Anti-Racist Resources | June 23, 2020

Confronting Bias, Confronting Racism: Going Deeper with Older Students

With middle and highs school aged students, educators and families can foster critical thinking about race and racism by exploring bias through real-world applications. These resources from PBS LearningMedia give students an opportunity to learn about ethics, bias, history, and civic engagement when it comes to racism, as well as reflect and consider their own role in combating racism.

Confronting Bias: Ethics in the Classroom
The resources in this PBS LearningMedia collection provide teachers with tools to incorporate ethics education in the classroom, promote understanding of differing viewpoints, and foster civil dialogue about bias. The collection is divided into three subcategories; Understanding Bias, Experiencing Bias, and Addressing Bias. Selected resources include:  

Confronting Anti-Black Racism
This PBS LearningMedia collection includes news coverage of recent protests, videos on the origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement and protests against police brutality within the past decade, iconic PBS documentaries on the histories of race and racism in America, and activities addressing civic engagement and elevating students’ voices. Selected resources include: