teaches with quality and class. PBS funding is tiny, compared to the joy and knowledge it’s programs provide. Joyous experiences are few and far between these days. Future President Romney should become aware of that.

  150. E. Ronis says:

    Why be polite. It is obvious that Romney is the one that want’s to stifle opinions other than his. There is not much on TV of any value other than on PBS. He knows he wont win NY anyway. I do not have the words to describe th e disgust s that Romney engenders., What an arrogant, spoiled, intellectually challenged piece of plastic.

  151. Walter Lipman says:

    Take heart, people. To more effectively flay Willard Romney, it was essential for the President to give him his head, even as Romney bullied Jim Lehrer, and told lie upon lie.

    This builds the foundation to denounce a man so callow as to intimate with his customary callow sneer that he would defund the only worthwhile television this nation has. Look for the successive debates to be a humiliating experience for the Republican Party, which needs at this point to be cast onto the ash-heap of history.

  152. Louis Alway says:

    PBS is not a liability, it is one of our greatest national assets. Programing that enlightens, informs, and inspires. We can’t afford to do without PBS! A true leader would know that.

  153. linda pompey says:

    for many kids in this country, whose parents can’t afford fancy preschools, PBS has always been a classroom at home. leave it to Mitt Idiot to want to deny the less fortunate access. shame on you Mr. President for not standing up to that dolt!

  154. Ann W. Arlen says:

    I watch Channel 13 more than any other because I agree with Madeline Camporeale that “the material offered is intelligent, mind provoking and enjoyable.” And I too “feel the same about my radio station, WNYC FM, which is on almost all the day.” I am a member of both and have given what I can right now. Thanks.

  155. Mike says:

    Because PBS is a national treasure and Mitt Romney is a schmuck.

  156. Mari-Carmen Gonzalez says:

    I have watched PBS since 1978. At the time, there were no cable channels (something difficult to understand in 2012, but that was the way it was). For people with a desire to learn and to make their own judgement, it is the best TV channel plus it is commercial free.

  157. Garry Meyers says:

    Thirteen has been entertaining and informing my wife and myself, my children, and now my grand children for decades. We all are so thankful that we have learned to appreciate the arts, challenged our thinking, and raised our ability to express ourselves. How can a candidate state that he is concerned about improving education and simultaneously indicate he going to eliminate such a powerful and universal means of learning.

  158. Prudence says:

    We don’t watch much TV at our house and we don’t have cable, but when the set is on it’s turned to 13. PBS provides educational, inspiring, informative, worthy programming for everyone at no cost. That is why it’s called ‘public’ television.
    Now, I need to use the math skills acquired on Cyberchase to figure out how the 3% of businesses which employ a quarter of our workforce can still be considered ‘small’.

  159. Tom Kesolits says:

    We need public televison and yes radio. We need objective programming. I don’t feel that Romney really understood what he said. If we don’t have public telelvison or radio, the only thing we will be presented are those things acceptable to sponsors. As a society that is media centric rather than written word centric, we need an objective source of information.

  160. Diane Quimby says:

    If I could only have one channel, it would be PBS. It’s among the few that does not make me dumb and dumber. It has hard news, education, culture, arts, science and great entertainment and comedy to boot…basically, it’s one stop shopping. Thank you!

  161. josh pruzansky says:

    Rather than insult our British friends, I enjoy Masterpiece Theater and BBC TV; Rather than get my “Fair and Balanced” news from Fox, I prefer the unbiased News Hour on Channels 13 and 21; and, Rather than travel with a dog tethered to the roof of a car, I prefer roaming the world and its art and culture on Public Television. And as much as I care about the survival of PBS and NPR, the scariest thought this Halloween will be of Karl Rove and the Tea Party assisting Mitt with Supreme Court and other judicial picks.

  162. C Dabi says:

    I am a member of Channel 13 and watch many fascinating shows on it. I was truly shocked at the off-hand comment Romney made during the debate. I’m sure he is kicking himself today…the back lash must be substantial. What was he thinking? Our tax money goes for so many other things that are so less valuable, it was a real mistake to shoot his mouth off like that. I hope he figures out how to get out of that. I thought he was sounding better and better – until THAT blunder. Is that an indication of how he might speak without thinking first as President???

  163. Diane Ferretti Perillo says:

    Last night, during the debates, we learned that Mitt is opposed to intelligent and informative unbiased TV programing such as “Front Line” which is offered only on PBS Thirteen & 21. Hey Mitt we are not all sitting in front of our TV sets watching reality shows. Tune into PBS and must maybe you will not want to destroy it or maybe you are afraid of the Americans who think. Thirteen = Thinking….. Maybe that’s why Mitt wants to end PBS.

  164. Jacqueline O'Leary says:

    We need Public Television. It’s that simple!

  165. Rose says:

    My, my, my, Mr. Romney. Is that all you have to say about PBS “I love Big Bird?” Sesame Street is a wonderful program which my kids grew up on. However, as adults they have found other reasons to love PBS.

  166. Norrie Kurtz says:

    Bill Moyers; Masterpiece Mystery; Bill Moyers; Downton Abbey; Bill Moyers; The Nightly News; Bill Moyers; Pie in the Sky; Bill Moyers; Midsomer Mysteries; Bill Moyers; Foyle’s War; Bill Moyers; Washington Week in Review; Bill Moyers; POV; Bill Moyers; In the Life; Bill Moyers – and the week is over. Where else can you watch TV that doesn’t leave you soporific???

  167. Michael Taccardi says:

    I watch PBS daily because it is totally unbiased point of view. It is funded predominanetlyby supporters

  168. Pat K Mann says:

    I can count on PBS tv for unbiased, in depth news; for quality children’s programming, interesting and educational content for children and adults; for cultural events such as operas which are not available anywhere nearby. And I must add, I truly appreciate the “Moment of Silence” when photos and information of KIAs are scrolled. Unlike KIAs in Vietnam, who were simply numbers, this lets you SEE the kid that was killed, when and where he was born, his rank and branch of service, when and where he died. It puts a face to those who serve and die. Thank you for that.

  169. D. G. Breitwieser says:

    Mitt Romney has shown us how out of touch he is! While Big Bird is a wonderful educator as well as amusement for our children, PBS offers some of the best educational shows and documentaries on TV for adults and children. That is, for ALL adults and children, regardless of race, color, creed, etc. Oh, right! Of course Romney would not want to provide funding. We are probably all part of the 47% he has no concern about!

    Pres. Obama deserves a lot of credit for the restraint he showed in not calling Romney a “big bird” for the comment he made about cutting PBS funding.

  170. JCM says:

    to: mary mccray
    Please read the ENTIRE post.

  171. Jane Hallock says:

    I’ve been enjoying pbs since the beginning of Sesame Street, and I’ve been a supporter since I got my first job. The station is crucial to all of US due to other media’s lack of bias! We need PBS!

  172. MrMk says:

    I watch and listen to PBS daily. It has the most unbiased programming and mostly funded by supporters.

  173. stevef says:

    Mitt, you have no soul, to smirk and declare that you will cut federal funding for PBS. It is an attack against
    the truth that is broadcast as part of their news coverage. Unbiased; unlike your pals at FOX, where perhaps
    you will propose shifting the funding too???
    DON’T VOTE FOR MITTster/Monster…

  174. Nancy Torok says:

    Ironic, isn’t it, that I watched the debate, on a PBS station?
    I almost never watch any other stations, except for (very) local news. Nice not to have to be bombarded with commercials. I support ALL my local public broadcasting stations, and am delighted to do so.

  175. Trish says:

    Yet another version of Romney showed up last night!
    Last week we heard his Ayn Rand view of 47% of the country — red meat to his donors and his “base.”
    Then last night he shed crocodile tears for the Middle Class! That is until he showed his true colors by making a sarcastic, uninformed and cheap shot at PBS. Under that slick exterior is another Rick Santorum!

  176. Linda Mehta says:

    It’s hard to imagine not having public television. It’s the only place I can count on programs that are edifying and entertaining and don’t pander to the lowest common denominator. Our capacity to stay in touch with and understand current events and cultural trends would be greatly diminished without public television.

  177. Sallie Marsico says:

    It makes no sense.
    Eliminate funding for the most broadly educational institution in the country?
    Makes no sense.
    To say that is the correct course, gives lip-service
    to the broader contention that “education” is important in the U.S.
    Public Television educates people of all ages all the time!
    Quality programming open to everyone! In your living room! No tuition. No classrooms. No time limit.
    Something is wildly wrong with the man’s thinking that he would eliminate PBS and believe education is important to Americans. Wildly wrong! PBS is an institution greatly appreciated by so many Americans as to make the man seem nuts. As for borrowing from China to pay for it? What a bunch of hogwash. We borrow from China to pay for foreign wars – NOT to pay for PBS. That was one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever heard.

  178. John Rooney says:

    Hey, Mitt, tell your plan to the hundreds of small rural farming/ranching towns which depend on public broadcasting, not just for news or culture, but even for health and safety info, so many in Texas and other western states that think you have their interests at heart.

  179. Theresa Rosswog says:

    PBS is an investment in education.

  180. HARRY REYNOLDS says:

    Since the time I was 8 in the Great Depression, when on East Seventh Street on the Lower East Side I saw evicted families sitting on the sidewalks in the snow among their meagre belongings, I swore that I would never vote for the heartless Republican Party. For crassness, greed, selfpride, crookedness, loathsomeness in oppressing the poor, the weak and the fallen, they have no match. They would have told Christ to step down from the cross because they need the wood.

  181. Sally Benner says:

    The airwaves are the people’s and broadcasters purchase a license to use them. I volunteer my rights to the airwaves for Channel Thirteen, WLIW, and PBS to broadcast on every station, both network and cable. The latter I can live without but I can’t live without public television. The documentary that recently aired about the genesis of public broadcasting cemented my belief in it as a societal asset and treasure.

  182. Adam Albanese says:

    I’m 29, hoping to raise a family soon, and the thought that PBS won’t be there for my children and their children is a horrible one! PBS programming is head and shoulders above anything else on television today; if only those who pay for cable have the opportunity to get quality, informative programming like this it would be tragic. Actually who am I kidding – even if you have cable there is nothing even close to THIRTEEN! This is an American institution that needs to always be there – of us, by us, and for us.

  183. Ruth Helen Ryer says:

    I have been a member of Thirteen for many years. It is one of the rare oases in the TV wasteland. It’s programs are sometimes informative, sometimes amusing, and always enlightening in one way or another. The news coverage is unbiased and its reporters know how to distinguish the relevant from the inane. Long may you thrive!

  184. Benjamin Jubilee says:

    Mitt Romney, please turn on your brain switch. The vast majority of TV is a waste land of noise and nonsense. America needs intelligent TV programming, and PBS is tops in providing it.

  185. Rosemary Vasquez says:

    If I were rich and able to get around to visit Museums, Concerts, Operas, etc. and able to contract a small concert in my home, perhaps I would not need Channel 13 and other PBS stations. Truth is, I can’t do what Independent Lenses does; I can’t go to Cuba (my father’s birthplace), Dominican Rep and Haiti to see history and how blacks are treated there now and centuries ago. Science (from natural science to outer space), Crafts [loved that series], all kinds of Music, plus the Channel 13 and PBS web sites would not be available. Funding for these programs reaches rich and poor alike–like rain and sunshine–it should continue.

  186. Liz levitt says:

    when I am stuck at home Mitt because my husbands salary that you will tax into oblivion cannot stretch to any entertainment at all there will be nothing to do but watch TV, taking away PBS is like turning out the sun. The little money the feds spend on PBS, you could make that up out of your wifes pocket money

  187. iris says:

    This is what you get for allowing him to speak beyond his time. He did not follow the protocol and let him talk more he supposed to be. He just spoke the same rhretoric crab as always. He is just a liar, liar, liar.

  188. lloyd byron jones says:

    Please be in touch with me !

  189. John Sowa says:

    The federal funds spent on PBS pay dividends in education that far exceed any other expenditures by federal or state governments. Instead, Romney wants to spend many, many times more than that on military expenditures that even generals say would be a total waste. I used to be a Republican, and I used to enjoy watching intelligent Republicans like William Buckley. But there is no way that I can vote for Romney.

  190. maria bohn says:

    Channel 13 – no commericals – NOVA and MUSIC!!!!!

  191. Edward Maloney says:

    Of course Romney and the rest of the greedy, self-righteous and hypocritical repubs and tea baggers would want to stop supporting the Public Broadcasting Systems since it is the most trusted news source in the country and actually the only one which examines and reports in depth on subjects of the greatest importance to our citizenry and democracy. And PBS, like the BBC, is also one more good example that private enterprise and the so-called “free market” (which is only a hypothetical concept) does not do things the best or for the greatest good, but instead chases wherever the dollar and profit lead as into mostly television trash-land and paid commercials that are nothing but corporate and political propaganda. They would treat fellow Americans just like any oligarchy or dictatorship and change the United States into a banana republic to benefit the 1% and their wanna be fanatics and flunkies. Bill Moyers certainly deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And Obama would do much better to shed Geithner and his fear of the financial sector crying the “sky is falling,” stand up for re-regulation for the common good, defend democratic principles fiercely and fight for what is right like Lincoln, FDR and the Obama we hoped and voted for.

  192. Rebecca Kopelman says:

    I am 78 old retired person with profound hearing loss. I am a member of PBS for may years and now watching it enrich my life. I find that only PBS has intelligent, professional, great programs. I can’t imagine not to be able to watch
    Charlie Rose and the other programs.

  193. Nancy Norbeck says:

    I don’t watch much TV, and I often contemplate getting rid of my TV provider altogether. PBS is one of the only things that makes me reconsider, because I watch it more than any other channel. If I want to see real news, I go to PBS. If I want to see some of the best television series available, I go to PBS. I don’t have children, but if I did, you better believe they’d be watching PBS (and only PBS). PBS is a national treasure and no one with any national pride or financial sense would think getting rid of it is a good idea.

  194. lisa says:

    Sesame Street and I are the same age. No single thing has shaped me as much as Sesame Street. It taught me to read well ahead of schedule and put me on the fast track to skipping grades and getting scholarships to every school. It made me social when I wanted to be an introvert. It made sure that I had friends when I missed my mother who died and my father remarried. It made me feel special when I was not especially fitting in. No PBS is no life raft for a lot of children who need so very much. This election is so very personal and so very offensive.

  195. a. taylor says:

    Shocked at what Mr Romney said with a big smirk on his face. I hope Big Bird defecates on his Brylcreemed head. PBS funding is a minor,minor percentage of the government budget, and it is invaluable for educational programs, news, programs of cultural and artistic interest. PBS Boston was the original broadcaster of Julia Child, a national treasure. PBS is another national treasure.

  196. RICHARD M. SELTZER says:

    LONG LIVE ***PBS***.

  197. Akua says:

    Romney had the nerve to say he would cut funding to THIRTEEN. This free service is very important to my family,especially the learning programs for my children. I can’t afford to get other learning channels which require a cable subscription. Romney has the luxury of purchasing any kind of learning programs he want for his grandkids!

  198. April Di says:

    Lets cut Romney from being a Presidential hopeful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. LindaG says:

    The appropriation for public television amounts to about .01% of the federal budget! Please – as if cutting back on that is going to solve anything in regards to our national debt. Mitt is swatting at flies here. And swatting at, IMHO, what he believes to be that damned “elite” liberal media again. Next we’ll be hearing that Big Bird is a Socialist. Yup, Big Bird and Obama – birds of a feather.

  200. Silvia Breton says:

    I support Public TV. Educational programs with indepent opinions.
    Public TV give to the public the oportunity to learn and know about topics that are impossible to find in other channels.

  201. desmond c says:

    i watch channel 21 15 or more hours per week. i think that is the most i watch any channel. you cannot beat the culture,music,britcoms,nature and science programing. i have, like most people,watched public television growing up. as has my kid. i think i learned more from PBS then i did throughout high school!!!! plus you gotta love the amount of commercials…….NONE!!!!!!! this is a signal to more of us to give or give more(including myself).don’t focus so much on Big Bird, it is so much more.

  202. Lynn says:

    Right, kill of the one news channel that actually can be relied on for unbiased reporting. That way the Republicans will always be elected! I understand this is a fraction of 1% of the budget, so it certainly won’t solve problems. I’m sure the money given to PBS actually gives back to the economy in the same way money given to museums and other cultural centers does, and society benefits as a whole! PBS is the one very bright spot in a sea of mediocre quality programming.

  203. kristina wehr says:

    It would be so sad if PBS funds were eliminated.My kids love the children’s programs and my husband and I enjoy the nature shows,documentaries and unbiased news offered on channel 13 and 21.

  204. NellyB says:

    The Count taught my son how to count and Big Bird taught him the alphabet. Does Romney want to eradicate some of the only educational programs left on TV and replace them all with reality and crime shows? I, for one, stand behind Big Bird.

  205. Carol Macioci says:

    I began watching PBS, especially Masterpiece theater, as a young teen in the 1960s and am now a regular sustaining supporter of Channel 13, WNYC and the wonderful WUSF and WSMR in Tampa FL. I am happy to support these stations and believe that it would be a shame for them to lose any funding, especially if additional funding is put into overseas wars. I don’t think that Romney understands what Public Broadcasting means to us. Not that I would vote for him anyway.

  206. Jean Menzel says:

    PBS is my first tv channel of choice. It is by far the best of all (MSNBC is next). Romney is such a chamelion and will say anything to please the audience in front of him … even lie extensively to the public. I wouldn’t miss Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, Nightly News, Frontline, Nova, Nature, etc. This defunding of PBS seems to be the only true statement he has ever muttered. We need truth as delivered by PBS and not lies as spewed by Romney. Vote Obama.

  207. Anthony Cottone says:

    I’ve heard said that America is a blessing to the world, and for me, PBS to the country and Channel 13 to New York City deserves a similar complement. All of its content, whether it be entertainment or news, makes you think. PBS deserves the support of all it’s listeners as well as the government. Great nations deserve great art.

  208. Judith says:

    Vote for President Obama!

  209. Gary Sanderson says:

    Public Television and Public Radio are my mainstays for news and for entertainment. I get news that I can trust from these sources, and it would certainly make it much more difficult to stay informed if these sources of information were curtailed in any way. Forcing Public Televisoin and Public Radio to rely more heavily on advertisers would jeprodize the ability of these news sources to remain free to collect and publish information without the bias that comes with the need to maintain the support of commercial and political interests. The far right may want the public to only get the news that they sponser, but Americans need a source of unbiased news and entertainment to keep this country free and healthy.

  210. estelle fried says:

    I watch PBS every day for the News Hour and all of the wonderful entertaining and informative programs that are not shown on other channels -all with no inane commercials.

  211. Antoinette Gearhart says:

    Channel 21 and 13 are oasises in a very sparse landscape of quality entertainment…a real haven!
    Romney is so malicious…and shortsighted as well as a blatant liar…the “facts” are not an issue in his campagin he has boasted!…just think…what a tin, tiny percentage of his own personal money could do for you guys! Now he has stated that he will wipe you guys out…we face a period akin to the Dark Ages if he should make it…which he MUST not!

  212. Tasha Johnson says:

    I grew up on PBS. It was one of the happy moments in my childhood because my grandmother and I would watch it together. We would watch Sesame Street, Nova and shows on mystery. PBS helped shaped me into the person I am today because many of the lessons I learned as a child has stuck with me today. It also taught me to ask question and explore new ideas and concepts. To take it away would rob the children of today the opportunity to live lives of discovering new ideas and concepts.

  213. Marta Torruella says:

    I watch all three channels – 13, WLIW21, NJTV. I donate to all of them. Public Television is a treasure trove of programs that teach, explore and expand our minds. Learning about other cultures; historical events; science; Ken Burns’ special series. Move over CBS, NBC, ABC – These are the ULTIMATE reality shows, and you learn something to boot! That early on those in our government had the insight to subsidize such an important tool for all of us to enjoy is a blessing. This is one of the RIGHT things that the feds are doing.

  214. Davinder says:

    It is a shame to think that public funding from a govt. which is elected by the public and for public is bad. Every program should be weigh in based on its benefit to the public in general. I wish politicians scratch their heads before making a statement.

  215. chas. e. coleman says:

    There are a number of cultural venues in this metropolitan areas that, mainly due to cost, are not available to some. Thirteen is an inexpensive entre to the best that this country has to offer — news, arts, chidren’s programming and so much more.

    The cost of providing this wholesome source of information and entertainment is miniscule and the returns are great.

  216. ann nash says:

    I can not conceive of our country without PBS. It brings unbiased news to Americans, entertainment to thousands who would never be able to enjoy the arts. It is basically my main channel, and I will be devastated without it. Romney could afford to fund PBS out of his own pocket and never miss it. Mormons do not watch T.V..

  217. Eve Cohen says:

    PBS offers intelligent shows. They offer the highest quality news programs. The offer outstanding music and art shows. Good theater in the classics… The list is unending. No other network offers the magnitude and quality of these programs. Romney wants to cut funding from PBS so he can get rid of the Network that will hold him accountable for his mistakes.

  218. bonnie maranz says:

    This country would be seriously impoverished culturally, intellectually, and in so many ways, without the enrichment we reach every day from programming provided by PBS. Thank you.

  219. Janet Bolasci says:

    Why would anyone even state such a proposal when that is the least of the country’s problems. Cutting money from intelligent and informative shows makes absolutely no sense, This is unacceptable!!!! I love watching thirteen especially Masterpiece Theater which I have been a fan of for years.The possibility of not having public television is very unfair and without justification. Maybe Romney is a fan of Honey Boo Boo and the Housewives among others but those of us with intelligence, dignity and class want public t.v. to stay!!!

  220. Marc Scott says:

    13 has the best music, docs, and films anywhere. I’ve seen and heard things I can never see anywhere else.

  221. Melissa Winton says:

    I love public television! Channel 13 and the other public stations are great for society, especially for our children. I’m an undecided independent voter and was leaning toward voting for Mitt Romney.
    Please Mr. Romney, reconsider your position. Public television is good for our country.

  222. Hans H. Jensen says:

    Most of the time PBS has the only worthwhile programs to watch.

  223. henry singman says:

    PBS television is the only real media outlet to provide me and my family with the best entertainment and news shows without the myriads of commercials that take up 20 -30 percent of program timinig. Without PBS, I would discontinue watching tv entirely.

  224. Pamela McCarthy Bamba says:

    PBS brings the global world right into our homes with its innovative and rich programs. PBS keeps us informed
    and enriches our lives. I love PBS, as do millions of people. Shame, shame, shame on you, Mitt Romney. Thank you for sharing your intentions so that well-intentioned individuals can make an informed decision to take a pass on your leadership bid.

  225. Kent Leung says:

    I was completely shocked to hear Romney mumble those words! I grew up learning from Sesame Street, Electric Company and Mr. Rogers. My son was brought up on those shows. I go out of my way to prevent him from watching all that other cartoon crap that teaches nothing but violence, laziness and indifference. Why don’t he concentrate on catching medicare fraud. Did you see that just today they caught 91 people stealing $430 million from Medicare? That would fund PBS for an eternity – in just ONE case

  226. Stephen says:

    PBS keeps “truth” alive!

  227. Peg says:

    Education! The cornerstone of a free and productive society. All of the programming on PBS contributes to some aspect of education: whether it’s targeted at pre-schoolers or adults. Programming like: Charlie Rose (in general) and the Brain Series on Charlie Rose co-hosted by Dr. Eric Kandel; other programming on subjects such as: Science, Technology, Histroy, Current Affairs, World News, Socio/Economic/Political subjects (both Domestic and World-wide), Archaeology, Architecture; documentaties on everything from the Civil War to Winston Churchill, the timeless concepts of Joseph Campbell; the list goes on and on.

    Even entertainment programming provides a window into historical and sociological knowledge within the context of the era: e.g. Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Upstairs-Downstairs, Foyle’s War, Cranford and Return to Cranford, Larkrise to Candleford, movies based on literature, Great Performances from Broadway plays to Symphony Orchestra’s to the Met, etc., and yes, even the BritComs. All can provide a window into the specific eras which they’re depicting or in which they were created. So, one can not only watch the enterainment programming and just enjoy the relaxation and stress relief it provides, but it can also be a catalyst to explore subjects and eras that you might not have pursued otherwise.

    When seen from this perspective, ALL of the programming is educational and is well beyond the strict curriculums available at ANY higher learning institution. It spurs the viewer on to further exploration of these subjects. This type of continuing education ensures a knowlegable public on a diverse spectrum of topics and broadens our perspectives. Only through understanding of where we’ve been and where we are can appreciate our lives today and launch ourselves to a better life and a better future – to the benifit of all.

    The short-sighted approach: cut funding;
    The long-view: continue to fund a vehicle that enables the people of this country to be effective and productive today, and in the future. What better way is there to ensure our economic future than through an educated, knowledgable thoughtful and imaginative work force?

    The ONLY UNIVERSALLY AVAILBLE platform that can provide all of this is – PBS.

  228. Karen says:

    I treated myself about 2 years ago to a new big-screen TV primarily so I could enjoy PBS–let’s just say my family and I have very different TV preferences! Between raising two young boys and then returning to school to become a teacher, for many years I had little time or energy to watch TV. My boys are now older and I finished my degree so now I have more time to spend watching some of the favorite programs I had always enjoyed on PBS–namely Masterpiece (Theatre)–and have been introduced to many new ones (at least to me)–As Time Goes By and other wonderful British comedies, Bill Moyers & Company, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, Great Performances, and the informative news programs like BBC and Newshour, to name a few. I find PBS always presents programs that are of the utmost quality–intelligent, informative, well-produced, objective–and are a wonderful oasis for those viewers who want an alternative to mainstream commercial TV. I am a member of both WNET and WLIW21 as well as WNYC radio. I could not imagine a day without these public broadcast entities in my life!
    So that is why I am Taking the Pledge to Support PBS!!

  229. Judy Kropf says:

    At least Mitt was honest about his intention to de-fund PBS–he lied shamelessly about everything else. Glad to see that people are up in arms about the one truthful thing he said. We love PBS! Vote for Obama!

  230. Nellie says:

    I grew up in public TV. It has just about the only quality programming for children. My sons daycare switched to the local public stations from nickelodeon and has noticed a considerable drop in fighting amongst the kids there.

  231. Richard LaManna says:

    Can you imagine this crazy world without PBS? I can’t.

  232. Betty (Lady) Aberlin says:

    How I wish Lady Elaine Fairchilde had moderated the debate! As the niece of King Friday XIIIth, over a period of some 33 years, I have watched the goings on in Reality from the safe haven of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. I do not speak of Sesame Street, and I cannot speak of the animated program which bears the Fred Rogers imprimatur without containing the spiritual illumination of the Original Neighborhood, but on behalf of all the human beings that made the program and all the visitors to it, and all the neighbors both human and puppet who made it sacred by their sense of devotion to young children & their caregivers, most particularly Fred McFeeley Rogers & Johnny Costa, I’d like to say that even with the changes in today’s PBS, it had great value, and has great value, and will have value for future generations, in this time of threatened Imperial Presidencies. King Friday learned how to reverse direction when he was wrong, and Lady Elaine taught us to tell the truth to power. Mitt Romney is a polished performer & Barack Obama looked weary from his day job. I wish Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson had been included. That would have made it a perfectly beautiful day.

  233. Nancy Haley says:

    this is one of the many reasons we need to re-elect the president….i am sure big bird agrees.

  234. Roberta Strauss says:

    PBS is by far the best thing on TV.
    Obviously Mr. Romney is no more sensitive than Big Bird.
    PBS is a staple in my house.

  235. Nancy says:

    What would we do without PBS? The new HD opera format has the potential to reel in a new generation of opera lovers, they see it on PBS. Nature shows and Live from Lincoln Center keep me balanced. Political debates and discussions keeps us well informed of the issues. No PBS…no educational programming. Shame on you Mitt!

  236. Robert Fisher says:

    Public television is a vital ingredient in the mix of quality that adds to a good day, week and year. The conservative mind seems to be afraid of the arts and an open mind. What a shame.

  237. Lynne Thomas says:

    I have been a member of 13 for years. I enjoy the programs as they offer a change from what is usually on broadcast TV. Masterpiece Theatre is simply great as are the concerts, the plays, the operas. It gives me the opportunity to introduce my grandchild to these programs in our home. There, she can ask questions…she’s 6..without disturbing others at a real performance. Once she is old enough to truly understand I can take her to live performances where she can enjoy them.

  238. Donna M Flood says:

    Roomey talked about putting money into education. What better way to spend educational money than to subsidize PBS. Our children grew up on PBS and today as adults are still enjoying and learning from the variety of programs offered. Masterpiece Theater, Doc Martin, News Hours, Bill Moyers, I could go on and on…..the most educational and inspirational shows.
    Cutting funding is so short-sighted…..PBS reaches so many……. they entertain us and educate us.
    We support PBS and will continue to do so.

  239. Monica says:

    No more Big Bird! I Grew up on Sesame Street, Zoom and Electric Company. My daughter watched Sesame Street as a child as well. I can’t imagine how Romney would want to shut down subsidies for PBS but keep keep billions for oil companies. If Romney really support education he would never touch PBS, which is essential to America’s children.

  240. Olympia says:

    PBS is an American institution, especially the children’s programming! I support Big Bird!!!!!

  241. Linda Vereline says:

    I count on the News Hour for indepth reporting on stories. I don’t find a substitute for it on commercial television. For me, Romney’s ready comment about cutting the subsidy says a lot about his overall stance: he doesn’t see a place for the public good. For me, public television and radio are what help to create and sustain an informed public critical to a democracy. In addition to news programming, the cultural and educational programming also support a well rounded citizenry.

  242. EBNY says:

    I have to give PBS credit for helping to educate my children. I have to thank PBS for being there with education programming and wonderful music performances that I otherwise would never hear. PBS is a vital part of our lives, bringing enriching programs. I don`t care which candidate said this and neither should anyone else, PBS is wonderful and needs to stay.

  243. James Arendt says:

    How frightening. It would sadden me greatly and end my need for a television.

  244. Patricia Foley says:

    I stand up for PBS because I have watched PBS shows for years. I find the programs on PBS enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

  245. Karen Macbride says:

    Of course the Republicans would want Public programming ended – it doesn’t fit in with their agenda of dumbing down the population. They want TV to be entirely a tool for their propaganda. Sickening and dangerous!

  246. Shawna says:

    PBS gives me In-depth informative quality programming! My Children grew up watching Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog and CyberChase just to name a few of the appropriate and wholesome programming you have for young kids. The Adult programming is merited as well I enjoy Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose, PBS News Hour, One on One with Steve Adubato etc… I also enjoy watching Masterpiece Theatre, NYC Arts and Independent Movies. Public Access Television is vital and Funding must not be Cut! Please Vote let your Voice be Heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Joan Darby says:

    The corporate takeover of news in this country is very distressing. I think the budget deficit is a convenient excuse for corporate-controlled politicians like Mitt Romney to attack independent sources of news like public broadcasting stations. Knowledge is power!

  248. Rickflick says:

    PBS is my main source of relatively objective news.

  249. rich hunt says:

    A friend of mine claimed that everything that’s offered on public TV can now be found on pay TV and so the government should end funding for public television. Never mind that not everyone can afford to subscribe to all those channels. I asked him where the thoughtful analysis and journalistic integrity that’s a hallmark of the Newshour could be found? I asked where the production values of Nature, the insight of Nova, the points of view found on POV or the insightful questioning that is Frontline are on cable? I asked where the quality of children’s programming is higher than on PBS?

    They don’t exist on basic cable or anywhere else because those “high-end content” channels—from The Learning Channel and Bravo to A&E and Discover—must bow to the bottom line. Even National Geographic has degenerated from what it started out as and likely will continue to do so. Public TV is our electronic community that you needn’t pay to belong to anymore than what you’d pay in taxes in any case.

  250. Sol Agosto says:

    I enjoy PBS Broadcasting. It’s always interesting, educational and informative. No way Mr. Romey.

  251. Joanne Ebersbach says:

    PBS is needed now more than ever – the quality of programming on the other TV stations is becoming more degrading of life with language and situations depicted that most citizens are not interested in and hope that such programs will not affect the next generation…..the cultural programming on PBS is outstanding and a wondefrul way to meet new artists and attend concerts many of us cannot afford tickets for….long live PBS!

  252. Matoaka says:

    Thirteen is the place I go to see creativity from all around the world. Thirteen is that oasis on the broadcast spectrum which provides nourishment for the genius in all of us, yet to be discovered. Thirteen is the catalyst for analytical thinking based on facts that are objective and trustworthy. The educational programs and insightful programming on Thirteen have opened the minds of millions of viewers for decades. We have been inspired to THINK and to question, to discover and to create. We need more Thirteen, not less. Gov. Romney, we need Channel Thirteen and the National Endowment of the Arts and Sciences. Don’t mess with Big Bird! The Bird has a lot of friends – everywhere – from all walks of life. And we want him and Thirteen. President Obama understands.

  253. Lara Sonnenschein says:

    When we got (finally) cable TV in our home I thought that our friendship (more than 40 years) with PBS would come to an hold, I was wrong. Of all the offerings the cabel TV is giving, we still end up, almost daily watching PBS. The best in programing and the best media to promote education and intelligence. I wholeheartedly support this campain and I hope that our “great country” will wake up from its political slumber.
    PBS rarara.

  254. Caryl Anderson says:

    Real news-real people and the only place we can go for unbiased reporting in an instant media world.

  255. Robyn says:

    Mitt Romney clearly was out of line to make that comment last night. But, he also lost many that were indecisive for his cavalier statement.. He told alot of fictional facts last night- but this was real and made me pause to think what other cut and slash measures will be wielded once behind the desk of President. Lost my vote for sure….OBAMA!!!

  256. Joyce Dade says:

    I am an artist and have always been a person interested in culture. We have been blessed with a platform for the arts, artists and American culture of a world class status and beyond. We cannot afford to lose this vehicle for enlightenment for ourselves and our children going forward. The day must never come when we lose PBS , WNET and her affiliates because of lack of private and or government funding. We must not return to a time when we did not have WNET but move forward. The very future of the dissemination of culture in our country is depending on this public access vehicle and no person of reasonable character would suggest otherwise. Those who suggest we should rid ourselves of PBS and WNET would move us solidly backward vis-a-vis their strict, conservative fiscal efforts. The answer seems fairly obvious, we must move forward and not backward.

  257. David Arnow says:

    I want PBS to continue to be supported by Viewers Like Me ***and*** Governments Like Ours.

    (In any case, hypothetical cuts to PBS funding and the like are just part of the fiscal snake-oil being sold to a credulous electorate. It will have ZERO effect on the budget, the deficit and the debt. I will damage education and culture in this country.)

  258. R. J. Simmons says:

    No doubt Mitt wants to limit the Internet, too.

  259. Jeanne Evans says:

    For a Presidential candidate to boldly state that he will eliminate funding for public television (PBS) tells me his 5 sons never enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Sesame Street; he and his wife never availed themselves of the outstanding news coverage and entertainment programming; he and his family missed out on the many wonderful opportunities for learning and culture, and for developing their critical thinking skills from involvement with PBS. Your education has big gaps, Romney and family!

  260. Ariel Sebastian says:

    I have supported PBS for many years. I am grateful to have programming that is not just entertaining, but educational, inspirational and intelligent. My favorite bedtime stories come from watching Sherlock, Doc Martin, William and Mary, All Creatures Great and Small, Antiques Roadshow and a choice interview with people like Judi Dench on the Charlie Rose show. To threaten this treasure only heightens its value. Mr. Romney has once again proven how ignorant he really is. All the more reason for PBS to survive and thrive.

  261. norma says:

    I have been a supporter of PBS (Thirteen) since 1965. I can’t imagine being limited to network news which,
    at its best is trivial and limited and at its worst, terribly biased.

    My daughter and her friends were raised on Sesame Street and other educational programs. She loved Mr Rogers (who she referred to as “neighborhood).

    I love the Brit-coms, music, dance, travelogues, Ken Burns films. I could go on and on.

    DO NOT VOTE for THAT man!!!!

  262. roz heitner says:

    PBS is central to education, entertainment, public affairs programs, creative and inspirational profiles, innovative documentaries and learning about the world we live in with less bias, pandering and dumbing down easily available on other networks. It’s independence and diversity in points of view and subject matter makes it an essential and irreplaceable part of our culture. Do not let any candidate who has the ill grace to threaten withdrawal of funding from PBS – withdrawal of support for a community treasure to be in a position to deprive people of what they need.

  263. Ellen M Schwarz says:

    The Press was waiting for a campaign “blooper.” Candidate Romney provided one! The many comments of outrage reinforce the fact that America was listening with an open mind ,just as they had been accustomed to on PBS.

  264. Tom Merolla says:

    I was disgusted when I heard Mitt Romney talk about cutting funding for PBS. But not surprised. I’ve heard that crap from Republican legislators for years. Some how cutting the funding for PBS will balance our budget. Yet it was Bill Clinton who balanced the budget only to see GWB go from surplus to deficit in a few short years. And Bush did it without any perceived benefit to the majority of the population. Tax cuts to those who didn’t need them and 2 unfunded wars.

    PBS is pretty much the only TV we watch. We don’t have cable and don’t want it. NOVA, American Experience, Front Line, History Detectives, Britcoms, American Masters and yes the NewsHour (however, Jim Lehrer proved to be a terrible moderator last night). Did I mention the travel and cooking programs, music specials, and other specials like The Civil War and Baseball.

    The little I see of Cable reminds me of Springsteen’s song…..57 Channels and nothing on. CNN just a loop of repeating “news” and people yelling at each other interspersed with commercials.

    I have proudly funded PBS/13 for years and look forward to the Guide every month to see what will be on. As Mr. Sebastian just posted, “Mr Romney has once again proven how ignorant her really is.” Indeed.

  265. Karen Brown says:

    It all started with Sesame Street, one of the main reasons my two sons learned to read before Pre-K. This is a valuable asset to any home with young children to encourage participation with other children, not hand held devices.

  266. Paul says:

    Where else can you see operas and other cultural programs without spending a fortune and leaving your house? Thank you, PBS, for many years of great programing.

  267. Linda Apton says:

    I could go on and on about the importance of public television. Suffice it to say, I watch only ONE television station only– PBS. To jokingly dismiss the importance of Sesame Street– which my child and grandchildren grew up with– is an insult. Perhaps we need a Romney muppet, who saves all his cookies in invisible containers, while while eating up all of Big Birds.

  268. Albert Luppo says:

    I first started listening and watching channel 13 in 1947. It has become an essential part of my daily routine since 1954, when I enlisted into the United States Air Force.
    The variety of entertainment and UN-BIASED political coverage is way above all the other For Profit networks.
    Thank you for being on the right side of events.
    The un-educated candidate on the stage the other evening apparently never had to rely on plain talk and even possible solutions to everyday problems.
    I hope I have an opportunity to assist the gentleman in learning that people need people in order to understand what G-d had provided to all of us.
    He should watch channel 13.

  269. Sara Simmons says:

    I was appalled at Romney’s comment during the debate, as well as his bullying of moderator Jim Lehrer. I grew up watching public television, and I have raised my daughter on public television. It is a breath of fresh air, offering unique and high-quality programs, and it contributes greatly to the education and culture of this nation. It is an investment we should all support with our tax dollars and our individual contributions.

  270. Lois Kauffman says:

    Moyers & Company is essential viewing for all of us who seek to understand our American political environment. Bill Moyers hosts outstanding guests and asks the questions that garner insight and meaning. This program is rare in televison, and PBS makes it possible for us to see it. Thank you Channel 13.

  271. MAURA says:

    Every child I know [most are now adults, with kids of their own] watched Sesame Street. I love the NewsHour, American Experience, and American Playhouse. There are so many things I have learned from PBS. I live in NY, I can, and do see concerts and plays in person. But what about if I didnt?

  272. Lucrecia Delgado says:

    I love PBS because of the raw honesty in it’s news programs, which you won’t get from the other corporate owned channels. The science programs like NOVA and Nature are just mind blowingly wonderful and beautiful. Though I am almost a senior citizen, I greatly enjoy kid programs like the “Dinasaur Train”; wish I had it when I was a child. Where will our creative freedom of expression go if PBS looses financial ground. VOTE OBAMA !!!!!

  273. Christine Greene says:

    TV without PBS would be like a world without sunshine.

  274. Mary Doyle says:

    If we did not have PBS stations, we would not have any TV to watch at all. It was curious that Mitt Romney should single out PBS? So what else does he have up his sleeve?

  275. Dave Anderson says:

    The only reason a politician would want to harm Public Television is to shut down what’s left of honest and fair broadcasting. Trickle-down depravity!

  276. Theresa Tredwell says:

    Without PBS, the United States would have more developmentally and educationally delayed children. Without PBS’s Arts programs, the United States would have fewer dreams coming true. Without PBS, television for me would be dead.

  277. Mary Schuler DeWitt says:

    PBS is the only educational television left. If this is gone then we have nothing. Romney needs to seriously rethink this!

  278. Anne Colao says:

    I cannot imagine why our country has to borrow from China to subsidize PBS, which is crucial to our lives and those of our children. How about the politicians and Congress decide NOT to give so much money to other countries and support all that is the keystone to our society?

    It’s ridiculous that we don’t have money for all that we value, but give so much money to other countries. Given the addage, “love begins at home”, don’t we all want our programs here in the United States, our families and our children, to be the one’s that receive the benefit of OUR tax dollars, that they are spending. Ask the citizens of our country, where they want their monies to go. Unequivocally and clear, we want to support PBS and all that supports our families!

  279. Julia Scandiffio says:

    PBS is so important; its the only intelligent TV programing for both adults and children. I love Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Classic, MI5, Nature, Nova Sesame Street, concerts, etc. I can watc,h laugh and learn. PBS is the reason I watch TV, because its the only TV worth watching. Thank you for all the information, history and laughter.

  280. Rose Marie Goldspink says:

    My kids grew up watching PBS. We still watch PBS. They have great shows on there for both adult & children alike. Why would anyone want to get rid of good clean shows for the family?

  281. Heather Morgan says:

    PBS is the very best there is in television today; I watch little else. If it was taken away from me, I would get rid of my television as there would be very little to interest me. How would I ever find such sensible and educationl channels elsewhere? I feel the same about NPR. Let us keep these intellectual programs available to all, please.

  282. Ladymay says:

    Of course I’ve grown up watching PBS and learning from the programs they air. I can’t say enough good things about the stations. There isn’t even enough space to tell about all the good things that PBS has done for people. Just think where we would be without the excellent children’s programs or Masterpiece Theatre or most important to me the college tele courses they air. I learned more from PBS than any book I’ve read just because of the broad range of subjects covered. Wow, the more I think about it the more I remember. 321 contact, reading rainbow, magic school bus…discovering psychology, literary visions, nova, scientific american frontiers, newton’s apple. Yes not everybody watched these great shows but for the people who want to be smarter, know more, be more than society says they should be they are a treasure. How many poor kid saw a science show and decided to be a doctor or engineer or scientist instead of falling into the traps of drugs and crime? Maybe we’ll never know but if it save only a few children and adults isn’t it worth the small amount that the government gives it? How much is the life of a child worth these days, I know Romney has calculated it down to the penny.

  283. Nancy Meher says:

    The only reason I am willing to pay for Time Warner’s basic cable service is that I can tune into channel 13.
    So many wonderful programs that I look forward to. If not for PBS I would not have a TV at all.

  284. Yvonne Murphy says:

    Romney’s lying about everything else, so maybe…

  285. susan says:

    I am horrified at the thought that PBS would lose funding and my favorite programs would go off the air. I cannot imagine a world where all I could watch was programs like Bachlorette and Survivor!! If I didn’t have Nature, Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Theatre et al, I would not have any TV at all. We have to make sure the candidate who wants to take away Medicare, Medicaid and now wants to take away PBS should not be allowed to prevail!!!

  286. carlyn clayton says:

    I’m surprised at Obama and Lehyer not confronting Romney on this. He is such a liar.

  287. Romy Vreeland says:

    I am very tired of people deeming quality programming as elitist and for a select few liberals (which is essentially what Romney was saying to his base). Anyone who has grown up with Sesame Street knows this. There is something for everyone on public television and radio, and our politicians should be encouraging people to check it out, not cut it off.

  288. Carole DiBerto says:

    I am a senior citizen, a mother and grandmother and a proud supporter of PBS. I don’t know what I would do without the wonderful programming PBS offers….news, drama, mysteries, educational TV for children like Sesame Street. I can’t believe Mitt Romney had the nerve to look straight at Jim Lehrer and make a comment about ‘not subsidizing’ PBS and then making a joke about Big Bird. Shame on Mitt Romney.

  289. Kathleen Shaffer says:

    I grew up watching PBS. I have enjoyed sharing the PBS experience with my 3 children. I can’t imagine a world without it.

  290. Przemyslaw Nowicki says:

    It is ironic that the presidential candidate of the party advertising their commitment to “values” thinks so low about the value of art, culture, education, journalistic independence and other noble goals PBS stands for. 47% was not an unfortunate slip of tongue of candidate Romney. If he could get away with it he would propose further “savings” by destroying Medicaid, student loans, unemployment benefits and welfare programs while preserving special treatment of the rich and giving generously to the military. I don’t think that his centrism demonstrated during the debate was sincere. I think that his stand on 47% and PBS represent the real Romney.

  291. Paige Stein says:

    For all those who watched Bert and Ernie, the Cookie Monster and, yes, Big Bird, as a child and then watched them again with their children, PBS is priceless!

  292. marsha says:

    Channel 13 is a beam of light in the dark, vast “wasteland” of commercial TV. It is concerned with the community at large and with the persons who inhabit those communities. They have some really great music, dramas, news, and things you just won’t see or hear on the other stations. We need PBS as a culture and nation. I pay taxes, and I also am a member. With all the misinformation in this world of ours we have to have a place to get unbiased news and various venues that are not part of the “commercial” culture. Long live PBS…

  293. Addie says:

    I’ve watched PBS stations, it seems, forever!
    I can’t imagine TV without them!
    My children grew up on Sesame Street, The Electric Company and Mr Rogers, just to name a few.
    Your programing is a mainstay in our household and in many households across the country.
    Romney has no clue about what REAL America wants.
    I truly thinks he lives in his own world and could careless about anyone or anything else.

  294. avis says:

    Public television exposed my children from toddler through adulthood with the most educational non sensational information, that educated and expanded their vision of the world Now my grandchildren are able to have even more of the wealth of culture available on PBS today. It still is practically the only TV that I watch even now. The Government should join the communities in supporting this valuable venue and practically the only venue for culture and education available for families of every social and economic class. The School Education Programs that PBS produces are a valuable and inexpensive educational asset in to enhance our local school programs. Mr. President, who ever you will be SUPPORT PUBLIC TELEVISION for our future citizens. Thank You

  295. yvette says:


  296. Susan Shedlin says:

    My children grew up with Sesame Street, Big Bird and Grover are my dear friends!

  297. Brenda Smith says:

    I did not watch the debate. Are you sure that is what was said ?

  298. Mia says:

    PBS is a necessity for America. It is not a luxury! We need television programs that inspire, entertain and raise our conscience. We need programs that are not insulting to our intelligence and are appropriate for our children!

    Anyone who would try to silence Big Bird would never get my vote!

  299. Susan Feingold says:

    I have been a loyal supporter of public television for more than 25 years and I am currently a member of all 3 NYC area PBS stations. PBS programs don’t insult the intelligence or pander to the lowest common denominator. They are by turns inspiring, uplifting, hilarious, moving, informative, and deeply satisfying fare. They bring me the best in art, theater, music, public opinion, history, intellectual life in general, and so many other things that I can’t even begin to list at the moment. Without PBS I think I would turn in my TV set! I am deeply dismayed at the thought of losing the stations that I spend most of my time watching.

  300. Sandra Sweeney says:

    I was appalled at Mitt Romney’s disrespect for Public Television….In other words he does not see the value. How short-sighted!!! I pay taxes too….and my opinion counts. PBS and its affiliates provide the most intelligent, thorough, thought provoking television ever. How odd to insult the moderator…without a glitch. I watched the debates on Channel 13…the other channels were not an option. I am very upset about it!!!!

  301. Rozgirl says:

    I enjoy the variety of fine programming that pbs offers the public. My family & I enjoy the British mysteries and comedies. My children like to watch concerts and music specials, along w the age appropriate young peoples’ shows. After watching pbs since I was a child, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. With all the programming on TV that displays the lowest common denominator of humankind, it’s inspiring to see uplifting and inspiring programming. WE LOVE PBS!

  302. Steve Zoul says:

    Cable has taken away WNEW Ch. 5 / and WPIX Channel 11 – and now the F’n Government wants to take away WNET Channel 13 – if the people, and only the people do not stand for this – then we will NEVER stand for something or anything !!!!! The world today is controlled ENOUGH ! I’m no longer a Puppett.

  303. S Wills says:

    By all means, Mr. Romney, stop supporting PBS. Instead, why not support the wealthy and the corporations? Yes, that would be a fine way to help run — I mean ruin — this country.

    But of course, you cannot support PBS, because it helps to EDUCATE people. And no matter how many lies you tell about how you “support” (in words only) education, you do not really want an educated populace, do you? If people are educated, they can think for themselves, they become less bigoted, and their point of view changes. And these are not things that you and the Tea Party can allow — because it will signal your demise.

  304. Ruth Leibowitz says:

    PBS has so many wonderful shows including Nature, Antique Roadshow, Concerts, etc. My little cousins grew up with Sesame Street, which includes Big Bird. It would be so sad to see PBS lose funding, never to be broadcast again. Shame on Mitt Romney. It is unexcuseable for his horrific comments. Just awful.

  305. Lavette says:

    I LOVE PBS! All of its programming is great! I watch Sherlock Holmes, Masterpiece Theatre, the walks through the different cities, Ken Burns, etc. I always come out knowing more than I did before I watched their shows. Is the funding from the government to PBS that much, that it is the only cut that Romney is not being vague about? Keep PBS alive and well, and fully funded.

  306. Faith Ball says:

    Goodness. I guess he just watches Snooki.

  307. Jane Kizner says:

    The numbers for the PBS channels on my remote are illegible from use. There is very little to watch on other channels. When I can’t be there to watch, I record it or watch on line. Raise my taxes if you must, but don’t take away unbiased news reports, Masterpiece Theater, Masterpiece Mystery and Great Performances – and don’t ever mess with Sesame Street!!

  308. Cathy says:

    With great condescension, Romney says to Jim Lehrer, “actually I like you, too” — and continues to interrupt him again and again. He will cut PBS to save a miniscule portion of the budget and continue to support gigantic tax breaks and corporate welfare for his wealthy friends — not to mention for himself and his family. Romney says he loves education and educators, but elsewhere he has said we that have enough teachers. Evidently he thinks that we have enough information, too, so he will cut PBS and rely on commercial TV to educate us with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

  309. gloria desalvo says:


  310. Augie Ricciardi says:

    I have often talked with my friends education. I came from a strong multicultural diverse community. I have often said we needed to get back to basic civics classes in school. Asking: what are my responsibilities to my family, neighborhood, the wider community, city, county, state, country, the world and various related communities of each. PBS offers many people despite their backgrounds a window into these communities, their cultures and often the possibilities that shape each of them. They take us to places many of us might never have been able to experience. I remember my favorite Italian bread bakery owner, Vincenzo. I asked him how he learned to speak english so well so quikly? Vinny said, “I have the TV on all day and listen to shows like Electric company and Sesame Street. Thank you PBS and all your affiliates.

  311. Suzanne says:

    When it was announced that men would land on the moon I bought my first TV set and immediately began watching CH 13 which fulfilled my need to be apprised of the legitimate news and glorious programs like Masterpiece Theatre, the NY Philharmonic and the Met Opera. I have supported the station with annual contributions and will continue to do so while I am able.

  312. Rosemary Hermann says:

    The best television is on PBS. From the childrens’ programs, to Science, News, Masterpiece Theatre, Culinary, etc., etc., etc. It would be a disastrous move to cut back on these programs. The public would surely miss out on the culture and programming that PBS has to offer. My children grew up with Sesame Street, and for that matter so did I enjoy it with them.

  313. joseph derosa says:

    I concur with most of the above, what more can I add.

    Thirteen forever…

  314. Joel Hornstein says:

    Channel 13’s news coverage (esp. the McNeil-Lehrer Newshour) is more comprehensive and informative than news on the commercial networks.

  315. Maria Valencia-Gutierrez says:

    At least 99.5% of my whole TV viewing is PBS. I like the no-nonsense program, series, News, Masterpice Theater, etc. I don’t have small children but when my grandchildren visit I make sure that they watch some PBS with me and they have become familiar with the type of programming that PBS offers, and they like it. I’m so glad we have PBS.

  316. sylvia wiser says:

    The only cable station with no commercials, but the best programing on TV. Excellent TV

  317. Susan Meyer says:

    Intelligent programming of all kinds keep me tuned into my local PBS stations more often than all other networks combined. There is no other source of highbrow drama such as Upstairs Downstairs, Downtown Abbey, Call the Midwives, Masterpiece Classics. There is no other station, cable or network that broadcasts wonderful classical performances such as Great Performances at the Met and Live from Lincoln Center. In addition, where else in the vast wasteland known as TV could we find ONE reliable source for the broad and intelligent look at the world around us, natural, spiritual and political, that is provided by Nature, Nova, Religious and Ethics Newsweekly, Bill Moyers, Charlie Rose, Frontline, etc. It is incredibly disturbing to me that one political party is so willing to cut ALL subsidies to PBS in order to save “pennies” in our national budget. In my humble opinion, it is clear that despite the pennies saved, the US will be a much POORER nation for the loss!

  318. christal simmons says:

    I watch 13’s news, i.e. McNeil-Lehrer Newshour nightly and find it more informative on the world news that any of the major networks. Also, I watch many of the PBS specials througout the year including, but not limited to, the holiday specials. It’s a shame that the public has to beg for such inspirational and informative programs to receive continued support, while government money is thrown away on idiotic programs that never come fruition.

  319. Abe Kluge says:

    Ninety percent of my TV viewing time is dedicated to PBS. The station provides top quality and intelligent programming. PBS is my life long learning experience.

  320. Lisa Sorrento says:

    There is no where else that I can trust that I will get unbiased and complete news. In addition, the entertainment on this network is always intelligent and does not insult my intelligence.

  321. Lane Peer says:

    The best stations on TV are PBS stations. The best programming, the best commentary, and the best presenters! My world would not be the same without PBS, and the world of media would be a less balanced place. I think of PBS as a representation of the best that TV has to offer, in News, in Drama, in Music, in Education, Entertainment, and uncensored opinion. My TV is tuned to PBS the vast majority of the time! The idea that it should be cut, is beyond ridiculous. PBS is as necessary to our minds and bodies and spirits as standardized healthcare!

  322. Dorothy Leiter says:

    I love NJTV!! My favorites are the good news programs, of all kinds, and the Britcoms, and the British mysteries.
    Also, the New Jersey programs, highlighting the beauty of this state. ALL PBS stations should be given more, not less, so there won’t be so many commercials, which is why it was attractive in the first place. Too many commercials is still my only complaint!

  323. Eddie says:

    This is yet another example Displayed by Mitt Romney, how out of touch he is with the everyday American. Big Bird and Seseme Street is interwoven into the fabric of America. This show has open many doors of creativity and jobs. Helping the 47% of us.

  324. Janet Campeas says:

    The PBS channels are the best, most intelligently presented ever seen on TV. The Channel 13 news hour is so complete, with details on every important news story that cannot be seen anywhere else. The musical presentations, the drama presentations and the documentaries are most wonderful. We all need this intellectual stimulation to make life worthwhile. And the WNYC FM radio station is the ONLY decent radio station worth listening to these days.

  325. Don Tripp says:

    I think it’s time for Jim Lehrer to move on. He did a very poor job of moderating last night’s debate. I was truly disappointed and embarrassed for him for smiling when Romney told him that he was gong to cut funding for PBS. It appears that good old Jim was indeed intimidated as from then on he let Romney go unconrolled without regard to time or subject.

  326. Billie says:

    I watch public television because its programs are unbiased, fair and they are the only channel where “news” programs are actually news and not some form of mind numbing infotainment. Where else can we still find out what the rest of the world does, thinks and feels in an objective way? I would not want to miss PBS, or NPR, for that matter.

  327. Lisa says:

    Public television is the best family programming. They offer many educational shows that keep the interest in children. Many people who immigrate to this country also learn through these programs. Bottom line public television is pure! Public television quality and learning experience is like the ABC’s is to the American language. Public Television is All American!

  328. Anne Hess says:

    I can’t watch my TV. Verizon installed my internet access but never returned for the cable connection. I’m not sure but it may have a connection to disagreements with my village. The point is I support Public Television and Public Radio for its valuable content–even if I miss much of it myself. It has the best content for all ages. Our government makes a wise investment in NPR and PBS; they are educational and cultural winners.

  329. Be Mero says:

    You have the best TV and Radio programs in the U.S. Mitt knows that.
    I’m almost sure he now realizes that after his dinamic debate, with his comment on Public TV,
    he made a mistake.
    Most Republicans won’t allow to bring Public TV down. They’re like you, very intelligent! Regards.

  330. Lyn Callan says:

    I suppose Mr. Romney only want the kind of “fair and balanced” news that Fox airs. . . . No thanks. I’m voting for the guy with the daughters he will teach to be strong women — Not for the Stepford Boys

  331. Sydney Harnett says:

    If anyone, and I do mean anyone, tries to take away masterpiece theater I will be vocal and furious. How dare they?
    The only civilized thing we have in this county of ours.

  332. "Jersey Girl" says:

    I could hardly believe my ears last night when Mitt Romney said, as I was watching PBS…”I am sorry Jim, I am going to stop the subsidy to PBS…I am going to stop other things…I like PBS…I love Big Bird, I actually like you too, but I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it.”

    On this stupid statement/policy alone I would not vote for Mitt Romney. Can he really be so clueless about the value of Public Broadcasting? He says he likes Big Bird and Jim Lehrer, can he not draw the distinction between PBS programming that includes these two iconic figures and the junk pile of broadcasting that constitutes most of the modern TV compendium?

    Can Mr. Romney really believe that the relative pennies we would save on defunding PBS and all those “other things” (does he mean AIG and bank bailouts?) would put a dent in our debt to China?

    I think closing a few Wal Marts would be more effective. That’s a joke by the way, although it is probably true. Hey, I am not advocating closing Wal Marts, but it does occur to me that much of what I buy at Wal Mart is made in China. Let’s build a bunch of Wal-Marts in China, and use the profits to fund PBS, then we can watch Mr. Romney say stupid things on PBS about no longer subsidizing PBS..

    I am sure you can guess that I don’t think our National Debt is super-charged ( no pun intended) because we have spent too much of our hard earned dollars on PBS or the like. Or even because China is making most of what used to be made in Japan, I mean America.

    I believe our economy, and I would add the global economy, is in a mess right now because making money is, and always has been, for many people(s) an end rather than a means to an end.

    It is what one does with money that really counts. Great wealth is great that is used to do great things. PBS is a great thing. Get my drift.

    I am not asking myself this election, which of these two candidates can make America more dollars than the other, but rather which one will know best how to spend those hard earned dollars. I am casting my vote for BIG BIRD and Jim Lehrer.

  333. Alice Norkett says:

    Can’t imagine life without PBS. The News Hour, Washington Week, Masterpiece Theatre, Nature…..the list goes on and on. And I haven’t even mentioned the favorites I watched with my son like Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers

  334. Abe Kluge says:

    Our society ,specifically our youth, know squat about American /World history and the Arts. Dilute or eradicate PBS and they will lose the opportunity to reverse that situation ,which is right there at their finger tips. PBS will help them lessen the slop they view on other stations.
    Not even remote in my mind could I ever contemplate not having PBS to absorb.

  335. Julie Gallagher says:

    I have supported Thirteen for many, many years and can’t imagine being without Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Roadshow, Bill Moyhers, and even Mrs. Bucket. Mr. Romney’s smarmy comments about doing in Big Bird have reverberated all over the Internet and we shouldn’t be surprised when the world’s biggest flip flopper announces that his remarks were taken out of context. What a disaster for our country if this man and his cohorts take over the government.

  336. Janet Horowitz says:

    How telling that Mr. Romney is eager to share the news that PBS is expendable to him – look who he must think of as his “base” – people whose lives have yet to be touched and enlightened and enriched by Public Television. I would not be proud of that utterly gratuitous and ridiculous position – in fact, I doubt that he is, but his handlers obviously felt there would be an advantage to this idea in key swing districts. How cynical and how sad.
    Too bad! We won’t give them the chance to gut the only pipeline of fair and balanced and truly global media perspective in this country. Thank you PBS and NPR for sustaining thinking people everywhere (the internet makes you accessible throughout the world now – hooray!)

  337. Ann says:

    There is a reason people trust PBS to deliver the real story – it’s called integrity! Wanting to cut it’s funding has often been linked to people who want to silence discourse and discussion. What we saw last night was either someone who doesn’t understand the need for an independent voice or someone who agrees we should only listen to those who are controlled by corporate interest. Either way it is frightening. What the government gives Public Television is a drop in the bucket and if they don’t think we understand their real motives they are sadly mistaken.

  338. carolyn hodgson says:

    Mr.Romney you cannot cut funding to PBS,how else can I be inform of what matters most to me like,world hunger,and all the many wonderful programs that keep us entertain and educated!….PBS stays Mr.Romney.

  339. Carl Gscheidle says:

    Public television and radio are the only sources of unbiased broadcast news in this country.

  340. Lorraine Mustich says:

    I can’t imagine not having PBS to watch – Masterpiece Theater, Nature, etc I look forward to the great
    programs. I have been a member of PBS for a long time.

  341. Daryl Fisher says:

    PBS has been a mainstay in my generations lifetime; giving us so many educational and informative shows that enhanced our pubescent development as well as continuing our knowledge base as adults. Who can ever forget as a child Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, The Electric Company, Reading Rainbow and of course Sesame Street! These were the foundation of child development and wholesome programing for decades that we all enjoyed and now our children and Grandchildren can still. As an adult NOVA has opened up the love for extraordinary exploration and a renewed interest in Science. Cut PBS? I Think not…Just Vote for OBAMA!

  342. Anne McDonald says:

    I depend on PBS to give our future generation a different out look on life by having the opportunity to view something that offers variety, entertains and informs. History and the Arts have been over looked and underfunded. PBS has managed to give us the best possible opportunity to enrich young lives through their programing. To take away funding would seem like the final nail on the lid, sealing out intelligent viewing for all viewing ages. Cable channels are a huge disappointment and no better than the commercial channels at informing or entertaining. If PBS goes so does my TV. I’ll just watch movies on my screen.

  343. Julie HD says:

    My son is 9yo, and we still watch Sesame Street every morning before school. Don’t be messin’ with Big Bird but especially MR. NOODLE ! ! ! ! !

  344. Cathy in NJ says:

    I am a big fan of both public TV and radio, and was devastated when Gov Christie made the decision to discontinue out public radio in NJ. The public stations are the only way to get honest, unbiased political news, which is, perhaps, why Mr Romney wants to end it. An educated public is not what he appears to value.

  345. Christine Bridge says:

    I grew up with Daniel Stripped Tiger and X The Owl. My children grew up with Big Bird, The Count and Cookie Monster. My grandson is growing up with Elmo and Callou. I am a Port Chaplain at Port Newark in New Jersey. I named the van I drive “Calypso” after the famous Jacques Cousteau’s ship. PBS has been part of my life for over 60 years. Others may desert you, O PBS, but I will not! I am tired of politicians who think that the best way to balance a budget is to cut out health, education and human services programs!!!!

  346. Karen G says:

    The best and most intelligent TV is on PBS. The best and most intelligent radio is NPR. I support PBS, NPR, VPT and VPR…for all they bring to a well informed population. We can not afford to dumb-down our culture and information.

  347. Connie Anestis says:

    Romney is interested in funding only his fellow one percenters. He cares nothing for the children who get their early education from PBS. He cares nothing for the adults who depend on PBS for intelligent programming. PBS doesn’t make him and his friends richer. He doesn’t like that.

  348. Ken Maltz says:

    PBS is one of the treasures of American culture; an oasis in what would otherwise be, in the words of former FCC Commissioner Newton Minow, “a wasteland.” It stands as a bullwark against the tide of ignorance and reminds us, on a daily basis, that enriching the mind is a noble pursuit.

  349. Marlene Verber says:

    What would this world be like without PBS? No Sesame Street, opera, ballet, Masterpiece Theatre, English shows, Nova, news, and the create channel instructing me in stained glass, cooking, art, and travel!!! Mr. Romney is too removed from the public and cannot relate to our needs to be educated and to enjoy our lives. I cannot imagine a world without Big Bird, but I can imagine one without Mr. Romney.

  350. JANE DEWITT says:


  351. Eve Delachartre says:

    I watch almost exclusively PBS, 13, 21, 132, 133.
    The documentary are so informative! We don’t have a chance to know about what is going on in the world with an objective perspective, without PBS. For example “half the sky” that I watched this week. My heart and financial support go to organizations who help women around to world liberate themselves, because of the reality PBS provides.
    The art shows, the Nature shows, the science shows, the health shows… are all to enrich our lives.
    How can someone who wants to lead this country and say he wants to promote education, cut of PBS?

  352. John says:

    Too bad oil companies can get corporate welfare while Romney recommends stopping support of PBS. As somone else said if people like Romney paid taxes at the rate the rest of us do instead of getting a big tax break on dividends as Warren Buffet pointed out, there would be plenty for other programs. You can only imagine what other important social programs and safety nets will be cut out by Romney and Ryan. Romney’s disdain for the 47% should have been addressed in the debate last night.

  353. Ruth says:

    PBS (WNET channel 13) is just about the only station I watch. The programming of the network and cable channels is not appealing to me. PBS is always interesting, exciting, informative, and enlightening, and THERE ARE NO COMMERCIALS. I’m a supporter and a believer! PBS is indispensable.

  354. Cathy Gaur says:

    I have watched public channels from the day they started and can’t imagine being without the. Do the candidates really consider what comes out of their mouth? I guess they do not care about top quality programming in the arts, business, and education. What would we be without these programs? A lot less informed, a lot less open to varied viewpoints, a lot less intelligent, but I guess that is what some candidates want.

  355. Eileen Barker says:

    Living on the jersey shore, my only access to culture, history, intellectual news analysis on a daily basis is public television

  356. Marlene says:

    Mr. Romney is a confusing man. He claims to love America, yet stowes his millions away in foreign banks
    to lessen his share of taxes to this country. Then, to make America a’ better country’, he will remove PBS
    and thus deprive American families, of a program like the beloved Sesame St. which is the first ‘classroom’
    for all Americn children, both rich and poor. Something wrong here?

  357. L. Leong says:

    When I heard what Gov. Romney said about slashing PBS– and not even with hesitation in his words– just wanted to slash it because it’s supposedly “liberal.” Well I’ll tell you, I’ve been watching PBS since I could understand the English language, and I have not seen any sort of bias or partisan reporting from any PBS programs. PBS is educational, enlightening, and informative. I’m disappointed and feel sorry for the people who believe that it is otherwise. I suppose they can commiserate over the fluff that they get on the cable outlets as “news”!

  358. Arden Epstein says:

    Public television is raises the level of our national discourse. It is an invaluable part of what our civilized nation.

  359. Audrey says:

    Get rid of PBS? No way! I love Channel 13 – it is my contact with England! Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Theater, As Time Goes By, Hyacinth Bucket, etc. etc. What would we do without them? Channel 13 is a refreshing change from other programming … so honest and truthful. Let’s vote for Obama!

  360. Carol Gurin says:

    I’m watching PBS right now and almost every evening. I can’t imagine life without 13 and 21.

  361. Kate Bobby says:

    Let’s cut to the chase. There is no TV without public TV. The innovation of public TV is a game changer on so many levels, for so many people. I can understand why some people in government are afraid of it; it makes people think.

  362. Mary Fasano says:

    PBS is the best thing on TV – the arts, news, investigative reporting, children’s shows, history, nature and science. I think the programs represent the best of America. We need the quality, breadth, and depth of all public television offers, to enrich our country and to stay competitive in the world.

  363. Guy Butterworth says:

    Because, in the current vernacular, it’s a no-brainer. Either that or maybe we can ask the Koch brothers to take the place of the pittance the Congress gives the network i usually watch.

  364. Helen says:

    and, well, NOVA!
    and btw
    let’s all tell Mr. Romney to leave Big Bird Alone!

  365. Mary says:

    PBS – Channel’s 13 & 21. Even with the many cable stations PBS remains the best. It has the most diverse selection of programing. From, Concerts, Discussions, Theatre, Movies, travel, and our beloved childrens programing Sesame Street, etc. My children grew up watching Sesame Street and now my grandson (18 months) looks forwarded to seeing all the charactors. He espcially enjoys dancing the “Hokey-Pokey” with dancing Elmo, which, was once his Mothers. My mother and I would settle down on a Saturday night and watch “Keeping Up Appearances” and “As Time Goes By”. We would get great laughter from these shows. I pray that the dimise of PBS and all of these great programs will not happen………..

