Media in the Classroom | July 28, 2021

Back to School with Cyberchase

With the new school year quickly approaching, you’re probably already thinking about all the things you need to prepare. Between setting up your classroom, getting supplies, and prepping your lesson plans, there is so much going on! Thankfully, Cyberchase has lots of great resources to help you get ready for a successful school year.

Cyberchase is the Emmy-winning animated series full of math and environmental science adventures. Many viewers love to watch this iconic television series on PBS KIDS, but what you might not know is that Cyberchase also has tons of educational resources just for teachers! From standards-aligned lessons to digital learning games, Cyberchase has plenty of helpful tools that elementary educators can use in their classroom all year long. Check out our suggestions below and start the year off on the right track with these back-to-school resources from Cyberchase! 

PBS LearningMedia

The Cyberchase collection on features hundreds of digital classroom resources designed to spark curiosity in STEM concepts and boost problem solving skills of elementary-level learners. The standards-aligned resources in the collection include lessons, activities, and materials built around short 3-5 minute video clips from the show. Check out some of our favorite resources below. 

  • Animals, Maps, and Habitats, Oh My!  In this STEM activity for grades K-2, students watch a video in which a habitat has been  disturbed by the construction of a bike path then use x and y coordinates to locate items on a map and find a solution to the problem posed in the video. Click on the Support Materials tab for activity instructions, teaching tips, and student handouts. 
  •  Cyberchase At-Home Activities – Cyberchase At-Home Activities are printables that you can send home with your students! Available in both English and Spanish, these activities are a great way for students to extend what they are learning in the classroom at home. 
  • Introduction to Negative Numbers This lesson plan includes teaching instructions, videos, and assessment handouts to introduce students to the concept of negative numbers. Designed for grades 4-8, this resource has everything you need all in one place, making lesson planning a breeze! 


Want to have even more fun and learning with the CyberSquad? Try using Cyberchase digital games in your classroom to engage students and enhance your lessons. Visit the Cyberchase website to play interactive learning games and go on quests in Cyberspace. From mathematical problem solving, to environmental science, Cyberchase games help students master a variety of concepts…Plus, they are a ton of fun!

  • Railway Hero  This interactive game incorporates accessibility features and universal design practices to support students with physical and cognitive impairments. Using math problem-solving strategies and math skills including counting, addition and spatial reasoning, players fill in the empty tracks in the railway on an epic journey across cybersites.
  • Echo ExplorersEcho Explorers is another great accessible game from CyberchasePlayers must use echolocation, as well as their skills in mapping and coordinates, to help free bats from caves that they have been trapped in by Hacker. In this game, players explore the math concepts of directionality, spatial sense, and navigating a coordinate grid, and the science concepts of pollination and echolocation.
  • Fractions Quest – Designed for grades 3 and 4, Cyberchase Fractions Quest helps build student’s understanding of fractions using a series of quest-like challenges that increase in difficulty. In the game, players practice fractions within three contexts: areas and regions (such as shapes), sets (groups of objects), and on a number line. Through a series of minigames, players use fractions and problem-solving skills to outwit the villain Hacker and save the day!

Full Episodes 

Today’s students are more technologically connected than ever and using videos is a great way to stimulate student interest. Videos from Cyberchase are a fun way to enhance your lessons, with captivating storylines and informative animations to help demonstrate challenging concepts. Integrating Cyberchase videos along with other learning activities in your classroom is a great way to engage your students and improve learning outcomes. Or, suggest a Cyberchase episode for students to watch on their own time. Full episodes from all 12 seasons of Cyberchase are available to stream online at (Teachers can find videos related to a particular topic here). You can also catch episodes of Cyberchase on-air on PBS KIDS (check your local listings).

Green it Up

Cyberchase: Green It Up is a hands-on program designed for children ages 6-8 to inspire a deep appreciation for nature, build STEM skills, and help students feel empowered to take action in their communities and care for the planet, just like their favorite characters from Cyberchase. 

The program features 8 hands-on activity cards on different environmental topics that can be used in schools and after school programs. Each card includes an “Explore” activity (an experiment or craft) and a “Get Outside” activity (a mini field trip to explore the concept in an outdoor setting).   


Looking for free, STEM resources to use with students in grades 1-4? Get ready for back-to-school with math and environmental science lessons delivered right to your phone every week! With Cyberchase Text-to-Teacher, educators receive text messages once a week throughout the school year with links to free, quality, STEM classroom resources from Cyberchase. Sign up for Cyberchase Text-to-Teacher by texting STEM to 30644. Message and data rates may apply.