Lead Poisoning Prevention


Tips & Facts

Lead poisoning can cause learning and behavior problems, as well as delayed growth and development in children.

Children with lead poisoning do not usually look or feel sick. A blood lead test is the only way to find out if your child has lead poisoning.

New York State law requires that all children have a blood lead test at age 1 and age 2. Older children should also be tested if they have not been tested before or if you think they might have been exposed to lead.

Dust from peeling lead paint is the leading cause of lead poisoning in children. Keep children away from peeling or damaged paint and home repairs.

Report peeling paint to your landlord. Building owners are required by law to fix peeling paint at no charge if a young child lives there. If the problem isn’t fixed, contact 311.

Objects from other countries, including candy, clay pots, dishes, and children’s toys, can contain lead. Check labels to make sure you are not exposing your children to lead.