Engaging Grandparents


Tips & Facts

  • To reduce stress and add fun moments of family time to your routine, break up the day by heading outdoors or playing a board game.

  • Find a special task or activity grandparents or other loved ones can do regularly with your children.

  • Use video chats as a way to connect with loved ones and provide different ways for family and friends to interact with your children. Even they are far away, they can still help the little ones with math or read them a story!

  • Encourage your kids to get creative with technology by taking pictures and creating videos at home. It’s a fun activity, and you’ll be grateful for the memories.

  • To add variety and fun to your day, bring the kids into the kitchen. Simple tasks such as washing produce and setting out plates help children feel some ownership in what they are eating and encourages them to get involved in meal preparation.

  • Exercise is important for the mind and the body. Luckily, kids love activity! Yoga, shooting hoops, kicking around a soccer ball, going for a walk, etc. are fun and healthy for the whole family.

  • Start a tradition of a “family fun day.” Plan a picnic, or a trip to a museum, or just have a totally unplanned day and see where it goes!