Family Discovery Walks


Tips & Facts

  • Make exercise a family affair! When you’re active with your kids, they’ll learn the importance of being physical, getting into the fresh air, and spending time together as a family.

  • There are always opportunities for learning when families spend time together. Walking through a park, checking out a new neighborhood, and exploring a local nature preserve are fun and inexpensive ways to discover and learn new things.

  • Get outside to get kids talking!  If you’re concerned about your child’s mood or just want to check in, suggest some outdoor time. You may be pleasantly surprised by their willingness to engage.

  • Going for walks can be a fun time to ask questions about each other. Take turns asking your child fun questions and then let them ask questions about you!

  • Take turns identifying things outside. When out for a walk, point out the butterflies, the clouds, and the trees. Then, have your child point out things as well. 

  • Spontaneous outings can be fun for the whole family. Other times, you can plan in advance and let the kids in on the preparations. For some children, knowing what to expect provides comfort and makes the outing that much more enjoyable.