Life Insurance

It is not uncommon for viewers to have purchased life insurance coverage when their families were young and the reason for having this financial protection was clear. As they got older, the insurance benefits became less necessary. In some cases, these assets became perfect gifts to support the future of WNET.

An Easier Way to Give

When considering a contribution to WNET, a gift of your life insurance could be a sensible as well as generous course of action:

  • You may save taxes this year through an income tax charitable deduction when you transfer ownership of a policy that has a cash surrender value.
  • You may increase after-tax income when the money you were spending on premiums now becomes a deductible charitable gift to WNET.

You reduce potential estate taxes because the proceeds are completely removed from your taxable estate.

Would You Rather Keep It?

We realize that if you still need your life insurance for your future financial security, or that of someone in your family, those concerns come first. But here are ways you can safeguard personal requirements and still remember WNET.

  • Name us the contingent beneficiary, and then we receive the proceeds should your primary beneficiary predecease you.
  • Name us a beneficiary, but keep ownership, and you retain control of your policies.
  • Create a trust to receive the policy proceeds. Then the funds are invested for a family member’s support after your lifetime; when that person dies, the trust remainder can be paid to WNET.

These plans will not entitle you to an income tax deduction, but they will satisfy your natural desire to use the policies for personal and family responsibilities as long as required and to support our wonderful programs later.

To Learn More

Please contact us for more information:

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