Anti-Racist Resources | June 23, 2020

White Privilege and Engaging in Anti-Racist Work

How can white educators and parents take action when it comes to anti-racist work? There are many important, and essential, ways to be part of the fight against racism, and one crucial aspect of that work requires a deep look at white privilege. Take a look at thresources below to learn more about white privilege, how it might show up in your classroom, and how to take meaningful steps toward progress 

  • A Call to Action for White Educators Who Seek to Be Anti-Racist 
    In this blog post from the PBS Teachers Lounge, Larissa Wright-Elson, a white mother and educator, discusses ways in which other white educators can take meaningful action against racism, emphasizing that simply wishing for systemic racism to go away is its own form of violence. 
  • What is White Privilege, Really?
    Cory Collins, via Teaching Tolerance, dismantles a commonly accepted narrow definition of white privilege, in favor of a broader definition that will allow for legitimate progress.