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Education Committee of the Board of Trustees of WNET:

Education Committee Member List

  • Composed of individuals from a range of professional fields including education, media, events, technology, development, and law
  • Members serve at the highest organizational leadership levels in both the private and nonprofit sector and possess a particular interest in educational initiatives
  • The Committee reviews all strategic matters related to WNET’s and its subsidiaries’ educational initiatives and policies and to advise the Board of Trustees on current issues, trends, and best practices regarding WNET’s intersection with formal and informal education locally, regionally, and nationally

Thirteen Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC):

ESAC Member List

  • Composed of educators from the tri-state viewer area who promote the appropriate and effective use of educational media and instructional technology
  • Underlying ESAC’s mission is the determination to promote professional development that enhances teachers’ professional lives and leads to improved academic development of children
  • To develop the role of educational technology in the classroom, the Committee furnishes information about changes in national and local educational policies and priorities that enables WNET Education to provide excellent academic programs and educational experiences

WLIW21 Educational Telecommunications Services Committee (ETSC):

ETSC Member List

  • Composed of 25 outstanding local educational professionals from the Long Island area
  • Members meet four times per year to advise WNET Education in matters pertaining to curriculum content, programming services, professional development, and technology in the educational setting
  • As experienced participants in their respective academic fields, this team of professionals understands the needs, expectations, strengths, and challenges of the children they serve and the Long Island communities they represent