  366. Patricia A. says:

    If nothing else he has said to date has not convinced people not to vote for Romney, his comment on eliminating funding for PBS should. PBS channels are the only ones providing thought-provoking, truthful, educational, and truly entertaining programming. The documentary “Half the Sky” which aired this week is a perfect example. So much federal money is truly wasted, why not cut some of that?

  367. Gloria says:

    My husband and I watch PBS almost exclusively because the programming is so superior to commercial television. I cannot imagine television without PBS. And I cannot imagine supporting any politician who does not want to continue public funding of PBS.

  368. james m. says:

    No President OBAMA DO NOT shut down 13!!!

  369. Helen Hazan-Cohen says:

    It was Mitt Romney who said he would cut support to Public Broadcasting. Not the unknown canditate. That was not a lie they have been after PBS since Big Bird was an egg!

  370. robert says:

    for freedom’s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Sandra Greenwald says:

    I grew up watching channel 13 and 21. At first there weren’t many channel to watch; no cable. I always enjoyed watching the arts; concerts and Broadway shows. ‘American Experience’ is my favorite since I love history. I am a member of Channel 13 and always look forward in getting the program guide. It is the best educational station to learn from.

  372. robert says:

    for our very nation’s survival as a free, just and compassionate state.

  373. Tim says:

    Corporate owned media is ruining this country. Brainwashing ‘infotainment’ is insulting in its stupidity. It’s difficult enough to know what’s actually happening in the world. PBS Programming, the only thing worth watching on TV, and public radio are completely worth their tiny percentage of my tax dollars.

  374. Ann Muir says:

    Last week I attended the opening concert of the New York Philharmonic – via Channel 13. It was a gloroous experience which I could not have had without PBS. My husband and I watch our three PBS stations almost exclusively, and have been financial contributers for years. Thank you for all you do to bring the wonderful programs to the public.

  375. Catherine in Queens, NY says:

    I can’t imagine life without PBS and all the great shows such as “Great Performances” “Masterpiece Theater” etc.
    not to mention all the educational and informative programs, World News, Science, Nature, etc. PBS is the best Television ever!!!!! WE NEED PBS. Mitt Romney is not getting my vote.

  376. Mia Scanga says:

    Great programming! Lots of thought provoking shows which we can’t afford to loose…

  377. L. Cardinal says:

    Romney is absurd. PBS support is a rounding error on a rounding error on the federal budget. The right accuses PBS of “liberal bias” because it covers the truth about the damaging, self-serving agenda the right is enacting which has robbed the majority of americans of their wealth, health, and safety.

    The divide in this country is NOT due to two sides that cannot communicate. In a controversy, there is such a thing as an aggressor. Think of the two parties in World War II. tihs was not about the fact that “Germany and Britain cannot work together.” The right is a clear aggressor today. It wants to shut down the few outlets of factful, in-depth information. It is growing strong, folks. it may not take much more propaganda before the U.S. flips to a very irrational, dangerous, self-destructive state. One may argue that has started.

  378. John F.Bugenis says:

    Public television programming represents the finest available anywhere; with a few possible exceptions, it is the only material worth investing your time in viewing on a regular basis. Most everything else is little more than lowest common denominator mindless tripe that we as a civilization should have evolved beyond by now. Public TV is an oasis of creativity, the arts and all the best that human minds can produce intellectually, and as such should enjoy universal support. I would greatly prefer that my tax $$$ be used to bring me Big Bird and Jim Lehrer, as opposed to war and the weapons thereof, or unnecessary corporate welfare and support for the already wealthy.

  379. rudy says:

    Romney’s remarks speaks volumes. America be aware of him!!! He is bad news!

  380. Shirley B. Henry says:

    At least 60% of the TV my husband and I watch is on PBS. I have the nightly news (beginning with BBC through The News Hour, Washington Week, Need to Know) recorded on a daily/weekly basis. Masterpiece Classics and Masterpiece Mysteries are series that we also choose to record for later viewing. The concerts from Lincoln Center and many other such programs comprise so much of our pleasurable viewing. I cannot imagine TV without Channel THIRTEEN and all it represents.

  381. S Sevdiyar says:

    Mittens really stepped into it this time. He has demonstrated that he does not respect public television, therefore he does not support the arts and humanities; unbiased reporting, insightful documentaries, educational TV for children and adults, culture as in performing arts and interviews with writers, journalists, academics, leaders, great thinkers…. and so much more. My son grew up with Sesame Street and Electric Company. I will not miss an episode of Frontline.

  382. CRISTINA HUIE says:

    If I am not mistaken if PBS is no more, wouldn’t that mean union and non union workers will have no employment.
    PBS was a great educational channel to all my brother’s sister’s and friends for many many years, not to mention my grandchildren today.
    So this Cheetch and Chong (Romney & Ryan) are doing away with educational and employment. I did hear that right didn’t I? They say one thing but if we read between the lines they are trying to pull one over on us.

  383. CRISTINA HUIE says:

    I wish I had a Big Bird Costume to wear on Halloween!

  384. Rusty Moye says:

    Channel 13 is the best reason for having a TV set – I absolutely rely on unbiased news reporting and, of course, all the other programs. I’m on a limited income and still have a monthly pledge to Channel 13 and glad to do it!!

  385. Inez Walsh says:

    No commercial station provide the level of entertainment, an news worthy coverage like PBS> There is a distinct difference between the quality of programming no one else can compete.

  386. Frank Saul says:

    Mitt Romney’s comment to eliminate funding of PBS is the height of Philistine ignorance & an example of G B Shaw’s qoute re: cynics as a person who knows the price of everything & the value of nothing!!!

  387. Pamela Clark says:

    The unbiased progamming of top quality is the essence of PBS from Masterpiece Theater to Frontline and POV to Charlie Rose. Long may it continue despite the bleatings of politicians.

  388. Ernie says:

    We need a more reliable funding source. Yes, federal dollars should be spent on PBS but in the current political climate where taxes and government are considered “evil” by so many, we will go through these panics every year when some politician threatens to de-fund PBS.

    How about we all chip in $10 and create an ad showing the demise of Big Bird at the hands of Romney and stating the miniscule percentage of the deficit saved? A PBS superPAC ?

  389. andy says:

    without channel 13 we are back in the dark ages. Therefor go out and vote for OBAMA and Biden. Our freedom and way of life are at stake.

  390. Gene Friedman says:

    Romney and his `new world order` cronies need to have platforms with intelligent unbiased discourse such as PBS dead and buried so they can gain complete and utter domination over our lives. We are already 90% of the way there, this would be the dagger in our hearts.

  391. Chim Chin says:

    My kids grew up on Sesame Street. Channel 13 has so much educational programs and news. I been supporting it for years. How come we can spend so much money on war, weapons and killings but are not willing to spend so little on education and helping people.

  392. Laurie of New York City says:

    Seems Romney must be a FOX news watcher.

  393. Carole Genzer says:

    I was absolutely appalled and thoroughly disgusted upon hearing Governor Romney THREATEN to cut public funding (PBS) in order to help lower the deficit. I am a devoted and loyal member of Channel 13 and could not even imagine a world without it. There is always a program on each night that one can not only enjoy but learn from, i.e., The News Report, Charlie Rose, Great Performances, Live at Lincoln Center, Downtown Abbey, etc., etc. If Governor Romney feels he can close the deficit by cutting public funding, he certainly hasn’t a clue of how to govern this country! Rather, let him cut the crap that comes out of his mouth such as the lies and distortions. And let him wipe that smirk off his face!! He looked like Howdy Doody! VOTE FOR OBAMA.

  394. Janet Leshner says:

    I love public television and public radio. The News Hour is one of my favorites but then again…

    Mitt Romney makes a lot of sense. Keep huge subsidies(tax breaks) for wildly successful corporations but defund PBS and NPR. A perfect way to avoid borrowing from China – and by the way, also not leave our grandchildren in debt. Hey, maybe PBS and NPR will die and the money future seniors save, by not donating to them, can be used for health insurance premiums going to companies who will be making health care cheaper buy adding in the cost of their profit while deciding what health care seniors really need.

  395. Kris DiLorenzo says:

    Why is WLIW being coy about stating point blank, Mitt Romney is the candidate who wants to abolish funding for public television? Public television is the ONLY place Americans can get unbiased, factual information. The networks are all owned by major corporations who promote their own agenda. Most of the broadcast media are giving the public distorted or even completely false information. Romney wants Americans to have no other source of information but the channels owned by, for example, right-wing reactionaries like Rupert Murdoch and major defense contractors like GE (NBC). Ignorant people are easy to manipulate.

  396. Barbara Wirkus says:

    Romney and Ryan seem bent on destroying America as we know it. The outright lies Romney told during his debate performance were stunning. To remove subsidies for valuable assets like PBS and keep them intact for rich corporations is a slap in the face to Americans. They MUST NOT prevail!

  397. Elizabeth Grachev says:

    PBS should be proud of so many admirers. Bravo! It will survive anyway with a such support.

  398. Alex Enge says:

    I believe that M. Romney thinks PBS is part of the 47% of the losers or victims he mentioned at that fundraiser meeting.

    PBS and Thirteen have educated countless children and adults. Some of them have become Doctors, Lawyers, Mayors, Police and Fire Fighters, Members of Congress and the list is endless. Mr. Romney, If I may, please know that because of the failed policies of some idiots that call themselves “Public Servants,” organizations like PBS and Thirteen are in trouble. Thus, children are in trouble. Thus our future is in trouble.

    If you truly think that we shouldn’t borrow money from China to help support such a remarkable asset of American Wisdom as is PBS, then you are truly NOT Presidential.

    You see, Mr Romney, PBS and Thirteen are one of the most INTEGRAL, IMPORTANT and VITAL elements of our KNOWLEDGE INFRASTRUCTURE.

    Maybe you should see more programs on PBS or Thirteen. If you did, you would really know why and which party propelled the USA to have to borrow money from China in the first place.

    Mr Romney, you lost more of my respect. You lost any chance of my vote.

    I will continue to support PBS and Thirteen NO MATTER WHERE I FIT INTO THE 100% of Americans.

  399. George Gibb says:

    Yes, Mitt… lets stop subsidy to PBS so there will be more available to give to Big Oil. And while you are at it, have someone pull out that pole that is shoved up your ass – you are a slimy douchebag.

  400. Mary says:

    For there to be true democracy and progression of civilization there must be publicly supported media exposing us to unbiased information, arts, science, cultural, the world and Muppets (we need more Muppets). It is both government and “we the people’s” responsibility to support public media and the arts. Government is most efficient in distributing resources (as imperfect as the tax system is, the collection and distribution is done rather well). The public has to be engaged and supported to be engaged. PBS is a wonderful platform for news, entertainment , education, arts and culture that’s why I contribute to Channel 13 and am happy that a portion of my tax dollars go there too.

  401. Carl Fransen says:

    Romney is unable to relate to the experiences of the common man. He sits on Mt. Olympus throwing thunderbolts at the mere mortals below. Now he wants to purge PBS from the airwaves in order to save a few bucks for his millionaire friends. Cultural programs, unbiased news reporting, and educational specials are what makes TV life worth living.

  402. Marie Doblas says:

    Such shortsightedness. I grew up watching PBS (Sesame Street, Electric Company, Mr. Rogers) and as an adult, I enjoy the wonderful programs available as do my children. I am an avid NYC FM, NPR, PRI listene and I agree with the earlier poster: ” The only reason a politician would want to harm Public Television is to shut down what’s left of honest and fair broadcasting.” I do not understand Romney’s reasoning in thinking that cutting funding for PBS would even make a dent in our national debt.

    Oh here’s a thought, why don’t we start cutting the millions of dollars in subsidies to companies that keep their jobs and profits outside of America, farms that have no actual farming, and the list is endless. I believe in a capitalist system, individuals and companies should be able to get back their sweat equity and be free to make and enjoy their profit for taking risks but this attack on public media is sinister. Shame on you Mr. Romney.

  403. Vlasta Odell says:

    The only channels that provide quality programs are channel 13 and channel 21. There is so little culture on American televison and without PBS there would not be any.

  404. Rosalie Dolmatch says:

    I would be lost without WNET and WLIW. I turn to them for the news and opinions. And their quality programs give meaning to TV entertainment.

  405. Delilah says:

    Romney is so out of touch! Every time he speaks he shows us how inept he is.

    100% OBAMA! Forward!

  406. L. Seixas says:

    We watch Channel 13 far more than any other channel, as did our children when they were young, for unbiased news, current events, cultural programs, drama (Masterpiece Theatre), and even for fun: Antiques Road Show,Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, to name just a few.
    Keep smarmy Romney away from Washington and the NEA!!

  407. steve greene says:

    the nightly news is without parallel the best.

  408. Heyzeus says:

    If Mitt gets elected and Fox will get the subsidy. Congress will wear hoods. Rape victims won’t get pregnant if they did not want to get raped. Big bird will be extinct….. Jame Watt will return and there will be no more trees and clean coal will be ….

  409. Peggy says:

    I raised my 3 sons watching the children’s programming – Mr. Roger’s, Sesame Street and Electric Company so that they would be exposed to fine programming. Proud to say that they still watch the fine programming of PBS and so do my husband and myself. We hope to see many more years of continued fine programming so that our grandchildren will also have the benefits!

  410. D Cory says:

    I’d be lost without it. I watch public television channels far more than any other TV.

  411. Bob Leichter says:

    Another reason not to vote for Willard!!!

  412. jacqueline biegel says:

    I am no longer on the fence.. No Mr Romney!

  413. Susan Feingold says:

    I just gave a donation to channel thirteen (PBS) for an incredible opportunity to see the Ring Cycle of Wagner in a Metropolitan Opera performance, something I could not afford to pay for at the Met. I don’t need to know the names of all the Kardashians, I need the intelligent programming that I get from public television and radio.

  414. mahin rashidi says:

    Say No to Mr Romney!

  415. Maggie Goodes says:

    Channel 13 is the only televison station I watch. It is the only one worth watching. It offers viewers intelligent and insightful programs. What would we do without the PBS news, Washington Week, Bill Moyers, Frontline, etc? We would be left in the dark. Say No to Mr. Romney.

  416. Karen Festante says:

    So many others have made some great points about PBS programming and what it offers us. Simply put, I support it and I believe that federal funding should continue because PBS truly helps to educate children and adults in a multitude of ways. It enriches our lives.

  417. deboran ann freeman says:

    i rely on masterpiece, nature and the such for informative and enjoyable entertainment. a loss of this would greatly hamper the term “quality programing” if pbs was not there.

  418. Selma Julius says:

    Public television is all I watch. You’re never insulted by inane programming or mindless commercials. Can anything on the other channels match Masterpiece Theater, science specials
    theatrical productions, music specials – on and on? No commercial channel even comes close.
    My yearly membership is a bargain!

  419. Patricia breheny says:

    Thirteen has been a family staple for generations of my family. It offers an educational alterative to both young and old. Keep up the good work Big Bird ,and everyone else at thirteen.

  420. J Cohen says:

    Cut funding for public television yet says he’s for education??? Ha!
    It’s obvious Obama is the candidate to vote for!!

  421. Angus says:

    Cutting funds for PBS is just tiny potatoes go after the billions given to oil companies and for all the millionaires and billionaires that hide funds over seas.

  422. Marilyn says:

    My week is not complete unless I watch Washington Week and Shields & Brooks on NewsHour every Friday. I recently cancelled all my extra cable stations, but first made sure my basic service included all the local PBS stations. I can’t imagine not having 13 and WLIW and World…

  423. CARMELA LEGNINI says:

    I watch the three PBS stations in the New York area every day and several times a day, for quality programming and a wonderful alternative to most of the drivel on other stations. As a retired teacher, I would always recommend the watching of the great children’s shows. I can’t imagine life with PBS and shame on Romney for even suggesting that those channels are not worth the small investment the government makes for them.

  424. jacquelyn bishop says:

    Thirteen and PBS is the only station that is invariably intelligent and responsible. The rest of the news is pretty much pap. Even Thirteen has a way to go—Amy Goodman, move over.

    It is a critical source of balance, without which democracy is pretty much doomed

  425. Andrea Becker says:

    Mitt Romney does NOT care about the 99%. His desire to cut funding for the only cultural and educational source for many Americans proves this. Period. PBS has brought concerned citizens (democracies function via an informed citizenry) unbiased world news, created stimulating and exciting programming for children (some of whose parents cannot afford to send them to pre-school), and brought the performing arts to homes in towns and villages hundreds of miles from the nearest concert hall, opera house, or theater. All of this has been done for a pittance in comparison to the vast sums the government spends on other projects and “pork.” But those funds are the lifeblood of PBS, and heaven knows what would happen to its programming without them. Most likely everything would be slashed, and the country would be much the poorer. That tiny subsidy is actually a priceless investment in elevating the quality of life for American citizens [of every age] who watch and benefit from its vastly superior programming. Such thinking reflects the small-mindedness and narrow-mindedness and sheer selfishness (at worst) or sheer ignorance (at best) of this candidate. The man who purports to “care” so much would take Sesame Street, Washington Week, Masterpiece Theater, Live from Lincoln Center, Nova, American Masters, The Newshour and so much more off the air. He would give the 1% of super-rich like himself tax cuts and at the same time deny the rest of us so much as reliable quality television. Perhaps it’s because he fears we will watch it and wake up to realize that this man is a hypocrite and an abomination who doesn’t give a hoot about the people of this nation.

  426. Mary Staalsen says:

    Vote for OBAMA and still keep the PBS stations.

  427. Alden Terry says:

    I was practically raised by PBS. Between Sesame Street, Great Performances, and Live from Lincoln Center, my artistic sensibilities and world view were molded in a broad and interesting way. PBS gave me access to things which were not locally available. I would not be who I am without these influences. It saddens and terrifies me to think of young people growing up without access to PBS.

  428. Jacquelyn of brooklyn says:

    I watched channel for at least 40 years. my adult son began to read at three years old as a result of watching,Sesame St and the electric company . H e is now 44 and my grand daughter watched channel 13 as well.
    I am a member, antique road show, history detectives and Charlie Rose, Religion and ethics are just some of my favorites. I do not have cable , I don,t need it but I need channel 13 with all of its cultural and educational events.
    I cannot afford to attend the opera but I am able to enjoy it on channel 13. Let us organize to stop any further brain drain in our nation, thank you

  429. Marlene Emmett says:

    I grew up watching PBS and I love it,PBS has some of the best programming on television.
    I was watching the debate last night and was really offended when Mr.Romney said that he’d do away with
    the subsidy that the Government gives PBS. That shows me that he’s doesn’t appreciate the arts.
    PBS has a long history of bringing the arts to the People.
    I watched many wonderful shows on PBS~ Amahal & the Night Visitors,a 1959 Opera by Gian Carlo Menotti
    that PBS showed for many years,Cinderella with the late Celeste Holm, & Peter Pan with Mary Martin.
    I’d be really upset if I couldn’t see such wonderful programming anymore.
    You have my support, and the support of my family.

  430. Charles Alexander says:

    PBS and Thirteen are TV for the pubic good — not private profit.

  431. Holly King says:

    I grew up om Public Television, from the 1970’s forward. My first friends were Big Bird and Mr. Rogers. I had the honor and privilege to work in Public Radio in college, and cannot imagine a future without Public Broadcasting.

  432. LJ Murphy says:

    Mr. Romney and his fellow Republicans are naturally threatened by PBS. PBS is not beholden to corporate sponsors and therefore is free of the corporate filter to a much greater extent that commercial television. Just another example as to why there is never a good reason for intelligent people to ever vote for a Republican. No matter what problem we face the Republicans are never a worthy solution.

  433. pooltrader says:

    I grew up poor in the inercity! If it wasn’t for PBS I would not have been been exposed to a group of wonderful people, The Astronomers, Sonny Metha on an interview on Charlie Rose, Forget Romney!!! vote Obama and preserve PBS for future generations! Are we going to say no to Mr Rogers because Romeny says so? Romney go fly a kite!

  434. Gary Book says:

    It is a pity that Mitt Romney attacked funding for PBS; he is a Mormon and the best show that I have ever seen on the Mormon religion was the PBS show on the history of the Mormon. There is nothing more beautiful than the Christmas concert from Salt Lake City with the Tabernacle Choir which also is shown on PBS. If we want to compete with the rest of the world, we need the science shows that seem to mostly exist on PBS.

    I watch Nightly Business Report and Charlie Rose every night and watch PBS all the time. I live in the New York City area and am lucky to have four PBS stations in addition to the wonderful web content that I also access via my iPad and other tablets. There is no higher standard on TV except for PBS. I can’t imagine my world without PBS; it is a red herring to attack PBS because the cost of funding PBS is so small and the return so great that the ROI, Return on Investment is vast. I also love WealthTrack where they discuss ROI.

    I also love the fact that there is no political agenda in their programming; it is just quality factual information. I can’t imagine my life without it and will do anything I can to protect it. It is a resource that is critical to the future of our nation. I want to thank everyone who works at PBS for their brilliant work, you have changed my life and without you, there would be a void too vast to fill in my world.

  435. Jan Hetterly says:

    Big Bird was “born” about the same time as my two boys were; they grew up with Sesame Street!

  436. Nina Arutunyan says:

    I came to this country 23 years ago. Did not even know that TV channels could be commercial or public (knew only government-supported media). But the difference between them was obvious even for me – with very limited English. As soon as I could afford it, I became a supporting member.
    One of the best things your tax money can buy is PBS.
    Thank you.
    PBS vs commercial TV = intelligence vs hysteria

  437. Dianne says:

    At any time on any day PBS channels provide programming that is informative, educational, or entertaining. They bring culture, history, the world around us and beyond to viewers of every age wherever they are. PBS is one of our last sources for balanced news reporting rather than sensationalized mass media offerings which substitute sound and fury for substance .

    Political sound bites bemoan a dumbing down of American students. Don’t take away necessary support for one of the most available ways to make science and, yes, the arts, interesting.

  438. Rahimah says:

    Since when I was young child, I have watched thirteen. Channel thirteen is only channel that gives voice to variety of people from dirvise backgrounds in an open forum. I can always count on thirteen to offer highly infom and indept shows such as Nature, American Experience, New Hour, Frontline and many others. I was shock when I heard one canidate propose to cut Public Television because he deem not necessary to keep in order to balance our nation budget. What is he thinking?????? Is he trying to limit the voice of domocrary. I am concern citizen. We need to keep to advocating to keep PBS and thirteen. They are our nation tresure and voice of the people by the people for the people.

  439. Susan says:

    It is beautiful to read these responses; this outpouring of support for public television. You are America at its finest in a true spirit of democracy and diversity. I have been watching Channel 13 since it began when I was a child and have been a member for many years as well as a supporter of public radio. The small amount of public money needed to support public broadcasting would not make any difference in the deficit and Romney’s choice to oppose that funding while encouraging increased military spending is a good reason (among many) to vote for Obama. We desperately need intelligent television that presents the arts and history and science and impartial news coverage to counteract the dumbing down of public discourse.

