Family Learning | September 8, 2019

Celebrate National Grandparents’ Day with Sesame Street!

Every family is unique and each family member plays an important role in creating a loving family unit. Grandparents are a very special part of the family and can be important in the lives of both the parents and the grandchildren. Their kind words and comforting attitudes make them the grandest gifts to the family. Sesame Street in Communities has resources to celebrate the significant role grandparents have in the lives of their grandchildren.

Watch Elmo and friends sing about their grandparents’ wisdom and love in the Grandparents are Great clip, as you invite kids to talk about what makes (or made) their grandparents great.

Children are often rambunctious and full of energy. Quiet time suggests some activities for grandparents to enjoy quieter moments with their grandchildren. From picking out a book and snuggling to enjoying quiet outdoor time by blowing bubbles, grandparents can engage in restful bonding time while also building comfort and trust.

Grandparents take on many responsibilities, sometimes including the role of caregiver of their grandchildren. Tips for Parent-Caregiver Communication provides tips for parents on how to engage in effective communication with a grandparent caregiver in a clear and loving way.

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