Michelle Gabriel

Bronx, NY, United States

I teach 6th & 7th Grade Visual Arts & S.S at a Charter School in the Bronx. As a visual artist daily I try to connect every lesson to technology to boost engagement. This year my principal asked if I can teach the topic of Slavery to the 7th Graders. At first I was terrified to teach such a Horrific topic but I welcomed the challenge.After searching for days online for support I found PBS "Slavery and The Making in America" online resource that really helped me break down the Slave Trade experience lesson.The PBS learning media had a variety of resources and a Historical Overview, which included Personal Narratives, Original documents,Timelines and so much more. My students were able to engage and learn beyond what the textbook provided. The PBS learning media really enhanced my lesson plans and my students were at the edge of their seats each day we explored this topic.Students used the PBS learning media for research on their final projects. This media had such a positive impact in my students lives that they shared what they learned with their families and friends. Thanks to PBS Learning media this has been the best lesson I have ever taught, since I have been teaching 15 years.