Family Reading Adventures


Tips & Facts

  • Encourage the whole  family to read together. Each family member can take turns reading to the others. Get creative and try out some funny voices.

  • Mix it up! Let the kids take the lead in choosing reading material. They may sometimes want to read a fairy tale, comic strip, a biography, a newspaper, or even a cereal box. Encourage them to read things they are interested in to help foster a lifelong love of reading.

  • When reading together, ask questions to spark conversations. Ask your child if they would do the same thing as the main character in the book, or how they might react to the situation described. You may even learn something new about your child.

  • When choosing books from the library, consider topics your children have learned about in school and/or themes that are of special interest to them.

  • Encourage critical thinking. If your child has a question about the text, resist the urge to answer right away. Ask your child what they think the answer might be, and help lead them towards it. With a little support, you’ll be amazed at the connections they make, and they will be, too!

  • Picture books are a great way to encourage literacy for those at early reading levels. Simply going through pages of a book and discussing the pictures together is a great start for promoting reading at home and as your child grows.