Having Fun with Words


Tips & Facts

  • Help your children increase their vocabulary and general language skills through reading, talking, writing, singing, and playing with words in whatever language you are most comfortable.

  • Games are a great way to help children increase their language skills. They are non-threatening, fun ways to get children to talk, listen, and communicate with others.

  • Learning can take place in any environment--at home, at the grocery store, in the subway, on the bus, etc. Point out and discuss things that you see throughout the day to help your children learn new words and reinforce the sounds and meanings of the words they have heard before.

  • Children are most likely to learn and remember new things when in situations and with people that they feel comfortable. Parents and caregivers are the first teachers in children’s lives.

  • Telling stories to your children and having them make up and tell stories of their own can strengthen their language skills.

  • Singing is a great way to expose your children to new words. Children who have been exposed to more words perform better in school and beyond.