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CBS News Covers Ed Benefits of “Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey”

“Being a teacher you have to be unconventional”

CBS News recently profiled teacher Scott Jackson, who teaches American History to 11th grade students at the Brooklyn International High School, a high school for students that have recently immigrated to the United States in the past four years.

Jackson turned to Mission US “A Cheyenne Odyssey” when it was time to teach about Native American history. He wrote directly to the Mission US team, stating:

“I simply love it and my kids love it. They are ALL recent immigrants from over 52 countries, speak over 30 languages, and are all learning English (and US History) together…They are not being ‘told’ any history from me or ‘reading’ any history in a book, but learning it while playing the game — they have been so surprised how much they have learned…Just hope the games stay available FOREVER!!!!  Can’t wait to teach my own sons history through Mission US!!”

Watch the video and read the full article at CBS News