  440. Carter Dreves says:

    Candidate Mitt Romney showed his hand when he said if he becomes President, he will cut funding for PBS. He even followed his promise with a mocking “sorry Jim” to moderator Jim Lehrer. To me and I hope to many viewers of the debate, it was an ugly joke.
    Mitt Romney is ignorant about the positive impact PBS programming has had and continues to have on our nation and the miniscule Federal support it requires. To him, government support for PBS, the arts and education is descretionary spending. I would hate to see what else he and Ryan have on their undisclosed agenda. Don’t let MItt get his mitt’s on PBS.

  441. Allen W. says:

    Anyone who supports PBS cannot support Mitt Romney! Please vote and show your support.

  442. Gary D says:

    While it is more than likely Gov. Romney will, if elected, flip flop on the issue of funding for PBS and all the other positions he has taken and re-taken in his quest for the Presidency, it is a sad commentary on the man’s character that he continues to appease the more extreme elements of the political spectrum. He is clearly intelligent yet all too willing to jump through some pretty silly hoops to gain the votes those who still don’t trust him.

  443. Snowdrop says:

    With all of cable televsion choices, reality TV is the copycat genre gone wild! But, PBS is the only televsion station that’s consistently provides top shelf cultural, historical, literary, musical, historical, and educational programming since its inception. PBS is truly the network of the people, by the people and for the people of all ages. PBS is high quality and its assisted funding should be immune from any “political” agenda.

  444. Snowdrop says:

    PS I forwarded this form to about 80 people. I asked their support and suggested passit on. May other PBS fans please follow my lead.

  445. EILEEN BARTON says:

    Exactly 24 hours ago on (Thursday, 10/04/12) after the first televised 2012 a Republican nominee Willard Romney publicly stated he would defund PBS all the while claiming to “like” PBS. Nonetheless I immediately went to the PBS corporate website and contributed a nominal amount as a show of support of ALL of the three stations. My life has been immensely enriched and I have always been and will always be a lifelong lifetime supporter. Keep up the good honest work for ANOTHER 50 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  446. roy pell says:

    As a long-term meber of Thirteen, I value and depend upon the quality and depth of the programming, as do each of my grandchildren, ages 3-8. Not only big-bird, but also Sid, Bert, Ernie, the Count, etc., etc., — Thirteen, PBS and NPR produce “generative-learning” for children and adults. PBS and NPR must be maintained to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the founders … a government provided forum nurturing and supporting critical-literacy.

  447. Frances Tsaganeas says:

    PBS is the only channel that offers a vast array and positive selection of educative and quality programs without commercial interruptions. It is the only channel that we have found to be challenging creatively and intellectually, and which appeals to all ages. PBS serves America with its unbiased news coverage, healthy and thought provoking programs and is the answer to senseless violence or mediocre material promoted on other channels.

  448. Verna Smith says:

    PBS is the only channel that offers excellent news coverage from around the United States and around the world without all the entertainment junk offered on two and now three hour news shown on the regular channels. By the way Governor Romney, I am one of the now lower middle class members of the United States who cannot afford dish or cable TV and cannot afford to go to the theatre, the opera or fly to different parts of the world, therefore I rely on Public Television to do that for me. I am a registerd Independent and try to vote for the person I believe will do more for my country and me and after listening to you and your indifference to the only channel that supplies me with interesting programs and true unslanted news I have decided that you are not the man of my needs, the needs of my country or the needs of the middle class. You make it seem as if one can be only rich or poor to expect good quality medical or quality television. In my 72 years I do not believe that I have ever been so choked by someone running for President. Yes sir, I believe that by taking away any comfort, which by the way includes PBS, you are choking the life from me.

  449. Rose says:

    I grew up with PBS and now my kids are growing up with PBS. Romney does not have to worry about paying his bills and taking care of a young family. What middle class?

  450. Lawrence H. Gottlieb MD says:

    Commercial television is the true “American Wasteland”. Without PBS there would be little reason to turn on the TV set!

  451. Kenneth Ditchfield says:

    I support public television because it provides a free source of educational programming for all Americans. From children to senior citizens, there is always something informative for those who want it. What for-profit television station can say that? It’s not just Big Bird, but my children grew up with great programs such as Sesame Street and not my grandson will do the same. Why is Mr. Romney targeting what is surely one of the smallest parts of the federal budget?

  452. J. Lawless says:

    I no longer pay to receive a tv signal and I’m unable to watch television but I still send money to my PBS station so this superior source of information and entertainment is available to others.

  453. Anne Engelbrecht says:

    I get very upset when I hear things like “We don’t need PBS, there’s enough information out there!” I feel cable TV, the internet, etc. cannot compare to the quality of PBS. PBS is superior to me compared to all the other sources of media.

  454. Dr Suzanne A. Black says:

    I have watched PBS since it started broadcasting
    50 years ago – I was a very little girl of just 4 years old .
    I grew up on PBS and Mr Roger s Neighborhood .
    My parents mostly had PBS Channel 13 in NYC on
    all the time – it was always there , like a member of the family –
    come home from school and there was PBS airing .
    It is sophisticated programming that encourages critical
    thinking and permits access to the ways of other cultures .
    It allows one to travel to distant lands and learn about things
    yearned for and imagined , and encourages one to be a citizen
    Of the world by allowing access to learning about the wide range
    Of topics it provides in its programming . A window to the world .
    It is a family tradition watching PBS – it is a member of the family,
    it has helped shape my identity growing up and inspired a curiosity of
    what lays beyond the immediate environment and facilitated driving the yearning
    to go touch the things that PBS brought to the screen
    PBS is a part of who I am – of all
    of us who grew up on PBS , and those of us who
    discovered it later in life as well . A world without PBS ?
    New York City without it s Channel 13 ?? Unthinkable .
    I am proud to support PBS – the only consistently
    truly mind expanding programming that exists in the USA.
    One might say it is like my beloved well-worn Teddy Bear
    perched in my room – guardian of all the memories of growing
    up , providing comfort – knowing it is always there . Thank you , 13 ,
    PBS !

  455. Carol Montparker says:

    I would feel an enormous hole in my life, and greatly impoverished without Public television. Most often the only programs of value, culture, and enlightenment are on our two PBS channels.

  456. Stuart Marcus says:

    I have supported PBS personally at various levels over the years, now as a Patron. Network TV has become a true vast wasteland of sitcoms and biased reporting. Despite the plethora of cable channels available there are few that can be counted on for consistent unbiased quality across the artistic, philosophic, scientific, medical and news spectrum – Only PBS has consistently accomplished this amazing feat. It is for our children’s future that we need to support PBS, and the recognition of educational excellence is what should make the government continue to support it as well.

  457. Janet Goldenberg says:

    Anyone would would take away funding for PBS is not even worth considering for President of the US., or any other office. PBS is the best thing on TV and it brings so much to so many people. It is unbelievable how Gov. Romney could even consider this. He certainly won’t get my vote.

  458. Stanley H Friedman says:

    I had all of my soft foods when I was an infant. What I like about PBS is that, as an adult, it provides me with intellectual nourishment.

  459. theresa says:


    When I heard him make that statement- I was like “No He Didn’t!!!”
    This proves how little he cares about the education of young people.
    Public television is a valuable tool.
    It is one of the few venues which offiers such diverse programming which appeals to so many people.
    What other type of network does this in America–NONE!!!!!

    He was not getting my vote before the debate—- Now I am even more sure of my decision.

  460. Rita Zollo says:

    PBS channels offer the best of TV encompassing a broad spectrum of genres–cooking, travel, mystery, biographies, theater, opera, history, local and world news, political venues, and so much more–for every age group. As a viewer [since the days of Dick Cavett] and member, I applaud the staff for cultivating the wonderful and generous partnerships–business and individuals–to keep the stations and programs alive for “all” to view. Government also plays an essential monetary part co-supporting this venue. Please remember…WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT…and should speak out loudly in defense of our choices. Public TV and radio offers the least-biased and most open forum of free speech! Get the message out today via letters, online and through social media. Your voice counts!

  461. Tiara green says:

    I’m a mom of twins and I find it unbelievable that someone would want to cut
    PBS my boy and girl twins watch Barney and all the educational shows on PBS they love it. I grew up watching PBS and Learning from all the nature shows and I feel good about having my children watch this channel more than
    Any other because I know they are learning not like watching Spongebob and getting nothing out Of it .

  462. Lynn Colafrancesco says:

    We need to support 13!!!

  463. L. Anderson says:

    As an elementary school student, I was fascinated by history and PBS provided a window for me to indulge my interests. I bonded with my aunt over “The six Wives of Henry the 8th” and I was fascinated by “An Ameircan Family.” As a mother, I watched while my daughter learned from and fell in love with Sesame Street, Arthur, Barney, The Kratt Brothers and many more. As an adult, I always enjoy Masterpiece and the plethora of nature programming, historical documentaries and one of my favorites, Frontline. Not to mention, the coverage of international news, which is unparalleled. That the government would choose cutting funding to PBS as a way to balance the budget is not only ridiculous, but speaks volumes to the decline of appreciation for the intellect of the Anmerican people.

  464. Catherine Korten says:

    PBS is a bargain–quality television programming–without commercial interruptions– paid for by foundation grants, our donations, and a little help from the government. It’s truly television for the people and by the people. Let’s keep it strong!

  465. Martin Schwartz says:

    While the rich can afford to go to the ballet , the theater , all the the intellectual and socially stimulating events , the poor and the ECONOMICALLY DEPRIVED depend on PUBLIC BROADCASTING .

  466. Mia Rosen says:

    I have been a member of PBS for over 30 years and I’ve always expected and received the ultimate in broadcasting quality and substance. I’m addicted to the News Hour, Washington Week, political analysis and the extraordinary programming provided by both Thirteen and Twent;y-One. The humor of the British comedies, Doc Martin, Downton Abbey, Wallander, and the music programming uplift my spirit and remind me that superior programming can be received and the importance of support is essential by each and everyone of us.

    Obama supports Big Bird and so should we support Obama!

  467. Lorraine says:

    I have enjoyed all that public television provides for many, many years. It is one of the few channels I watch. I believe that many people may not be aware of all the many different interesting and entertaining programs that public television provides. It is my wish that the federal government continues to support public television and in addition they should make an effort to inform the public of all of its virtues. It is through more public support that the government could over time possibly lesson its “burden”. However, to just withdraw all federal funding abruptly would destroy public television. It is hysterical that anyone would believe that this small in scope subsidy would save our federal government is cut.

  468. James Forehand says:

    For a democracy to be healthy, it must have a well-informed ciitzenry. PBS is valuable to our country for the Newshour alone, not to mention the wealth of all the other art, education, science, historical & documentary programming it airs.
    I appreciate the depth of news covereage which is made possible by government & private support. The networks dependent on commercial advertising are so mindful of their ratings that their news presentation has veered too far into entertainment.
    Yes, I watched Sesame Street when a child.

  469. Jason says:

    The Right wants to gut PBS because it’s the last objective, inquisitive news outlet on the television. That right there tells you that PBS’s journalism is vital right now.

    And here’s to ‘Reading Rainbow!’

  470. koduri says:

    We need PBS, because it covers all age groupswith it’s clean, informative, educational, and commercial free programs.

  471. Peter Omezi says:

    The programs that are run on PBS are very instrumental to the development and enhancement of human knowlege. The Programs are educational , informative , entertaining and refreshing. We can not afford to loss PBS because that will be detrimental to us , our family, children and many more generation to come. Let us all stand up , defend and protect PBS. Thank you.

  472. Mita says:

    PBS is the only TV channel that cares and provides informative and educational shows for every generation. Mitt Romney is ignorant about the educational/informational needs of the middle class that is why he wants to stop financial assistance to PBS. I am sure PBS’ grant is not even close to what Exxon/Mobile has been getting from Federal Government.

  473. Nurys says:

    Romney should get his priorities straight and cut his funding and use that money to pay back China! PBS is only .01% percent of the American budget. PBS give out facts and are viewed as competition to these politics! If they weren’t so full of it they wouldn’t have to be so afraid of the facts.

  474. Laura says:

    I remember watching PBS in the days when there were only about 6 channels to choose from; I remember when Sesame St., The Electric Company and Mr. Rodgers ran in a loop in the mornings. I became a huge fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Dr. Who in my teens. WNET and WLIW were the only stations to carry shows that I would not miss. My daughter has grown up on PBS with intelligent children’s programming, like Teletubbies, Clifford and Cyberchase. She is in her teens now, and joins us in watching all the great science, news, travel and cooking shows. She has also become a fan of British comedies and Downton Abbey. I absolutely believe that PBS television has helped us raise a smart, savvy, kind, thoughtful child. Our family is a member of both WNET and WLIW and will continue to support Public Television with our patronage and our vote.

  475. Annamarie Ristuccia says:

    I am supporting this petition because Mr. Romney is wrong to want to cut support to Public Television. The contribution to PBS is so small. Public Television means so much to adults and children. The programs are terrific, no silly reality shows. Annamarie Ristuccia

  476. Jean Davis says:

    I am 88 and have been with you for a long time,you are part of my life and I share your information with
    many friends. Its where i getthe real stories about whats going on,where i see and hear the work of the best reporters and corresspondents and where i can get to hear artists,singers,and writers. The best of Bristish
    drama is here and it is where you can meet worthwhile people and hear about their work. Its a world all
    alone and i love being in it. thank you for your work Jean Davis

  477. Linda Epstein says:

    The Jim Lehrer news hour was the one station (that I know of ) who listed the names of our fallen soldiers. That alone is reason to support 13.

  478. Mary Darcy says:

    Can’t watch anymore because I live alone now and can’t afford to budget cable (that despite working full time at the same corporation for 20 years). I haven’t watched TV in years except when on vacation or visiting family and friends. I do miss it, especially the Brit Coms and Masterpiece Theater. Public Radio is still a source of news and entertainment which I rely on. As a teenager I watched the children’s programming with my young nieces and nephews (Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street) and evenings watched with my dad (Upstairs Downstairs and Monty Python’s Flying Circus). Families need intelligent alternatives to the trash offered on other stations.

  479. Tom Nardone says:

    I totally agree that PBS should continue to receive help from the federal government, but times are tough everywhere. No one has been spared from the disastrous economy that corporate America has led us into and now, more than ever, PBS needs the support from ALL the viewers and listeners in order to survive this crisis. Let us all take Mr. Romney’s comments as a bell tolling in the distance that we need to care more and give more to this National Treasure. The President is not totally in charge of these decisions – we need to let all the Republican Party see the power of democracy – VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

  480. Richard Yates says:

    I watch PBS because it is quality programing for people with minds,it’s as plain and simple as that. I watched Sesame Street as a kid and now I get most of my news from the Newshour. Ever notice how most of the network
    news ‘shows’ spend most of their time telling you what they’re going to tell you? “Coming up in the next segment”
    etc. I recently used a stop watch while watching Fox (for amusment purposes only). A one hour show had exactly
    11 minutes of actual news/discussion. As for cutting funding…well it was Bill O’Reilly who started that crusade after Juan Williams got fired from NPR. Caution ! You are about to enter the meglomaniac demaguog zone !

  481. Patricia Brewer says:

    We have always enjoyed many of the quality programs on Public Television,and also public radio.There seems to be a much more diverse and intelligent tone when compared to the fluff offered by commercial stations.

  482. Jean Lucasey says:

    My children learned letters, numbers, and most important, polite, caring behavior from Big Bird and Elmo. Losing federal funding for public broadcasting would be devastating. Another of the countless reasons to get to the polls and represent not just the 47 percent but the 99 percent.

  483. George McCusker says:

    You are known by the company you keep. I live in a community of (let’s say) experienced in years people. Sure there are some old in mind, but so many young in there outlook in life. Not too may years left, so pack them with as much quality as you can Listen to and watch NPR. When the grandchildren visit I can talk to them about the latest doings of Big Bird. and at the same time discuss with my daughters or Son in Laws, adult opinions about current affairs. NPR has helped add years to my life because it has kept me YOUNG

  484. nancy harris says:

    I cannot imagine not having PBS. My family and all my friends and work colleagues watch PBS. When I receive programming information that my colleagues would be interested in, I forward the information and they forward to their family and rriends. Over the years, I have learned so much public television. The documentaries are top notch. I bought The Quake and invited my Haitian friends for dinner; we watched the documentary afterwards. We were so moved we all cried. We are so grateful for that documentary. I can go on and on about how every child in the poor communities who has a television watch Big Bird. Seseme Street is a God send. There must be public television Is Mitt Romney really that out of touch!!! If I was as rich as Romney, all my donated money would go to PBS.

  485. Marcella Eckels says:

    I think a country that does not value or support public broadcasting that can operate free from commercial pressures only hurts itself. Vote!

  486. kathlee dwulit says:

    I have always been a member. I believe in strongly what Public Broadcasting brings to our entire community. The education and culture it brings to all generations should not be undervalued. For a man that touts himself as a expert in business Governor Romney really should review that what little the national budget provides to Public Broadcasting it’s investment provides dividends. His children and his family may not have needed what Public Broadcasting has provided but millions of Americans have. I know that my family has and I will fight those who diminish it’s value.

  487. Anne Haas says:

    Ditto to the comments of all these good people. We need more federal funding, not less, for public television and public radio.

  488. Linda De Leon says:

    My family watches Channel 13 and Channel 21 all the time for both in-depth news and quality programming of plays, music, mysteries, etc. I was horrified by Romney’s attitude and statement that he would cut PBS’s funding…I’m sure he would also cut funding for other worthy entities and beings like the poor, cultural events, elderly, and anyone else who fails to fit into his weird scheme of things.

  489. Reese Jenkins says:

    PBS is the primary source of our TV viewing. Nothing compares to the news, arts, and science programing of PBS. Most notable are the Newshour, Washington Week, Bill Moyers, and the Need to Know. If Romney is elected President and cuts federal funding for PBS, then he has a moral duty to replace the funding from his own personal resources and those of his friends!

  490. Jerry Zweben says:

    For Mitt Romney to make cuts to PBS, just DEMONstrates how out of touch he is with society!

  491. Will Reisman says:

    My respect and admiration for public television and radio at deep to my core. Public broadcasting brings viewers everywhere not only the best of the best of programming, it also is one of the sole balanced avenues of reporting and analysis available to us all nationwide and worldwide. I too have the firmest opinion that public broadcasting tempers the hype constantly thrown at us worldwide by the for-profit-only “industry giants” who are more interested in maintaining and increasing their stocks’ values than anything else. Promoting and safeguarding public broadcasting is in the best interest of a fully and fairly informed public and planet. Public broadcasting is essential for maintaining and promoting standards. The alternative is to let the wolves run rampant and unchecked by the profit-driven “giants” of news reporting and entertainment.

  492. Judy Shivak says:

    I have been watching PBS since its inception 50 years ago. My children watched Sesame Street from its beginning, This tradtion continued with my grandchildren. The quality of broadcasting has been wonderful, my life would have been so different if I had not been able to watch the “The Forsythe Saga”, “Upstairs,Downstairs”, Downtown Abbey” and all of the Masterpiece Theater presentations. It is wonderful to watch the many news programs without bias and commercial interruptions. For this to become a campaign issue is beyond reason.

  493. Dorothy McGlynn says:

    I thought Romney’s choice to give you his bad news absolutely unbelievable. He sounds like he is a CEO of a company and loves to fire people (as he once bragged). He’s going to be the one fired. The people of New York and beyond who listen to PBS on TV or even radio (which I also enjoy) will fight to keep PBS as our sole news and entertainment provider with major intelligent broadcasting.

  494. Wendie Owen says:

    I cqnnot imagine a world without PBS! It is the best source of excellent drama, accurate and in-depth news, informative documentaries and some great comemdies. I will NEVER vote for anyone who says they are going to cut the subsidy for PBS! Shame on you Mr. Romney!

  495. Elaine Pope says:

    I have been a member of Channel 13 for many years. I mostly watch TV in the evening and the first thing I pick up is my Thirteen TV guide. I have watched As “Time Goes By” since it first started and very often the movie that follows. I love Masterpiece mysteries and enjoyed the new Sunday show “Call The Midwife”.I look forward to Masterpiece Classic “Upstairs Downstairs Series II” on Oct. 7

  496. Linda C Doery says:

    Broke my heart to hear Mitt Romney is advocating cutting funding for PBS.
    That would be awful…I get sustenance from PBS, especially THIRTEEN.
    I also watch 21 and NJTV. Try to view Charlie Rose. If I miss it one night. catch it the following afternoon. I can always find something worth watching…..nature, art specials, newshour,,,,a place I can go with many choices.

  497. Douglas Meyer says:

    Simply put, PBS is the only worthwhile programming available. It is literally the broadcast station that I always tune to first. Its purpose is to elevate and enlighten humanity and I have been watching it all my life. Where else will I be able to watch programs like Nova, and learn about “The Fabric of the Cosmos” and Quantum Mechanics?

  498. j schumer says:

    Public television is great programming and the private TV channels don’t cover both sides or to the depth of what public broadcasting does.Not supporting the station with subsidy would make the quality falter. This is a must have and there are many more high budget items we can reduce before eliminating this important funding here. For one, subsidizing billion dollar profitable corporations would be a better choice

  499. Victor Castro says:

    Public television stations, (all of it) inspired me as a young boy to want to make videos about life in my world… This love for the truth of television’s use as a tool for education & social change has guided most of my interest through out my life. The nature series I watched growing up. was identical to my college earth science classes & as a result I got wonderful grades in that course. I still make videos today of events both entertaining & socially important to my community… Thanks PBS…you have made a difference in the lives of all the people in my family.

  500. Linda C Doery says:

    Addendum to my first ‘reply’:
    I do plan to vote for Mitt Romney.
    My candidate choice was Rick Santorum.
    When he failed to get the nomination, I then went to Mitt Romney.
    I have issues with all the candidates.
    But I think Romney has skills and abilities to help this country.
    If he is elected, I trust he will not defund Thirteen!
    My main concern is for LIFE! And I hope and pray whoever is elected will support LIFE!
    As does Thirteen.

    e my concern because I think he will be elected…
    and to try to defund PBS…unthinkable.

  501. Marcia says:

    It seems that Mr. Romney believes that all of PBS viewers are among the 47 percent. So once again he’s proving he doesn’t care about the middle class. And supporting PBS is such a miniscule cost compared to the total Budget.. How disappointing.

  502. Arlene Dorfman says:

    It’s obvious that Mitt Romney’s remark about cutting funding is a political bone he threw to his conservative supporters who obviously think he is one of them – a man who wants to cut spending and balance the budget at all costs and that means forget about that 47% who he now apologizes to. Life without the wonderful programming and educational information that is gotten from PBS would be unthinkable. Life with a small-minded President would be truly disastrous.

  503. Susan says:

    You can’t compare other television to PBS. The quality of broadcasting is exceptional. It’s like fillet mignon compared to junk food. I find that most of “regular” TV is morally offensive. Is that what the Romneys watch?
    I also have my radios tuned to WNYC AND WQXR.

