Early Math


Tips & Facts

Use daily routines to introduce your child to math skills in an informal and fun way. Let your child help you measure ingredients for a recipe or count steps, light poles, etc. as you walk.

If you demonstrate a positive attitude toward math, your children are more likely to have a positive attitude, as well.

Help build your children’s math skills by making comparisons like more than/less than, bigger/smaller, near/far, and over/under in informal ways throughout your day.

Children learn math best through hands-on games and projects. Collect small objects like old keys, plastic bottle caps, pennies, buttons, blocks, or small toys and use them to do hands-on counting and sorting activities with your child.

Read, tell stories, and sing songs that include numbers and counting. Ask your child to use counting to answer questions like "How many bunnies do you see?"

Help your child learn to count from 1-10 in whatever language you speak at home. Show them that the written number “3” means three objects — and the same with numerals 1-5.