Autism: Everyday Transitions


Tips & Facts

  • Transitioning from one activity to the next can be difficult for all children and especially for Autistic children. Be prepared by having multiple techniques to prepare your child for transitions.

  • Set time limits for activities and provide a reminder before the time limit has been reached. This can make it easier (and less stressful) to end one activity and move on to the next.

  • Offer your children breaks between activities, as needed.

  • Visual supports, such as charts with detailed steps about daily tasks, can help children remember what they need to complete. These charts can be customized to each child and updated as they grow. If your child enjoys technology, there are apps you can use for task charts.

  • Prepare your children for transitions to new activities by talking through and/or showing pictures/videos of the new activity ahead of time so that your children know what to expect.

  • Helping children master transitions at home with minimal stress and anxiety can help them become more flexible in different situations throughout their day.