Reading With Your Child


Tips & Facts

  • Reading storybooks is not just for bedtime! Read with your child as much as possible throughout the day.

  • Reading to and with children is an important part of their development. The more young children are exposed to reading, the greater their interest in reading and the better their ability to read.

  • Reading aloud to children exposes them to correct pronunciation, grammar and phrasing, and helps them learn new words, develop their spoken language skills and increase their ability to express themselves verbally.

  • It is never too early to begin reading to children. Children who are read to when they are young are more likely to do well in school. Reading aloud to children helps prepare them for school.

  • Help your children increase their vocabulary and general language skills through reading, talking, writing, singing, and playing with words in whatever language you are most comfortable.

  • Point out and discuss words during everyday activities - at home, at the store, on the subway or bus, in the community. Children who have been exposed to more words perform better in school and beyond.