Teacher's Voice | October 2, 2019

Empowering Teachers through PBS Edcamp


Designed for teachers, an Edcamp is an “un-conference” that provides educators access to high quality, personalized, professional learning. There are no prepared presentations like traditional professional development experiences. Instead, the teachers who attend develop and facilitate the sessions based on their interests and experience. Participant-driven, everyone is encouraged to join the discussion, explore ideas, and share key information with others for their personalized teacher development.

WNET hosts Edcamps across New York City for educators of all grades. Educators at Edcamp attend sessions ranging from behavior management, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), literacy and reading readiness, and trauma and mindfulness in the classroom.

PBS and Edcamp created PBS Edcamp as a national partnership in 2017 to provide opportunities for educators across the country to engage in peer-to-peer learning. Through this pilot initiative, Edcamp and 10 PBS member stations bring together teachers in communities across the country to elevate their voices and empower them professionally.

Interested in hosting an Edcamp in your school or community? Find more information here.