Sharing Feelings


Tips & Facts

  • Set aside time every day to talk together and share feelings about the day. If possible, dedicate a specific time (for example, right before bedtime or at a meal) to reflect on and talk about the day.

  • Make your home a safe space where your children feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, worries and frustrations without judgement. By providing an environment where sharing and listening can take place freely, you are sending a message that their thoughts and feelings are important and you are helping to model appropriate ways to deal with them.

  • You are the expert of your child. By looking at the “big picture” of their progress and development in school and at home, you can help identify their strengths and areas for support. Share your child’s interests and learning style with your child’s teacher.

  • When your child is having a tough moment, it can be helpful for them to take a short break to calm down, recharge, or refocus. This can mean getting up to get a drink of water, sitting quietly for a few minutes, and/or doing a relaxing stretch or deep breathing activity. Practicing coping strategies like these with you in calmer moments helps your child learn how to deal with strong emotions and difficult challenges on their own.

  • When children understand and manage their emotions effectively, they become more confident and willing to take on new challenges at home and at school. Encourage your children to share their thoughts and feelings with you. If it is hard for them to talk about their feelings, ask them to try writing it in a journal or drawing a picture about their day or an experience they had.

  • Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Make purposeful choices to put your devices down and remove distractions in order to engage in dedicated one-on-one time with your child. Giving them your full attention and doing something fun together shows them that you care about their happiness and well-being and that you value spending time together.