  504. Anthony Masciarelli says:

    Playing to the “BASE” is a Romney speciality.(He should like Jim Lehear after steam-rolling him and the President at the debate.! ) Whacking PBS was such a rehersed petty proposal considering all the other budget issues. PBS is the CLASS of TV programming and desrves the same “trickle -down governement” as America’s esteemed hedge fund managers.

  505. Irving M. Koenig says:

    My wife and I are retired, and mostly watch channel 13 programs for News and entertainment. I’ve been a member for many years and raised our children on your wonderful programming. It’s a treasure to us and we want it to go on doing the great job it does. Mr. Romney is dead wrong about this and we will not solve our country’s problems by doing what he suggests. He most certainly will NOT get our votes. More power to Public Television!

  506. Sherrie says:

    How sad. Accessible, educational and arts-related programming being spoken of as though it were a superfluous third arm to be amputated. The love for learning promoted in public television programming is indispensable.

  507. Cynthia Atwood Pucci says:

    No one with a brain in his head (or a soul in his body) would seriously slash public television on the one hand and espouse the importance of education on the other. It was really just an awkward Romney moment —I suspect we’ll see more of these down the stretch. What an ODD BIRD he is

    I enjoy all my public TV and can see from the morning and after school programming that tons of kids and parents do too. I anticipate a long, successful future

  508. Linda Gallagher says:

    I love opera and ballet, but I seldom get the chance to go see live performances. PBS has been my source of classical entertainment for many years.Trash TV is polluting the airwaves, and PBS is fast becoming the only TV refuge for for me. De-funding PBS is not about money or perceived savings; it is clearly about politics and power-mongering.

  509. Isabel says:

    O goodness, how refreshing after that dreadful man of ies to know there are thinking people out
    there……….. along wtih every thing else he want to cut, he’s aiming for intelligent/thinking reporting… yes, the dumbing of America is just what he wants

  510. Stephanie Patton says:

    An increasing amount of our public media in this country is anything BUT unbiased these days. In my strongly held opinion, Channel Thirteen’s News Hour is one of the few – perhaps the only? – news programs that makes a point to present differing sides to the issues they cover. Thank you Gwen Ifill and others! I also enjoy the wealth of other programs available only on public television. And I support them as I am able, understanding that nothing is free. Of all the ways my few tax dollars are used, I can’t think of a better use than subsidizing part of public television’s expenses. It would be a sad day for our much prized ideals of freedom of speech if thirteen and others had to go off the air for lack of some government support. I agree with the previous poster who said that to defund PBS would be unthinkable.

  511. L. E. Kelleher says:

    I would speak to the depth of documentaries, the various Masterpiece presentations, & the highly significant Learning Values of Sesame Street for (most importantly) the special needs child. It is sad that Big Bird is ‘counted out’ as dispensable when the developing minds of many(who might otherwise be considered incapable of learning) are formed in indispensable countless ways by Sesame Street episode ideas!

    I could say more. But this is of the essence! Essentially so!!!

  512. Judith Kurland says:

    I have already written to you about avoiding taking any money or grants from people like the Koch Brothers et al Please do not take their money. Or some of those corporations that buy our Congress and government. You must raise money elsewhere or do without.

  513. Shirley Brickel says:

    Why would anyone attack Big Bird? I have been a member of Public Telelevision for a very long time. Is this not proof that Romney is out to destroy the middle class? This venue is where we get unbiased news, series, dramas and of course childrens programs(Big Bird). Come on now,cut funding for public television? Be realistic.!

  514. george carva says:

    i second all the positive coments for pbs

  515. Christina Generoso says:

    Is this all part of the mindless dumbing down of the american population plans till we’re all lemmings following one another to the polls for the far right??? I find PBS to be informative, mind-provoking and just plain entertaining. I’ve supported Thirteen’s programming for years and will continue to do so. Please, people…..hold onto your free will and vote Obama !!!!

  516. Mark Woodland says:

    PBS and NPR are invaluable resources for entertainment, news, and learning. Both offer programming available nowhere else, They are worthy of my personal support, definitely. However, I’m also a taxpayer, and I believe that Federal dollars to help support them are an important investment. .012% is a very small portion of the Federal budget. We can afford it; there are plenty of other programs that can sustain cuts.

  517. Agnes Vespignani says:

    I am 80 years of age and NEED and WANT my channel 13 news and updates. I cannot get local news any other way. Do Not take it away from us.

  518. Andrea Galasso says:

    Charlie Rose’s interviews to Israeli officials and to Ahmadinejad are the example of the ideal Journalism. There you can listen, think and decide on your own. That table where they sit and talk, in a dark room is perfect to allow better thoughts. Any other talk show channel is filled with commercials, music you don’t want to listen to and questions that your pet could have formulated.

  519. Marcia Jacobs says:

    Have been a loyal member for 55 years, 13 helped me as well as my children grow up sane in a confusing world and society. The old documentaries about the creation of radio and TV, an historical education like no other, Channel 13 has been a beacon of intelligent life in my universe! Bringing opera into the home watching that first performance of “LaBoheme” with Pavarottie and Scotto,which continues to the present day. Ken Burns’ spectacular contributions over the years. All the wonderful Nature and Science programs, enlightening and necessary to our growth as intelligent human beings who can then make decisions like good citizens. Thank you for everything Channel 13!!! (PS Electric Company was always a favorite and look where Maria is NOW)

  520. Bobbie Hall says:

    Intelligent reporting does not equal bias. PBS is a jewel, more educational than many of our classrooms and certainly better news coverage. Since PBS is only something like .00002% or our national budget, I don’t really think cutting it’s funding will save us economically. Whoever you vote for, vote for PBS!

  521. Naomi Matusow says:

    Public radio is my source for news, intelligent interviews and information on the arts. Why is that so threatening to the Right Wing in our country? Long live Big Bird!!!

  522. Don Jones says:

    Boy, that’s and interesting way to thank the moderator of your debate. What did PBS ever do to Mr. Romney? Maybe make the 47% more informed! How could we do without PBS? Where would you go to find:

    a. Programming that you know your children can watch
    b. Programming that doesn’t insult your intelligence, but challenges your mind
    c. Find truthful reporting regarding politics

    I guess Mr. Romney is out of touch on these issues/needs also. THANK YOU PBS NOW AND FOREVER!!!!

  523. Rochelle Holland says:

    PBS is twined to American culture. In fact, PBS is American lifestyle and to steal the exposure of PBS to future generations is shameful. America does not need a president that is detached from its positive cultural attributes,

  524. Dianna says:

    Many people across the country cannot afford cable.
    PBS provides the only alternative to educational, history and arts programming.
    Also many rural areas cannot even receive cable, so PBS provides a needed service to these communities as well.

  525. Ronald Nugent says:

    The Earth is Created a Public Domain. Those that choose to Privatize it are those that have made themselves Gods over everyone else.
    All of Life belongs to the Public and should remain Public. It is written in the 24th Psalms “The Earth Is The Lords And The Fulness Thereof, The World And They That Dwell Therein”

  526. Maggie Ramos says:

    I’ve been a fan of Channel 13 since childhood. I grew up watching Sesame Street, then ZOOM! and now Masterpiece Theatre to name a few. Even with today’s vast array of choices on television, I still go back to Channel 13 time and time again. Thank you PBS!

  527. Joanne Miller says:

    Okay. Let’s all start watching FOX (so-called) NEWS. Then we’ll all be doddering idiots.

    I can’t imagine life without WMHT and 13. It’s the only decent programming on TV. I’ve loved channel 13 for more than 40 years and so have my children. You can’t watch anything on 13 without learning something important. For years I was unable to contribute but now I am able and I do. To say our government won’t be able to contribute any longer is a crime against education. Shame on Mitt Romney. All he wants to contribute to is more war.

  528. jeanne says:

    I can’t imagine life without public television! When my daughters were toddlers, the only television I allowed them to watch were shows on PBS. Charlie Rose has always been my pick for late night talk shows, and NOVA, Nature and Masterpiece Theatre are some of the best programs around. I have been a regular contributor to Thirteen for years because I believe we all need to help keep public television going. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, but I was shocked when I hear Mr. Romney’s statement at the debate. He wants to create jobs – think of all the jobs that will be lost were he to stop funding 13! All the people who make independent programs would not have public television to sell their work! We all need to spread the word so that this guy does not make it to the White House!

  529. Fran says:

    Mr. Romney’s attack speaks not only to his disregard for the truth, but for the right of others to hear/learn the truth. PBS is where one goes to hear open discussions and objective views on many critical and controversial issues. One may then exercise a process of analytical thinking to reach one’s own views and conclusions. Does Mr. Romney not understand that Americans are going to continue to exercise their rights whether he opposes funding to public radio or not. It does reflect that Mr. Romney does not know his own Constitution and people. He shoud at least apologize to the moderator, Mr. Lehrer, a true journalist, and Big Bird.

  530. Sandra says:

    It’s a no-brainer to me. In a democracy, we all have to stay “involved” to keep things moving progressively forward. Those of us who are “accused” of being “intellectuals” have a responsibility to keep reasonably unvarnished information flowing out there, in hopes more people pay attention to something other than the quick and easy, and merely entertaining! Most important change came about because some are keeping tabs on truth and what’s good for everyone, not just a few.

  531. Marian Burns says:

    This woman will remember in September Mr. Romney. I watch PBS because it is educational, unbiased and because of the beautiful, artistic programs that enrich my life. Taking away PBS would be a travesty. Please visit your money in the Cayman Islands Mr. Corporate raider and stay there!

  532. M B Stockman says:

    Really Mr. Romney, do you think you gained more votes threatening to stop supporting PBS or LOST more? If nothing else it will have encouraged supporters of our wonderful PBS to HELP GET THE VOTE OUT For Obama!

  533. Beatrice DuPont says:

    I like PBS because it has wonderful entertainment for all ages. PBS offers many intelligent views of the world, political and non-political, secular and non-secular, exposes inequities and fraud in government and non-government sectors. This is what Romney is threatened by and why he really wants to eliminate PBS. He wants the populace to be uninformed about what is really going on in the country and the world. He wants to control us in a negative way.

  534. Beatrice DuPont says:

    I wonder how many Republicans work for PBS and what do they think about his plans to eliminate their jobs if he is elected?

  535. Linda La Cagnina says:

    It’s astonishing! That’s going to fix the deficit? Why do the republicans always try to target PBS?
    are they too dumb to get it!

  536. Lanell Gardenhire says:

    I was absolutely disgusted when that particular candidate said that he would cut PBS funding. My daughter and I have been watching Sesame Street since she was a few months old. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and shows like Barney and Sesame Street have helped her with learning. As a matter of fact, my daughter has learned the alphabet in Sign Language and she has also learned some Spanish from Sesame Street. She’s 11 years old and I often worry that she is too old to be watching Sesame Street, but no one is too old for Sesame Street because I still love it. Thank you PBS for helping my daughter to learn educational songs, Sign Language and Spanish. You have my 100% of my support!

  537. christine says:

    I can’t imagine no pbs I have been a supporter for years and I have Masterpiece classics,mysteries
    and the special theater productions live from lincoln theater

  538. Linda says:

    It takes an intelligent person to recognize the value if PBS ! That says it all!!!

  539. marie thomas says:

    cut military spending–Candidate Romney, Raise taxes on the rich.

  540. Theresa says:

    I remember fondly as a child coming home from school and watching such classics as Barney, Sesame Street, and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood with my little sister. My mom and grandma were and still are great fans of instructional painting and cooking shows such as The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito. My dad, greatly enjoys some of the great concert specials featuring some of the best bands and musicians. My family and many families like mine have benefited greatly from the fine programming has to offer. It would be unnecessary and unwise to cut funding to a station that has helped entertain and educate millions for decades.

  541. Ileana lerch says:

    For Romney to suggest eliminating public television/radio only makes me think of what else he’ll try to get ride of. Public televion/radio are the only neutral channels for news I listen to and is a great source of information ,history,science,arts, you name it and childrens programs are outstanding.

  542. Sonya Friedman says:

    PBS is undeniably a mainstay of American culture: superb for news, dance, opera, concerts, documentaries, docu-dramas on American history, classic and contemporary films, and enlightened children’s programming. Also, it’s the best place on the dial for excellent BBC productions: “Mystery” –what a marvelous cinematic experience “Shylock” is! Even the British soaps are elegant and engrossing.
    And PBS has (almost) no commercials — at least, not those that interrupt the flow of a program every few minutes.
    We cannot, must not, live without PBS!

  543. Sheila says:

    PBS stands out as a cultural and educational gem glinting above the wasteland of TV programming we often run up against these days – cable and otherwise. 50 years of Thirteen (and the good shows on stalwart WLIW) proves the staying power of good programming and the loyalty of viewers who use TV as a learning tool and cultural oasis for themselves and their children. Lose PBS? You might as well lose your mind!

  544. Mary Timney says:

    I have always believed that Public TV provides important cultural values to low income people who would otherwise have no access to classical music, opera and good drama. The same is true for people who live in rural areas far from cities where young people are not exposed to these opportunities. Without publicly supported television and radio, the airwaves really would be a vast wasteland.

  545. LeRoy Henderson says:

    We don’t need anymore things to remind us of how bad a “President Romney” would be for this country. He seems to be looking for anything he can find to SLASH & BURN, that the people of this country REALLY care about!!!!!!

  546. Tony Scimone says:

    I have enjoyed watching and LEARNING FROM PBS since I was a child. I have been a regular viewer for over thirty years.

    In regard to Romney’s statement in the first Presidential debate of 2012, I am reminded of an idiom… “penny wise and pound foolish.” Under a Romney White House and Republican-controlled Congress, we should amend that idiom.

    “Penny foolish… AND pound foolish.”

  547. lynn Aronson says:

    Where would future generations be without Sesame Street? Our 1st born son learned to read, and count in Spanish, by the time he was 3 yrs. old.
    I love watching Downton Abby, and many concerts, plays , and news. In addition, our younger son has had two of his documentary films on PBS, allowing his talent to be appreciated by many PBS Subscribers. We are eternally grateful to them.

  548. Natalie says:

    My favorites are all here: Frontline, American Experience. Masterpiece Mystery and Classic, Nova, Nature, and many many others. Thank you, PBS.

  549. Carmen Serrano says:

    I can’t tell you how important PBS was for me.Growing up with programs such as Sesame Street, Electric Company, Zoom and later on in my early teens with Great Performances. They all had a great impact on my life along with the help of outstanding Teachers who loved the arts. They have made it possible for a young girl from the South Bronx to grow up to love the Performing Arts especially Opera. I grew to love it so much that I have made it my career and goal to share this love with everyone I meet and perform for. Romni SHAME ON YOU! EVERYONE DESERVES TO GET A TASTE OF GREAT EDUCATION ,NOT ONLY ON PBS BUT IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS AS WELL. VOTE FOR OBAMA MY FELLOW ARTIST AND ART LOVERS.

  550. Jo says:

    For many years I have enjoyed the Public Television programs on all its NJ stations. It has been a mainstay for time needed when my children were young. We all have grown in knowledge, culture & understanding of all people.
    I must include the joy it has brought.

    Anyone who says they will not support PBS must be an illiterate.

  551. N. Thomas says:

    PBS Must remain untainted from the rest of the intellectually insulting programing, supported by big business. The
    only thing the advertisers care about is making Dollars to fill their pockets and enlarge their bank accounts. What do they care if nothing makes Sense to the rest of us, or is that possibly what they are afraid of.
    More of PBS and none of Romney.

  552. monica gruenheid says:

    I love the nature shows, the concerts that you show and the garden and travel shows. Where else can you find your type of shows.Travel, Discovery and History Channels don’t seem to quite cut it lately.

  553. Betsy Ashton says:

    As a former television news reporter and anchor, I know better than most the pressure on stations to appeal to the greatest number of viewers and how stories get “dumbed” down and shortened to do the job. I also know well how commercial stations avoid all but sensational stories involving the arts, and how children’s programs on commercial outlets are designed to sell everything wise parents would do well to avoid. By contrast, Thirteen and PBS provide Intelligent Television. It’s almost all that I watch today.

    To eliminate the best beacon of culture and civil discourse this country has to offer would be a senseless tragedy, and that’s what cutting the government funding would do. Shame, shame on Romney!!

  554. Barbara Gsovski says:

    As a parent with my first child, I was delighted to watch Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers with my daughter. As a teacher and learning specilist, I recommended the Electric Company to my students’ parents as one of the few programs I thought children should routinely watch on TV.
    As a citizen, the News Hour, Washington Week, Need to Know and Bill Moyer’s are all necessary to keep me informed.
    Culturally, the Great Performance broadcasts, particularly of the Metropolitan Opera, allow me to enjoy events I couldn’t necessarily attend. In other words, without Public Television, all generations would suffer. Please let your voices be heard.

  555. Richard W. says:

    I have watched PBS for almost 45 years, since it started. Public broadcasting keeps Americans who watch it well-informed. Well-informed citizens generally do not vote Republican. Therefore, Republicans (who don’t really want a well-informed citizenry), don’t like PBS. It really is that simple. If they succeed in cutting off the funding, then the next thing they’ll do is try to take away the airwaves they broadcast on, or change the laws to allow commercial broadcasting on their frequencies. If they can’t destroy them by cutting off their funding, they will try to find another way – whatever it takes. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it has to do with their paltry public funding.

  556. Carol Thea says:

    I couldn’t imagine TV without 13! It is my go to channel. Cant imagine not having Masterpiece Theater or the news on 13, as well as so many of the special programs 13 produces. PBS 13 is what I tune into when I just want to watch television

  557. Serena Scalice says:

    Welcome to the age of civility, where one’s one mind can be enlightened by the open and shared experiences of others, centuries ago, centuries to come, or in the present. Through shared experiences, we come to understand the human experience, and so if learned, can be a more pleasant and humane individual.This is the type of programming that public TV offers me; and if this service was not available, I would not own a TV

  558. George H. Hayes says:

    The more that cable and commercial television continues to be dumbed down, the more our need for public television.

  559. Doris Kurzius says:

    Britcoms are my cup of tea!

  560. Alice Glaser says:

    Public Television (Sesame Street and Electric Company) taught my children to read; public television provides programs that bring culture, art and music to everyone who cares to watch; public television provides alternatives for people who are tired of the brainless, nonsense on most of the major networks. We would all be poorer without public television.

  561. May says:

    The internet has removed alot of people from watching television, even people like me of Generation X. But PBS and WLIW21 are the ONLY two channels I watch on a regular basis. The shame with WLIW21 is that it’s only distributed in my area via cable, and that is the only reason why I haven’t watch it during the past six months – dropped my cable subscription. Must say it would be the only reason to subscribe to cable. Quality programming is lacking on the the national broadcast channels. PBS and WLIW21 offers the only quality viewers can look forward to.

  562. Ellen Daniels says:

    If Romney thinks not subsidizing PBS will make a dent in our fiscal problems he is a bigger fool than I thought he was. The educational and informative programming is invaluable to people of all ages and socio-economic status.

  563. Joan Hahn says:

    PBS is a breath of fresh air in the smog of reality TV “shows” which are being broadcast by commercial stations. How could one fail to see the importance of valuable broadcasting for educating the public and for mantaining a semblance of culture and beauty in our lives? We humans need to “feed” our minds and spirits as well as our bodies. It is extremely small- minded to think otherwise!

  564. jim josselyn says:

    Public TV, channel 13 for me locally, provides intellectually stimulating programs that we need, not to mention terrific educational programs for children. It is important to keep a living document of our culture, our news and our nature in this outstanding and necessary format. Keep 13 alive!

  565. Juanita Dawson-Rhodes says:

    PBS provides wonderful educational programs for children and great concerts, movies, nature programs , documentaries for intelligent adults.

  566. JCM says:

    It really fills me with hope for our country when I read the tributes to PBS contained herein. How PROUD PBS must be and SHOULD be that their hard work, dedication, and devotion to quality television has resulted in the seemingly endless accolades and heartfelt statements of appreciation by viewers we get to enjoy in this thread. BIG props to the workers of PBS and congats and thanks to all who have written. And thanks to OUR FRIEND Willard “Mitt” Romney, for making all of this possible….

  567. Belinda Manning says:

    PBS is the ONE place where you are safe to allow your children to enjoy programming not designed to convert them into mindless, thoughtless machines of consumption. ONE of the few places where I am able to enjoy programming that is both educational, informative and entertaining. ONE of the few places artists, historians and writers and producers can share their talents unencumbered by the constraints of the “free market”, and butchered into segments by inane commercials under the direction of corporations who control every part of our daily lives from what we watch on tv to the politics of this nation!!!

  568. Donna Williams says:

    I enjoy the PBS documentaries and programs offered. Please don’t stop PBS

  569. Mary Pat says:

    I have supported PBS 13 for many years, but my little contribution is not enough to keep it going. With the lousy programing on regular TV with the exception of news, I only watch 13, History , Discovery, or sports when the competition is exciting. For many 13 brings the culture of music and arts to those who otherwise do not have that contact because of the high cost of tickets.It is also a source for healthy children’s programs. Shame on those who want to cancel government support and put these things into the hands of advertisers.

  570. Bunny Aberle says:

    Shame on Mr. Romney. The best thing on TV is PBS. We should not and could not be without it.

  571. maryalice chaifetz says:

    I am not surprised by the comment. The right wing does not want Americans to hear unbiased information. They
    support FOX NEWS and Rush Limbaugh that speks for itself. When Hitler came to power the first thing he did
    was to cut funds to the arts. At first it appeared to be austerity but it proved to be a concentrated effort to rid Germany of the people who would expose the mind ot the dictator. In their art, music and writing they had the ability to do that easily, so they were finally banned. Attackiing public television is very scary because it looks like history is being repeated.

  572. Denise says:


  573. Sal Cataldo says:

    Public television truly serves and advances the public interest, and nurtures and enriches our lives. It reflects the beauty and wonder of life and the whole of human experience. PBS presents programming of the highest order; the best in news, educational and cultural programming unfettered by the dictates of commercial media, advertisers and rating systems. We must continue to support public television individually, and at the local and national levels, to preserve this national treasure.

  574. John Clark says:

    Elect Big Bird. Reject Romney and his super-rich cronies!

  575. Eva Lazaar (Cohen) says:

    My mother swore by public TV – it was always on in her home. She passed this love and respect for culture and excellance on to me and I hope I am still passing this on to my 3 daughters- How often will I stop everything and call them and say – Are you watching…..We have supported Public TV, been members since its’ birth – Cannot understand why – what thought process would cause a candidate to deny PBS funding? We must not elect a candidate that wants to kill PBS.

  576. Phyllis Benjamin says:

    My children grew up with Sesame Street and the Electric Co.,etc
    My grandchildren loved Arthur and the Magic School Bus.
    In fact, I recorded Magic School Bus, and Bill Nye, Science Guy for use in my science classroom to enrich my lessons.
    All of the Masterpiece presentations are wonderful, and I enjoy performances of Broadway shows, Nature, and documentaries of other cultures!!
    I think Romney commited political suicide with his glee filled remarks about PBS!!!!

