Youth Engagement | July 19, 2019

The Youth Collective – WNET NY Public Media’s Initiative to Amplify Youth Voice

This Spring, WNET Kids’ Media and Education launched Youth Collective, an initiative to amplify youth voice and provide a platform for young people to engage in the important work of building a more ethical world.

You might be wondering, “Why Ethics?”

Ethics education empowers us to speak up when ethical issues arise, to understand diverse perspectives, and to engage in difficult conversations with people who have different viewpoints – thus providing critical tools to address bias.

Partnering with The Prindle Institute for Ethics at Depauw University, Youth Collective held its first summit – a day of speakers, workshops, and conversation – on May 20, 2019 at the Paley Center for Media. Students from a variety of NYC Public Schools came together to engage in dialogue around ethics and steps we can take to confront bias. The event was attended by 150 students.

The day was packed with speakers including Dorcas Davis, a Brooklyn-born activist, artist and educator who focuses on racial justice and Dr. Andrew Cullison, the Director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics who focuses on moral knowledge. Students had the opportunity to hear from IntegrateNYC, a youth led organization that stands for school integration and equity in NYC schools, Films BYkids Founder and Executive Director, Holly Carter, as well as a performance from Amyra, a musician, playwright, author and activist who fuses music and poetry.


And, using the DIYdoc video-making app, students worked with film producers to craft personal stories of their experiences with bias. These mini docs can be found on both Youth Collective’s Youtube and Instagram pages.

Over the course of the year, Youth Collective will remain active on Instagram, @TheYouthCollect. Follow for words of the day, takeovers from some of the country’s most engaged young people, DIYdocs, and more.

While the theme will differ from year to year, Youth Collective will actively engage in a study of ethics for the next few years.

Stay tuned to learn the theme for 2020!