Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are THIRTEEN’s and WLIW21’s legal name for purposes of wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, etc.?
A. Please use the legal name of our parent company – The WNET Group.

Q. What is the Federal Tax Identification Number for The WNET Group?
A. The number is 26-2810489

Q. Are THIRTEEN or WLIW21 the same organization for purposes of my will?
A. Although THIRTEEN and WLIW21 hold discrete licenses to serve a specific viewership, both stations are part of The WNET Group. So language should always refer to The WNET Group. For example: “I give to The WNET Group the sum of $________ for its general purposes” or “I give to The WNET Group ten percent of my residuary estate for its general purposes.” You can be specific in your will as to which station, stations or area of programming you wish to benefit. We encourage you to contact us to discuss any specific restrictions of your bequest in advance.

Q. Do you accept gifts of cars or other vehicles?
A. As a general rule, we do not.

Q. How do I make a gift of stock?
A. Stock can easily be transferred electronically to our account. Call us at 212.560.2828 for more information. If you are holding the stock certificates yourself, call 212.560.6855 for more information.

Q. Will someone at The WNET Group be executor of my will?
A. We would have to decline that honor. It violates our gift acceptance policy as it could be seen by some as a conflict of interest. Many of our donors who don’t have family or friends who can be their executor choose their attorney or law firm.

Q. Does The WNET Group offer gift annuities and other life income gift plans?
A. Yes, for more information see our ways of giving section on this website.

Q. Will you take a gift of a house or other real estate?
A. We have accepted such gifts in the past, and would be happy to consider your offer. Please call 212.560.4989 to speak with us.

Q. Would The WNET Group want my collections or paintings?
A. If the value of such an item or collection exceeds $5,000 we would be happy to speak with you about such a gift. Our policy is to sell collectibles and use the proceeds for our work. In most cases, if you were to donate such items during your lifetime, you would be able to deduct only the lesser of your cost basis and fair market value as a charitable deduction. Such items bequeathed to us would qualify for the estate tax charitable deduction.

Q. I have a question not included here. Whom should I contact?
A. Please call or email our Gift Processing Department at 212-560-6855 or

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