At-Home Learning | April 6, 2020

Math At-Home with Cyberchase

Looking for fun ways to help your kids develop math skills while learning at home, but not sure where to start? Cyberchase is here to help! Hands-on activities and games from Cyberchase offer simple ways for parents and caregivers (even those who aren’t math experts) to get their kids engaged in math learning. Check out some of our favorites listed below. Digital Games require internet access, printable games and activities should be printed out, and hands-on activities can be done just with items around your home.

Data Collection

60 Minute Challenge Hands-on activity where kids record all the ways they get active and move their bodies during the day. (5-8 year olds)

Trash Audit Hands-on activity where families estimate and record how much they recycle and throw away in a week. (5-8 year olds)


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half Digital game where kids practice visualizing fractions. (8-10 year olds)

Digit’s Cyber-Dough Recipe Hands-on activity where kids create their own playdough recipe and make a model Delete. (6-10 year olds)


Tooth Brushing Experiment Hands-on activity where families measure how much water they use while brushing their teeth. (5-8 year olds)

Temperature Scavenger Hunt  Hands-on activity where families use a thermometer to find the hottest and coldest places in their homes. (5-8 year olds)

Bianca’s Body Math  Hands-on activity where kids use non-standard units to measure different parts of their bodies. (5-10 year olds)

Let’s Dew It!  Hands-on Activity where kids figure out what temperature it needs to be to create dew. (7-10 year olds)


Make a Buzz Bank  Hands-on activity where kids cut out specific shapes to create a bank that looks like Buzz. (6-10 year olds)

Make a Savings Diary  Printable activity where kids make a savings goal and keep track of their money while they work to reach it. (7-10 year olds)


Dance Party Hands-on activity where families make patterns with dance moves. (5-8 year olds)

Double the Donuts  Digital game where kids see what happens when numbers double over time. (6-8 year olds)

Problem Solving

Rescue Ecotopia  Digital game where kids help balance ecosystems. (6-8 year olds)

Boredom Buster  Printable activity where kids share a secret picture with a friend through a coordinate grid. (7-10 year olds)

Chomp, Nibble, Grow, Grow, Grow Game  Printable game for 2 players or teams where kids use strategy and luck to see the relationships between different animals in an ecosystem. (8-11 year olds)

Gotcha Game  Printable game for 2 players or teams where a winning strategy forces your opponent to lose the game every time. (8-11 year olds)

Make Matt’s Coder/Decoder  Printable activity where kids make their own coder to send a secret message. (7-10 year olds)

Robot Retriever  Printable activity where kids create a series of instructions to “program” a friend pretending to be a robot. (6-10 year olds)

Trash Dash Game  Printable game for 2 teams of 2 or more where teams compete to score as many points as possible by sorting objects into bins for “reuse,” “recycling,” “compost,” or “landfill”. (8-11 year olds)


2D to 3D Morphing  Printable activity to cut out and glue templates into 3D shapes. (6-10 year olds)

Make a Mobius Strip  Hands-on activity to create a Mobius strip out of paper. (6-10 year olds)

Spatial Reasoning

Habitat Mapping Game  Printable game where 2 players help each other navigate around human-made barriers in an animal’s habitat using a coordinate grid. (6-10 year olds)

Make Bianca’s Stuffed Pig  Printable activity where kids follow a pattern to sew a stuffed pig out of fabric. (8-10 year olds)

Make a Pop-Up Card!  Hands-on activity where kids make a pop-up greeting card out of paper. (5-10 year olds)

Using Numbers

Watts of Trouble  Digital game where kids add up renewable resources to power an amusement park. (6-8 year olds)

Railway Hero Digital game where kids rebuild tracks by choosing pieces that add up to the correct number of squares. (6-9 year olds)

Save the Park Digital game where kids design their own parks by putting pieces together that add up to certain numbers. (6-8 year olds)

Glowla’s Estimation Contraption  Digital game to practice rounding and estimation. (8-10 year olds)

Cyberolympic Card Game  Printable game where 2 players add up the times that characters got in different sporting events to get the best overall score. (7-10 year olds)

Power Up! Game  Printable game where 2-4 players use addition to try to “power up” places with solar panels. (6-10 year olds)

Design Your Own Plant Superhero  Printable activity where families draw their own plant superhero and then determine how many they need to clean a space using multiplication. (6-8 year olds)