The mission of the Kid’s Media and Education team at WNET is to expand minds, ignite curiosity, and help children become confident and caring people. We create video and interactive projects for multiple platforms, infusing fun with a range of curriculum-based content for kids from preschool through high school. Our projects exploring STEM, social/emotional development, language learning, history, global understanding, social justice, and the arts spark imagination, encourage critical thinking, and reflect diverse perspectives. Through digital resources and training, we are also committed to engaging parents and teachers as learning partners in empowering children for success in school and in life.

Our approach to using media in the classroom is simple. For effective media-rich lessons, follow the Frame, Focus, Follow-up approach, outlined below.


Provide a context that helps students pay attention to the main content of the media.
Ask students questions about the topic explored in the media to activate prior knowledge.
When necessary, provide your students with any background information they may need to fully understand the media.


Help students notice the important aspects of the media by providing them with a specific focus, something to look for while they interact with the media.
Without a focus for viewing, Students will notice all sorts of interesting details - but not necessarily the idea or information you want them to focus on.


  • Michelle Chen
  • Melinda Toporoff
    Executive Producer
  • Janice Fuld
    Associate Education Director
  • Sandy Goldberg
    Education Director
  • Ellie Janszky
    Early Learning Specialist
  • Norah Jones
    Content Producer, Early Learning
  • Mary Kennedy
    Senior Content Producer
  • Kristina Kirtley
    Senior Content Producer
  • Jill Peters
    Executive Producer
  • Jesse Pilnik
    Production Coordinator
  • Suzanne Rose
    Senior Producer
  • Sandra Sheppard
    Director and Executive Producer
  • KJ Vanderiet
    Associate Content Producer
  • Kevin DiSalvo
    Coordinating Producer
  • Hannah Dawe
    Learning Partnerships and Engagement Specialist



    Our kids' content has over 85 million web users, more than 700 million video streams online and on mobile, and 33 million broadcast views annually.


    We've produced more than 2,200 digital classroom resources and create over 100 new resources each year.


    More than 1.8 million educators across the country access our digital educational resources.


    Each year, more than 7,000 local area teachers and childcare providers attend our workshops, conferences, and events.


    15+ years of research confirms our children's and educational media has a positive impact on teaching and learning.


    Our media has been honored with many awards, including the Emmy, Peabody, Parents’ Choice, Japan Prize, Webby, Games for Change and more.