  577. Nora Krick says:

    Don’t take my BIG BIRD away – or any of the other wonderful, quality shows on history, nature, science, music. We must support public television. Just another example of the skewed thinking that only FOR PROFIT businesses count. It’s not always about marketing and sales.
    Sometimes it is about SERVICE to our community.
    Let’s hope AMERICA was really listening to MITT ROMNEY’s message. He does not really paint a rosy picture for the future of our country and our world.

  578. Anita Irvine says:

    I am a member of both 13 & 21 in NY. I always look at the guides to see what is on these stations before I turn the TV
    on. Whatever is on these stations I know is interesting, well-produced & unique. Anyone who would be proud to cut
    government subsidies to PBS, shows a dearth of intellectual curiosity. How sad that that person would feel he is
    qualified to be in a leadership position as president. He also claims to want to improve education & yet this is a gold
    mine of educational instruction & entertainment.

  579. Lisa says:

    In a world filled with corporate greed and self interest stories, public television provides an opportunity for a broader voice to be heard. It is the responsibility of a civilized nation to make sure it continues through share responsibility, which in this case is financial assistance. While some think its a joke that big bird should now worry it actually represents the fragile balance between something good and at risk fighting for existence against politics. Consider the importance of PBS on early education; expanding an awareness of the importance if nature; hearing the voice of artists.

  580. CG ACEVEDO says:

    PBS is the ONLY channel that airs programs worth watching for all age groups. It is truly quality TV and not junk broadcasting with mindless reality shows, back to back commercials etc. Even on cable TV there aren’t (with few exceptions and I can’t afford premimun channels) channels worth my time viewing. I’d rather read a good book or watch PBS instead of wasting my time in front of the stupid boob tube.

  581. Terry says:

    PBS is the alternative to nonsense, senseless, violent & objectionable programming. One of the few channels children from 1 to 90 can easily watch and learn. PBS stimulates the mind, not anesthisize it. To lose PBS would be like losing a trusted life-long friend

  582. Barbara Ames says:

    My family and I just watched Der Ring Des Niebelungen recorded live from The Met, and La Traviatta. The thought of our not being able to see such wonderful programming makes me very sad . There is nothing else on T V that compares with PBS. Please don’t let that happen. Vote for Obama

  583. Seymour Levy says:

    PBS… A steady diet of food for thought… all the rest… junk food. We can’t afford to go hungry.

  584. Ana Fernandez says:

    Love me, love PBS! Couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Romney say he would cut funds for PBS! Another reason to vote for Obama.

  585. Janet Campeas says:

    This is my second comment on the “Romney hoof in mouth” statement made for all the country to see and hear. As I read all the comments written by thinking, intelligent citizens, I was thrilled to see how united we stand against idiocy and political nonsense. Let’ s make sure we carry our thoughts with us to the ballot box and cast our votes for a thinking man who reveres education for all (including Romney’s mythological 47%) and even though he doesn’t spend more time slapping himself on the back, Mr. Obama is our man for all seasons! Mr. Romney’s remarks are, as always, unthinking, self-serving TWADDLE, small in substance and meaningless for the ears!

  586. Martha Russell says:

    I love PBS for allo of its’ wonderful programs. I especially enjoy their news broadcasts since they do not sensationalize and present authorities with different perspectives on an issue. Imagine giving people the facts and letting them decide!

  587. Judith Targove says:

    In 1960 we returned from a 3-year stay in Japan and moved to Lincoln Nebraska. There was a Public TV station, which was airing Humble Oil’s “Age of Kings,” a series of Shakespeare’s history plays (adapted). I don’t believe that Humble Oil is around any more, but Public TV has been part of my life ever since.

  588. June Kuntzman says:

    The funding for l3 is miniscule and the benefits are monumental. Were it not for l3, I wouldnt’t even have a TV and could not have seen the debate. Did his children watch Sesame Stree?t. If he took it off the air,. he would have had
    five very unhappy boys!

  589. delores says:

    Globe trekker is my favorite show.I can travel the world for free. I got to see where my sister in law lives in South Africa lust green area and market. I grew up with public tv and my kids learn and visited sesame street. Mr. Mitt will not be in the white house. So big birds and friends have no fear all will be well.

  590. Lynn says:

    Public television is just about all that I watch and I doubt that I would even bother with television if I didn’t have PBS. The Mystery series, MI-5, Great Performances – everything outpaces what is available on network/cable television. It is intelligent programming and I am able to learn a lot about the world simply from watching.

    Sorry, but anyone who doesn’t support public television frankly scares me. Sadly, it would appear that Mr. Romney is clearly threatened by a voting public that is enlightened, informed and that can readily marshall facts.

  591. Nell says:

    PBS is simply the best thing on TV. I don’t watch anything else.

  592. Mona Smith says:

    PBS has been a part of my life for decades and it both saddens and troubles me that it would be targeted in such a way. Why–because its audience can critically think? Because we can appreciate all aspects of human ability and creativity? Very sad.

  593. Camille Assaf-Doshi says:

    Everytime I watch PBS, I feel proud to live in the USA, a country in which thoughtful, intelligent, varied programming is made accessible not only to the happy few, but to everyone. It makes me feel part of a community which shares the humanist values of learning and the pursuit of knowledge, an appreciation of the arts, and of meaningful storytelling.

  594. Jacquelynn Beville says:

    At first I was astonished at the poor judgement shown by a Presidential candidate casually dismissing a favored American institution such as Public Television. It appeared as if the candidate believed his comment would be taken as a sign of reasonable and acceptible thinking…even almost laughingly. Now I am glad to see that this candidate and his whole presentation has come into question in a broader exchange of ideas around what’s at stake. Do we want our destiny determined by those who are removed from the reality of the majority, or by those who struggle to have all protected (by a government by, for and of the people)? Public television is the last (current) bastion for offering glimpses at majority reality.

  595. Rev E L Smallwood says:

    I’m not a big fan of secular commercial television but without a doubt, some of the best television I’ve watched over the years has been WNET13. Should be more like them!

  596. Nancy Mack says:

    I don’t know what I’d do without PBS News — unbiased, intelligent, and the whole story instead of a sentence or two.

    I’ve been a PBS fan for a long time, and one of my fondest memories is watching, with my then-young children, the very first Sesame Street broadcast!

  597. Beth Wing says:

    Why would anyone want to remove excellent programming on TV? That move would clearly be so bad for so many people, it’s just astounding. Now I have one more reason to vote against Romney.

  598. Susan Leventer says:

    PBS is essential! We need a free and intelligent press to be a free county, and we need a President who understands the value of journalistic excellence! I don’t think Mr. Romney meets the qualifiers.

  599. Johanna says:

    Where else can one get PBS’s quality educational programs, cultural and nature programs and world news? Nowhere, so we need PBS.

  600. christine aboulhosn says:

    Channel 13 is an American treasure! I cannot believe an educated man could make such an ignorant comment! The Newshour is just one program I could not live without since it is unbiased and thought provoking. I guess this is another comment Mr. Rommey made that he will need to apologize for!

  601. Joseph Platt says:

    SAY NO TO DO NOTHING Republicans!


  602. Christine Hoffman says:

    My children learned to love science because of the programs on PBS. And I learned to like opera!

  603. Andy Cunningham says:

    I grew up in England with the BBC so I was always used to quality and different types of programming. Instead of ‘dumbing down’, PBS always continues to offer great programming. Stimulating, thought provoking, enjoyable and varied enough that there is always something of interest .
    My children learned so much from Sesame Street and other great children’s programming – with the standard of education in this country declining, what fool would want to cut off a source of good and enjoyable educational TV. And how can you not like Nature!!! PBS funding should be increased, not reduced! Perhaps the candidates should spend less money on degrading and insulting TV ads about their opponent and instead donate that money to PBS………… yeah like that will ever happen!

  604. Ralph Dickar` says:

    I have been a regular viewer since PBS started. Usually, it justified owning a television set, The variety of the programming far exceeds that of commercial stations, and the news is fairer and more informative.

  605. Danielle S says:

    No way can these people cancel PBS! This is such an amazing channel! I love Sherlock and Downton abbey!

  606. Tom Banker says:

    With the demise of the newspaper industry all to apparent, the ability of a free society to have access to the facts necessary to keep government in check is diminishing every day. Public Television remains one of the few options available from which citizens can get detailed. unbiased information about our states, our country and our world. Without it, we just move one more step towards the world of George Orwell.

  607. Martha P Nochimson says:

    Are you kidding? All we need is a world without a public television station to counter the disgraceful violence and commercialism of most children’s programming. And without the platform for actual ideas the PBS offers. Ideas are in short supply on network news shows, which are full of sound bites and either mealymouthed platitudes that serve the purposes of the very, very wealthy who have them bought and paid for them or the ignorant savage attacks of know-nothings. This would be congenial to Romney and his puppet masters; the last thing they want is a democracy and an informed public. But ignorance doesn’t serve the loyal, patriotic American or the legacy of Founding Fathers who fought and bled to get away from the boot on the throat of the average person that Romney/Ryan so eagerly hope to place upon our necks. PBS IS A NECESSITY.

  608. Maria Miller says:

    I learned how to read because of PBS. With so much waste in govt. why target PBS. Romney is so out if touch with the real world. Why attack the most vulnerable?

  609. Maureen Garvey says:

    I watched the debates on 13. I think I get a more balanced, thoughtful approach to the news on public television, not to mention the wonderful dramas. If I could only have one tv station, it would be PBS. It offers a variety of programming that on other station comes close to matching. And, with the exception of the commercials during the opening few seconds of many shows, no commercial breaks. And all for a tiny, tiny number of public dollars. Public tv is essential to the common good-Period>

  610. Laroma Dukes says:

    As an educator I have the utmost respect for the mission of PBS. It educated not only my own children but my teachers and me. The workshops trained us to be more innovative and empowered us to be of better service to the population we serve. You treated us as professionals and partnered with us to further enrich my passion. Thank you

  611. DJ Orr says:

    Public broadcasting is always bringing new topics to discover, learn and enjoy. I am grateful that it is there to open my eyes and ears to so many new experiences. The lack of annoying seemingly endless commercial breaks is especially appreciated.

  612. Alyce Parseghian says:

    No way!!! This view alone has helped me decide how my vote is going. Someone who does not enjoy or appreciate PBS will not get my support!

  613. Johanna B. says:

    Where would we all go to find PBS News, Washington Wk, Charlie Rose**(everyday& Nite), Bill Moyers-champion of Democratic (the system) Values, Frontline, Children’s shows/education, Masterpiece & all PBS programing aimed @ those w/a brain/mind that needs nourishment daily. OK, where would U go?
    Answer: Nowhere!
    Network local news pretty much sucks, except for maybe Brian Wms. & Diane Sawyer whose programing is pretty ltd. in terms of in depth reporting.
    That said, Romney’s comment about PBS is on the same level as his ignorant comments made overseas this past summer, making the USA look really stupid, uniformed & purely confrontational. Romney continuously puts both feet in his mouth @once; and although his presentation during the debate certainly had more energy than that of Pres. Obama (who seemed to have forgotten his own achievements), again Romney’s “FACTS” were either pattenly “FALSE or HALF TRUTHS.”, as noted by “, CNN & several other news org.
    So, is this what U want in the Whitehouse, along w/Ryan, whose Healthcare Plan for adults & seniors($6,000 voucher) would make our present healthcare support disappear in 6 yrs? “ACTUAL FACTS” were discussed /disputed by Joe Stiglitz of Columbia U., a Pulitzer Prize winner for Ecomonics, & were aired this past Fri. nite on Charlie Rose & can be seen Mon, Oct. 8th. @1:30PM & 5PM on NJPBS (Ch.19). It’s an eye opener! Really listen.

    Ask yourself, what would I do if I didn’t have access to Charlie Rose, et al w/o PBS?
    I guess you can tell “R” really made me angry on several fronts. The only thing we can do is to forge ahead, let our voices be heard & damn well participate in the direction this country will go in, or it will curtains for Democracy & we will be ruled by decisions like “Citizens United.”
    Thank You PBS & bless your unbiased content & all who participate in its presentation.

    Johanna B.
    Children’s Writer

  614. Linda Stoll says:

    PBS is a is an educational, culturally expanding and information distributor that I cannot live without. My children, now grown, learned important per-school basics in a fun format which is not replicated anywhere that I know. I am a teacher and educational advocate and cannot speak highly enough about PBS regarding this programming.. For older students and adults PBS provides all sorts of accessible cultural experiences and in depth programs on history, science, archaeology, music and many more topics. Our society will be the poorer for it if PBS is cancelled

  615. Joanne Abascal says:

    I am a member – I have many fond memories as a child I learned to cook watching James Beard and Julia Child.; watch Masterpiece Thereat every Sunday night(Last of the Mohicans is etched in my memory. I want the children’s program for my grandchildren. PBS offers diverse programs from news; science, the arts, children’s program; culture and much more. As a school administrator, we use the Teaching Channel as a professional development resource. I cannot imagine a day with PBS including TV, radio and internet.

  616. Lynn Johnson says:

    Without Channel 13, TV would be a cultural wasteland. I have watched Masterpiece Theater for over 25 years. Great Performances have brought wonderful operas and ballet into my home; I would never have seen them without PBS. Channel 13 is a national treasure and should be supported.

  617. Deborah Eiseman says:

    Public television and radio is our only protection from.a small number of people who control almost everything we see and hear. Funding from the government is small. The government is supported by us. We pay taxes that pays

  618. deborah phillips says:

    Channel 13 appeals to all of my tastes – current topics (Half the Sky), Sherlock, Inspector Lewis, Arts and Music. Your programs are a constant source of discussion at our dinner table. You provide thoughtful, provocative, intelligent programming.

  619. carlyn clayton says:

    channel 13 is the finest one we have. When the Arts are attacked and suppressed, so is the human spirit.

  620. Joe Rosenman says:

    I grew up before the age of “Big Bird,” but college without Monty Python–unthinkable. And beyond British hijinks, there’s Nature, Nova, world-class News broadcasts (including the recently much-maligned Jim Lehrer–Jim, this too shall pass), programs that are no longer broadcast DUE TO LACK OF FUNDING (some painfully missed), and of course there’s Mystery. I left out Great performances because it requires no mention. It’s, it’s Great! We don’t need less PBS, we need more: .001% of the Federal budget? That’s laughable considering the value to the public. Including Big Bird and company. In my household PBS is essential viewing.

  621. William says:

    I can’t imagine life without Masterpiece Theatre, Masterpiece Mystery and the concerts.

  622. Joseph Shaffery says:

    We love Public Television, but I understand. It’s far more important to help Mitt and his ilk avoid paying FICA and regular taxes on their income from hedge fund activities and to make believe their compensation is capital gains than it is to have television with real news and with educational content for children.
    Is the world better off with children having Big Bird or with Mitt having a tax subsidy so he can afford an elevator for his car collection?

  623. Elena Seha says:

    I learned to appreciate Shakespeare and opera because of Channel 13. There’s no other educational broadcasting medium than PBS!

  624. mary Ace says:

    Programming on public television informs, teaches, enhances lives, and contributes to our collective understanding of the world and all that is it in a way that no other medium can. Why would any candidate for president ever think of cutting such a rich resource that reaches people in all corners of our country – especially when the cost is so small! It is astounding to even contemplate cutting public television!

  625. GLORIA says:


  626. Rosemarie says:

    My children grew up with Sesame Street , Mr. Roger’s, The Magic School Bus, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, to mention a few. They watched Nova , opera, music , unbiased credible news, Masterpiece Theater and so many more educational, thought provoking, and memorable programming. We watched many of PBS programs as a family which enhanced our family’s dynamics and shaped all our lives. As a result we discussed so many issues and became better prepared to engage each other in meaningful, thought provoking conversations. I dare say that we are a very close knit family as a result of having PBS in our lives. The wholesomeness of the children’s programming was a welcomed relief when all they were constantly exposed to on other channels was commercialism, inappropriateness, and programming that fell very short of educating them in any real sense. PBS is the only escape from mindless reality TV and all the inappropriate TV role models our young people are exposed to every day. Just vote for our president Barack Obama , Mr. Romney is out of touch and clueless when it comes to the 47% and what the real America wants and needs to move forward into the future. We need PBS.

  627. Emily says:

    An informed public is necessary for a functioning democracy, and public broadcasting is one of the best sources for unbiased, thoughtful information. It also serves as a great educational tool for children. Overall, it’s an asset to our country and needs to be preserved.

  628. Ulices Hernandez says:

    I lived in communism for 30 years, hard to explain to all of you what that means in a few lines….
    Since I came to America 10 years ago PBS has been a big tool on my perception and understanding of American culture and history.
    Public radio is my morning wisdom and my late night closure of the day.
    Thank you for all you have to offer.

  629. Norah Robb says:

    I just made a donation to PBS. Despite Jim Lehrer’s questionable performance earlier this week (sorry Jim) the mere suggestion (for indeed that is all it need ever be) that funding be taken from public broadcasting forced me to show my support. Blame it on my BBC upbringing (Listen with Mother and too many others to mention) or sharing more recent children’s programs with my daughter. Stand tall with Big Bird on this one.

  630. Lynn Tobin says:

    Where would we be without the quality programming of PBS to counterbalance all the other schlock that is on there? I apparently have access to hundreds of stations with my cable provider but most of my weekly viewing is PBS (with an occasional foray into the local news station and a favorite crime show!) When I look at my DVR recordings, 90% are PBS content, so that I can enjoy them repeatedly. I have not been a contributing member for years d/t but now, in response to Gov. Romney’s inane comment, I will pledge to PBS (in spite of current financial difficultes I am having) AND my second check will go to Pres. Obama’s campaign. The economy may be taking a hit and we have few luxuries to enjoy, so Romney had better think twice about taking away shows like Downtown Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Masterpiece Mystery, Nova, Independent Lens, etc. Maybe HIS family can afford to go to the movies for their entertainment, but for me, its PBS in my living room!

  631. valerie says:

    Mitt Romney says he supports education yet he announces in front a millions of viewers, and to PBS’ own Jim Leher, that he wants to cut subsidies for PBS, the only informative, thought-provoking, cross-cultural educational programming station in place. What a loss it would be for America if PBS ever gets taken away.

  632. David S.MIndich says:

    The Value of PBS is beyond what words can describe. It is a never ending learning experience . It is an awareness experience. A vast exposure to what’s happening in your world and the world around you. It provides an unequaled enjoyment of the arts while it teaches the fine points to a greater understanding of what you see and hear. It is your perpetual school away from school. It is impossible to imagine what the quality of life would be without PBS.

  633. billie biederman says:

    PBS is a national treasure, as is PRi…Those who propose to mess with it are national disasters.

  634. Jude Ray says:

    As a longtime professional documentary Producer/Director/Writer, Executive and Sr. Consulting Producer who has worked on and made programming for THIRTEEN and PBS, I know that PBS and its flagship stations, THIRTEEN included, support and provide essential tools for democracy in action! Our non-commercial television system, is already underfunded, vastly so. In fact, its clear-minded experiments in multimedia should be supported more generously and its educational programming expanded. Its continuing commitment to widening the net for marginalized and underrepresented voices represents the best of what our country has to offer the world. Viewers are sadly unaware of how profoundly underpaid the majority of filmmakers and television producers are for the work PBS acquires or even underwrites! Women and minority perspectives are more seen here than anywhere else in media, yet so much more remains to be done, barriers broken and limits to success overcome. In our highly corporatized world, PBS’s relative independence from the lowest common denominator or overly niche needs of the commercial marketplace is valuable. Its educational imperatives keep the system working hard to provide excellence. This means a higher degree of thoughtful, and thought-provoking production, especially given the budgetary challenges continually being fought against. Going back to the days of no PBS would be supremely unproductive economically, and even culturally destructive, for all these reasons. In fact an expansion of the system is needed so that innovation and expanded outreach, both nationally and internationally, can continue to be the hallmarks of this beleaguered system rather than a pull back. If anything, instead of threatening the miniscule percentage of our tax dollars that currently helps give us PBS et al, an equal amount should be devoted to supporting further growth.

  635. Chris Clinton says:

    Reduce the known Pentagon budget by 6 hours a year and problem solved.
    I am sure more than 47% of Americans would consider this to be a civilized solution.

  636. Lorayne B. Losch says:

    I’ve often thought that, had I not gone to college and graduate school, the many programsI’ve watched on PBS would have made up the gap. Over the many years I’ve watched Channel 13, the amount of knowledge and enrichment I’ve gained is inexpressible. I will oppose Mitt Romney’s efforts to undermine PBS in every way I can. PBS urgently needs and deserves our support. Lorayne B. Losch

  637. Robert Burr says:

    I haven’t had TV or Cable in many years, but I gratefully follow Thirteen on the internet.

  638. Robert Burr says:

    Any political candidate who vows to shut down PBS clearly has fascist tendencies and should not be allowed on the ballot. That goes for any political cronies he might have who would make the same threat, e.g. the guy sharing his ticket.

  639. Jean Cherni says:

    I quote from my forthcoming column next Sunday in a major Ct. paper, “I was dismayed to hear Governor Romney during the first presidential debate say he would cut PBS funding. Voices need to be heard on behalf of this valuable public chanel. I think funding for all the arts needs to be increased, not cut, as has been the trend in recent years. I enjoiy un-biased news, re-runs of old favorites, scientific and cultural programs– all for what is a minisucle amount oif money. Do without Faulty Towers, As Time Goes By and Downton Abbey? Niot until they remove the television clicker from these cold, dead fingers!

  640. Joan Monroe says:

    Hey PBS Why are you hiding the name of the candidate that announced at the presidential debate that he wants to cut subsidies to PBS??? When you asked for us to sign your petition in support of PBS, you said “one of the candidates” wants to cut subsidies. What’s the problem? Tell your supporters it was Mitt Romney!!!

  641. Laurie Calvitti says:

    PBS is my go-to station. Love your new programs! My Saturdays wouldn’t be complete without PBS. The cooking and travel programs inform and excite. I also love the new Sherlock. I contribute whenever possible, and one of the real disappoints of being ‘between jobs’ is not being able to keep up my membership.

  642. Saralea Chazan says:

    PBS is our mainstay TVstation. We could notsurvivewithout the news hour. PBS is part of our iconic national heritage. DO NOT DISTURB!,,,,,,

  643. Mary Ann Fastook says:

    I watch PBS most of the time but I believe that the reason they are going after PBS is the documentaries and the news programs that present other sides of the story. They don’t want independent people. It’s mind control,they want and not intelligent citizens who can be exposed to many sides and then make a decision.

  644. Jeffrey Mironov says:

    PBS is ESSENTIAL in maintaining open and healthy veins of educational communication in our tragically corporatized and imbalanced media environment. Public Broadcasting represents what is in the best interests of an open society which is fundamental to a healthy democracy. We need PBS in order to truly progress out of the shortcomings and pitfalls of our past.

  645. Yvonne T Huacuja says:

    My comments would just be everyone else’s listed again. Still: children’s programming for my 10 grandchildren. Masterpiece Mystery sitting with my husband. Nature – in awe of the beauty of our world. Great Performances for the best seat in the house. The marvel of Maggie Smith in any show! Oh, and the music, the artists, the documentaries the news! The best of what we can strive to be. Imagine, as John Lennon might say, more of this and less of war, sex slavery and poverty!

