Family Learning | November 11, 2021

Introducing the Brownsville Learning Neighborhood

The WNET Group launches new early learning project with Brownsville community partners

The WNET Group is happy to announce the kickoff of the Brownsville Learning Neighborhood project this year! The Learning Neighborhood will engage families and caregivers as co-designers in building experiences, spaces, and resources full of educational media from PBS KIDS and The WNET Group. The guiding vision for this Learning Neighborhood is to increase access to playful learning resources and opportunities in the community for all Brownsville families with children 3-8 years old. To do this, The WNET Group will partner with United for Brownsville, Jeremiah Program, Community School District 23, Love City Church and Excellence Baby Academy over the next four years to: 

  • Bring free workshops and events to community members (virtually and/or in-person); 
  • Expand distribution of existing learning materials; and  
  • Raise awareness of existing programs and resources by connecting more partners and sharing information. 

Over the past year The WNET Group has been working with partners to do an asset and needs assessment with families through surveys, meetings with community leaders, and parent focus groups. Through this process we learned valuable lessons to inform the design of meaningful resources and experiences, as well as a foundation of knowledge to begin building relationships in the community.

The WNET Group learned that Brownsville community members have a strong commitment to the community, are willing to help their neighbors, and are eager to dedicate time to making their area thrive. At the same time, community members also shared that resources are not evenly distributed in Brownsville, neighborhoods lack playful learning opportunities, and the families in those areas are not aware of where to find them nearby. Families shared that there are multiple community spaces that exist within the community that are unused and could be repurposed as more inviting, learning spaces.  

Look out for continued updates on the Learning Neighborhood project as it progresses through 2025!

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