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Watch the Recorded FILMS BYKIDS: Inspire Learning with Cinematic Journeys Webinar

FILMS BYKIDS: Inspire Learning with Cinematic Journeys
Using Student Films as Catalysts for Cross-Cultural Understanding and Critical Thinking
Presented by Holly Carter, BYkids founder and executive director; Sandy Goldberg, Director of Education Programs at WNET; with Joe Troyen, founder of PenPal Schools

BYKIDS_PBSLM_BannerWatch this recorded webinar designed to give educators across the secondary curriculum insights into how documentary films by students can engage learners in the pursuit of global understanding, explorations of globally relevant issues, and ultimately serve as a catalyst for meaningful action. The presentation features the new five-part series, FILMS BYKIDS, a partnership between THIRTEEN, the flagship station of PBS, and BYkids, a nonprofit organization. This documentary series brings the voices of five young filmmakers from different cultures to a wider audience through the reach of public media.