  646. James Wei says:

    Our government is too small to do all the necessary things that private efforts cannot and will not provide. We need a bigger government with more resources to do things such as: national defense, public health, environmental threats such as hurricanes, universal education, basic research, and humanitarian efforts. A feeble government would leave us to be preys to the furies of nature, and the hostilities of human enemies.

  647. Phyllis Spiegel says:

    quality, excellence, intelligent, varied entertainment – well chosen, wonderful hosts. I’ve contributed forever. I’m already on all your lists, thanks.

  648. krisna says:

    Me and my family has NPR on all the time . Only station that gives us the correct and true reports

  649. Evelyn Berezin says:

    There are very few places on TV that are worth watching besides Public Television. It’s been a blessing among all the other junk. I always contribute, and the United States must do it as well to get the best TV we can have.

  650. mary naga says:

    i have supported public television since it came on the scene as an experiment in quality. It is shameful that our government does not value the educational and esthetic value which reaches all who cannot afford to pay for the arts and can see a ballet or opera at home, the value of good drama and educational programs without the commercial interruption, the value of childrens programming which Mr. Romney would cut, and the value of all political and religious points of view in an objective manner ; I appreciate not knowing the presenters point of view so that I can decide for myself the worthiness of what is shown….PBS is quality, style and fun…my favorite is Masterpiece theatre mysteries…I appreciate the fact that your are there..

  651. Beryl Earle says:

    Mitt Romney pretends that he cares about the middle class, only after it became the core of Obama’s message.We middle class benefit from the programs offered by PBS. Mitt Romney and his “MILLIONS”can go to see the Broadway Shows as often as he wishes.I have no doubt whatsoever, that he cares only for people like himself (the wealthy ones).

  652. sonia valentin says:

    While growing up our two daughters from Brooklyn New York were allowed only one hour a day to watch television. They chose to watch PBS since it has culture, education, the arts, nature, adventure, etc. etc. they were raised on big bird, masterpiece theater, mr. rogers, NOVA, Bill Nye the science guy, unbiased news, opera, music, etc. — all shown on PBS…..
    Is this what romney wants to get rid of ??? what is he thinking??? PBS equals culture and history……. renewal of ones membership is most important now more than ever!

    romney is now changing his tune all of a sudden… we know why the backlash against him for shooting off his mouth about PBS…..

  653. Kim Gronachan says:

    When Romney said that he would cut funding for PBS it was as if he stuck a knife through my heart.
    And he was smiling! The more I think about it, it is that he would stick his knife through our Democracy. Uninformed populations are always taken advantage of.

  654. Dennis Campbell says:

    PBS could probably survive withdrawal of Federal dollars Romney wants to effect. His statement was purely a political sop to the fringiest right and perhaps not to be taken seriously. During the rest of the debate he must have shaken Tea Partiers rigid and so had to throw out a tiny scrap of raw meat to divert attention from his many contradictions of his recent nuttiness.

  655. gary shelton says:

    My wife and I have been Members of Channel 13 for many years and in recent years have given support to WLIW as well. Most of my Televiewing is on these channels. I would feel a deep sense of loss without Public Television. A particular ritual has been… I ALWAYS watched The News Hour with Jim Lehrer when he Anchored the program. I have Jims’ book on Presidential degates TENSION CITY.
    I now respectfully ask Jim to leave the “Tension” behind and hand it over to someone else…it’s time to let go !
    With all due respect to Romneys’ performance (and that’s what it was) I’m sad to say Jim was as weak as Barack.

  656. Joe says:

    I was pleased with much of Romney’s performance, because it gave me a sense of what he’s like in a meeting, not just on the campaign trail. However, I disagree with chopping all government aid for PBS. NYC, Boston, and other large metropolitan stations would survive, but folks outside of those areas would have a hard time getting any news or programming except for what is on cable or commercial networks. The small stations need the help to stay alive, and to provide an alternative to commercial broadcasting. In addition, Big Bird may be paid for by private sponsors.

  657. Corinne McGeorge says:

    I’ve been part of THIRTEEN’s family since my kids were little…. we all enjoyed Barney…321Contact…Sesame Street, and that connection stayed with us. When the grandchildren came along, we watched all the children’s programming, plus NOVA, and your Science shows. You show us what intelligent programming CAN BE when those in charge use the Intelligence the Good Lord gave us, and are not guided by ratings but by doing the best job they can for the people watching.

  658. Lorraine says:

    Channels 13 and 21 on TV and NPR and WNYC on radio are precious to many of us. Conservatives seem to flout their lack of intellectual interest and want to dumb down everyone else as well. Are the Romney kids and grandkids the only children in America that did not grow up with Sesame Street?

  659. Margaret says:

    The quality programs shown on PBS make watching TV worthwhile. My children were raised on Sesame Street and Mr Roger’s Neighborhood and I couldn’t begin to list the ballets, concerts and special programs that we’ve enjoyed. Cut funds to public broadcasting? What was he thinking!?

  660. Susan says:

    Public TV Thirteen and Public radio are where you find quality programing that is intelligent and thought provoking. I rarely watch any tv or listen to radio other than these public sources. Most “for profit” programming, whether tv or radio, are not intelligent, promote too much violence, sex, bad language and just plain junk. I have to turn it off because it is offensive to me and I prefer that my children are not exposed to it if possible.

    It would be a crime to reduce funding—I totally disagree with Romney’s standing on this.

    I am pro-public tv and radio funding 100%–that is my vote!

  661. Virginia says:

    Public Tv and public radio are the last bastions of honest voices on all sides of today’s important debates, in addition to providing educational, fun, interesting, creative programming unlike that on the rest of the media. We need public voices in our democracy. I’m behind funding for public broadcasting all the way.

  662. Elaine Brooks says:

    PBS is one of my f0It would be favorite chanels.It’s educational programs,specials,Masterpiece Theater are programs I simply could not live without.

  663. Kris Crandall says:

    Thank God for Public television!!!, with out it there’d be no rational thought provoking shows, no alternative to mindless drivel that panders to ignorance, no questions, no challenges, no complexity, no picture into other lives, worlds and dimensions, no wit, no sarcasm, no humor, no philosophy, no empathy, compassion or fellow feeling and no curiosity and exploration or learning….

  664. Marchelle Harris says:

    I have been watching 13 and 21 for many many years and enjoy the programing. I love History Detectives your many cooking shows masterpiece thearter and other informative shows. It is educational and imformative. I cannot imagine televison being television without public tv. It would truly be, as the old saying goes, an “idiot box”.

  665. Kurt Mack says:

    If anything we need more PBS programs, shows, and special events…it does the American viewing public good!

  666. Judith Courtney says:

    I watch PBS and have for decades. My child and I grew up with Sesame Street and I still consider Bert and Ernie my special pals. Bill Moyers is finally letting his righteous anger show and I cheer him on. I’ve introduced so many friends to opera via your programs. Your Masterpieces may have split in names but they are all seamless to me.

    You are truly too big to fail. Long may you broadcast to us.

  667. Michael Lawrence says:

    PBS affords me the opportunity to watch all of the cultural events I otherwise could never afford to experience. I used to attend ballet, Broadway, opera, and concerts in person, but now I can only see these performances on television. Without PBS, I would be denied and deprived of access to the cultural life that feeds my soul and fortifies my heart. Mr. Romney and his followers need to recognize and appreciate the need for cultural sustenance among the lower middle class. Programs like “Great Performances” and “American Masters” make life for the ordinary extraordinary.

  668. Carol McGotty says:

    There are very few programs on television worth watching these days, and public television is one of them. I may not always agree with the view points of their editorial staff but, the information is factual and to the point. The. Selection of material is entertaining, educational, and appropriate. I never have to worry about inappropriate language when my family and I watch Channel Thirteen.
    We support quality television and that IS Thirteen!

  669. Doris Dvorken says:

    Get rid of public broadcasting, control the airways and newspapers. What does that sound like?

  670. Lucy and Dan Homa says:

    We love NPR and PBS. It is the most reliable and bypartisan information we can get. We watch it almost exclusively. Romney comments were inappropriate and hopefuly will cost him many votes.
    It seems that he would say anything, change it, twist it, just to please his followers. Enough of this flip-flopping.
    There is much more to PBS then Big Bird.It is hard to believe that the candidate for the most important job in
    the world can be so ingnorat.
    We will always support PBS, the best source of entertainment and information.
    Romney will not get our votes, ever!

  671. Jaime says:

    I’ve been watching PBS since i was a little one fond memories I can share. I have three boys who grew up on this fine network and today still enjoy the programs every morning with my little guy. If it was taken away it would be very unfourtunate. It’s a learning channel, great shows, news , concerts and of course sesame street.
    Life wouldn’t be the same

  672. Sergio Revah says:

    I think you’re honest, real, and strive–like very few institutions in the country–to tell some truth to the public. In other words, you still have a heart. May God keep the assassins away.

  673. Ira says:

    The last good program PBS had was Julia Child.

  674. Sandra Bezio says:

    I get tired with on the major networks. PBS is very entertaining and imformative. So Mit Romney think about what you are proposing.

  675. Ann Weiner says:

    Sometimes I think PBS is one of the few places of culture that is left to us. I can see recitals, concerts, plays and all kinds of interesting things. I would hate to be without it. There are many other opportunities for Mr. Romney (if elected) to cut back.

  676. sue snizek says:


  677. Kelly says:

    It’s quite simple… I like Big Bird and I don’t want to cut the funding to support him!

  678. teri says:

    I’ve been watching 13 since high school. I got ideas about subjects to write about for my senior paper. I love the documentaries and got hooked on American Masters, American Experience and watch the NewsHour, Charlie Rose & Tavis Smiley. With the proliferation of reality tv, PBS is the port in the storm. I am a big fan of history and can get my regular dosage from your many fascinating programs especially anything from Ric & Ken Burns. Just saw Death & the Civil War.

  679. Jane Dickler Lebow says:

    PBS enriches us in all ways; it entertains, educates, expands our minds. From the youngest viewers, learning the skills that prepare them for their future in the classroom (and their lives as productive citizens), to us adults – many of whom, like me, grew up with PBS’s programs – there is so much offered. I love it all. PBS is an investment in America; it is an enrichment of the things that make us complete individuals and better members of our society.

  680. Renate Perls says:

    Aside from an occasional show on another station, PBS is frankly the only television station worth keeping. Without it, the dumbing of America will be at 100%.

  681. Walter Skuggevig says:

    I don’t understand why a presidential candidate who says he supports public education would want to eliminate funding for public television shows that not only entertain but also educate children.

  682. stan wollock says:

    programs developed for pbs, ch#13 and ch#21 are valuable, enjoyable and educational and are presented largely in an advertising-free environment (please see note below). however, some of the messages presented here are so distorted with hateful, political and lop-sided comments as to appear to be psychiatric rants and raves. everyone ought to be able to speak up for pbs without the distortion. your congressmen and women are more likely to be swayed by reasonable requests and/demands than they would be by reading distorted diatribes. thanks for reading this. stan wollock. (the “note below” has to do with the advertising-free claim, because that is not really the case. when you listen to pbs shows there are often 10 to 20 minute pitches for contributions that are really what commercial advertising is when you observe pbs or commercially sponsored presentations, aren’t they? regards and best wishes to the people who work tirelessly to bring us these presentations.

  683. Kimberly Sauter says:

    The educational value to our kids is priceless! Anyone who supports education should not even dream of cutting funding to PBS! Also, programs like “Independent Lens” air documentaries that bring awareness to social issues and the PBS Newshour gives about the only unbiased look at the news. We need PBS! I agree with the person who wrote,”PBS is an investment in America”

  684. gina says:

    Now more than I can remember we need public television and public radio . Incredible that of all the wasted spending in our government anyone would tardet pbs or npr . God help us

  685. Mumtaz Kassir says:

    I enjoy watching channelas 13 and 21. Without the NewsHour, the Documentaries, Frontline, Nature, Nova, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, and many many more treasures, what elase is there worth watching ?

  686. Eudice Gersten says:

    I have been watching Channel 13, along with my husband and children since it first went on the air so long ago and I still remember the first program I watched. It was about the Royal Doulton flatware company. Later on I had the additional pleasure of watching WLIW and Channel 50 (now NJTV), The things learned over the years one would never have been exposed to unless one actually studied those subjects. Being a native New Yorker I learned more about my city by watching the David Hartman and Barry (I don’t remember his last name; he was the historian) walks through New York, each program covering a different street. I wish they would be repeated. There was the fascinating “Story of English”, narrated by Edwin Newman; the British detective programs, Inspector Morse, Prime Suspect, etc., Nature, Globe Treker, Ken Burns and his programs. Where else could we be exposed to all the details not found in school books. We get an education without leaving our homes just by putting on PBS. What about my favorite singers, The Weavers, Peter, Paul & Mary, the productions of Broadway shows that make us laugh and cry, and the musical groups and so much more.

    In Monday’s paper on the editorial page, in response to a question from Jim Lehrer as to how he would reduce the deficit Mr. Romney said first he would get rid of Obamacare and then stop the subsidy to PBS, in that order. He said “That’s No. 1.” I had to laugh at the stupidity of that remark as if not funding PBS would make a tremendous dent in the deficit.

    With regard to Stan Wollock’s remarks about the 20 minutes of “advertising”, I too am annoyed by it, but the programs are acknowledging the sponsors. We are not being exposed to actual ads, for which I am eternally thankful. As for the fund raising interruptions, although they are absolutely necessary, they drive me up a wall. That’s my only complaint.

    In Monday’s paper on the editorial page, one reporter wrote that Mr. Romney, in response to a question posed by Jim Lehrer, said he would do away with Obamacare and funds for PBS, in that order. . . “That’s No. 1.” I just had to laugh, as if those funds to PBS would make a big dent in the deficit.

    I can’t imagine life without PBS. It has added so much to my life. It has taken me places I will probably never visit and taught me things I would never have learned otherwise.

    I would appreciate your signing this letter “ELG” if you put this online. Thank you.

  687. Daniel Belgrave says:

    My Mom and I love PBS shows like Nova, Masterpice, Nature, ect. Mr. Romney please don’t cut PBS.

  688. Carol Chosid says:

    I have been a supporter and contributor to Channel Thirteen since 1964. It has been the only station that has consistently provided intelligent and thought-provoking programming. It explores issues and asks questions in a way that stimulates thinking and provides insights on a wide range of topics.

  689. Shaik Abdullah says:

    Obscene and sensual advertisements keep me away from all channels except the PBS and BBC. I love these 2 channels.Presentation of PBS is unique.

  690. David Sagman, M.D. says:

    Life would be dull without the enrichment provided by public television and national public radio. As an addition to one’s prior education, programs offered by these services offer an ongoing post-graduate experience that is always fulfilling and usually entertaining.

  691. Lois says:

    To have programming like ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ with no commercial breaks is like manna in the desert; it’s better than paying $10 for a movie which DOES HAVE COMMERCIALS, these days. ( Why should we be paying for an already wealthy corporation to be promoting itself, when we paid our hard-earned bucks to see a decent movie? ) The only interruption to the fine acting and heady story is those annoying little pop-ups informing us as to other TV shows…what makes any advertiser think that those ads, a distraction from the absorbing theater we’re watching, will incline us to tune-in to the promoted show ? Personally, I’d rather hang myself than support a show that has rudely interrupted my line-of-thinking during the well-crafted hour of “Upstairs, Downstairs.”

  692. Linda H. says:

    Channels 13 and 21 are the first places we go when we are looking for something to watch, and the only radio shows we listen to are on public radio. Can’t imagine how our quality of life would change without them!!!!
    The world is brought to our living rooms by these stations. Is the elimination of these programs part of a plan to “Dumb down America”? Very sad!

  693. JUDITH MAHLER says:

    We’ve been members since 1960. For children’s programming, news reporting, theater, opera, ballet – you are the best! We count on you to continue doing what you do so well!

  694. Jane Rufino says:

    PBS is the only place to see high quality, family friendly programming that is commercial-free.

  695. Maureen Gribbroek says:

    We love public television, and make use of channel 13’s wonderful website to explore everything we may have missed in the past. We’ve just finished viewing “Pioneers of Thirteen: the 60s” and enjoyed it immensely – it was an education in itself! Are any of the old shows available for viewing, such as Public Broadcasting Laboratory?
    What boldness and life! Where would we be without this alternative to the commercial?
    Thank you!!!

  696. june rachman says:

    Good for Saturday eve company +

  697. Theresa Rohr says:

    I absolutely love PBS. The dramas like Masterpiece Theatre are way above general TV. I watch all the series like Inspector Lewis, Downton Abbey, Wallenger, Sherlock, Foyle’s War, Midsomer mysteries Call the Midwife, etc. There is nothing to compare on the other channels. I would be devastated to lose these programs. Just that one comment from the Presidential candidate and made directly to Jim Lehrer who provides such outstanding news coverage was an outrage. Yes, my children grew up with Sesame Street too. I hope enough of us can sway any such move to take away the minute funding given by our govt. I continue to support PBS with money and my vote.

  698. Laurie says:

    PBS is educational and by trying to get rid of,it are we not going to end up with a less educated population? Democracy only works with an educated population. So mAny of our politicians are ignoring this

  699. Reny H. says:

    Retired and Disabled, I rely on TV for daily news. I watch network news from 5p to 7p. Then i go to THIRTEEN – and i’m amazed to see what the networks missed! The NEWS HOUR gives more information than the 2hrs of any of the ‘big 3’. And that alone is worth FULLY funding in a true democracy. Washington Week, Religion & Ethics, To the Contrary are weekly staples–like bottled water. Best of it: no mind-numbing celebrity shenanigans, considered as news only to tabloid journalists [It’s being kind to call them “journalists”].

  700. Arnold says:

    Channels 13 & 21 are our refuge from most of the garbage on the other networks. I cannot understand why you broadcast programs which are not regularly shown on the station during fund raisers. I would think that adopting the format of WNYC where the regular programs are shown with interuptions for begging would keep viewere tuned in and produce more donations.

  701. Diana says:

    Public tv is a sanctuary for intelligent viewers longing for brilliant programme that is exciting without debasing its characters. .THe British programs are the best on tv with characters who are so unique you get lost in awesome actors. I believe in competition But it has lead to Way too much violence especially against women And is filled with disturbing sexuality that I barely watch net anything other than public television. I would be deeply saddened to see public television go especially the British programming. Public television is aWorld of characters in brillian tly acted scenes that makes your soul soar. Bravo Masterpiece theater .

  702. William Felgner says:

    I am a classical music fan and quite frankly, public television is the onlty place I can see live performances of concerts and operas . This genre is just not seen on regular tv stations. My wife and I also enjoy the british comedies youj so often televise and the mysteries from british tv. I must say, I spend a good deal of my tv watching on PBS stations.

  703. Edith Craner says:

    Public television is the only option open to viewers who do not like their intelligence insulted.

  704. Daniela Gioseffi says:

    Public Television is the only place I’ve seen a really informative and factual documentary on CLIMATE CRISIS CATASTROPHE now upon us. THE MOST VITAL ISSUE FACING OUR SURVIVAL. The habitable planet could be destroyed within 20 years and we MUST DEMAND TAXES ON CARBON EMISSIONS. Also, the children’s programming is great for preschoolers who need the help. Nova is great. Frontline exposes and Bill Mohers are vital. I wish the News Hours was even better and gave less time to liars, more to facts, but it’s better than Major News Networks that give useless sound bites and too much sports news. Channel 13 is vital and that’s why I subscribe as a member for many years.

  705. Emily Murdock Baker says:

    Public Television provides content like no other channel. Where else can I see live performances, Antiques Roadshow and most especially Masterpiece Theatre? Don’t take away my Downton Abbey and Inspector Lewis!

  706. Beatrice Kreloff says:

    I find it appalling that the very small amount of money that Public Television needs is being used as a way to balance our budget. Since PBS is now using commercials to help its needs is bad enough, the fact that we can’t support the kind of programming that they do is completely unthinkable. I have been a member for many many years, It is the small way I can support it.

  707. Ang says:

    Can’t believe that you only have 17000 pledges since Feb. That’s appalling! You need to do more than stay hidden on the internet unless this is only a gesture and not a full out effort. I hope you’ve sent this pledge to all yr subscribers – get busy. You’ve got millions of people in NY.

  708. Angela Burton says:

    Most of what is on commercial television is not worth watching. Public Television makes sure there is something intelligent to see on TV. Without it, we are relegated back to that great wasteland.

  709. Maniza says:

    When I came to the United States, I learned English language by watching Thirteen. I remember that I covered much of my 8th grade U.S. history curriculum in 2 months by watching pbs– can you think of a better and more comfortable way of learning? My history teacher was very impressed. Public Television is not just a television station that is there to entertain people, like every other TV channels, it is an informative media that pays a vital role in enriching our lives and our minds and our beings. It is imperative that we protect pbs from the efforts of some to diminish its funding (however restricted that already is) which in turn may diminish the presence of pbs from our lives.

  710. Chris Amon says:

    We won’t let Mitt Romney do that to cut and hurting PBS and Sesame Street. I support and liking Sesame Street and PBS when I’m in New York watch Channel 13 WNET and WLIW 21. Mitt Romney will owe the viewers and apology for what he has done since Oct. 3 in his first U.S. Presidential Debate.

  711. Chris Amon says:

    We want is Kidsongs, Pappyland to be revive back to PBS.

  712. Mary Monahan says:

    We have enjoyed Thirteen and WLIW21 for all of it’s “50” years. Our children grew up with Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street and now our grandchildren have the benefit of all that you offer. We can not fathom a world without public television. Thanks for all you do. We love you guys!

  713. Laurel Cates says:

    Channel 13 is so enriching to our lives. I don’t want to imagine the national media without The Newshour, Washington Week and Charlie Rose. Public Television and Public Radio are the only two news media outlets which provide in depth coverage and give the viewers and listeners background and context to the news. Charlie Rose exposes its viewers to such a range of intellectual currents in the world. I’ve loved his brain series with Eric Kandel and others. Also love many of the nature and cultural programming.The US will lose a great resource for creating an informed intellect and will deprive us of much daily pleasure, if it is defunded. Let’s hope that Obama is reelected

  714. Laurel Cates says:

    Above – I meant “informed electorate,” not intellect. Also meant” programs,” not programming

  715. Robert P. Bowles says:

    I rely on Public Broadcasting for reliable and truthful news reporting.

  716. jennifer gerard says:

    I cannot imagine my life without public television and radio. the breadth of programming, the integrity of content, the incalculable impact on my family’s lives over the years. It is unthinkable that a society as progressed as this would ever tolerate the cutting of funds for public broadcasting. Unthinkable. I, for one, will do all in my very limited power to ensure that it does not.

  717. Itala Guarina says:

    Only channel I’ve regularly watched: from Sesame Street to New Tricks, from Mr Rogers’ neighborhood to J Dench in Holland Park, from Cookie Monster to Boehner exposed. All good entertainment by brainy actors writers newscasters and musicians. Thanks for helping everyone stay sane and feel part of community.

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