About Youth Collective

Youth Collective is a Generation Z media and education initiative that aims to amplify youth voice and provide a platform for young people to engage in the important work of building a more ethical world. Our goals:

  • promote understanding of differing viewpoints
  • foster civil dialogue about ethical issues
  • inspire young people to take action in their communities
  • provide teachers with tools to incorporate ethics education in the classroom

Why Ethics Education?

We are partnering with The Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University, a national leader in ethics education, to shape our work in using ethics to foster civil dialogue. The initiative includes three key components: annual youth convenings, youth media, and a collection of resources for teachers.

Youth Convenings

The 2021 virtual summit, Youth Ethics Table: From Passion to Action, took place over 3 sessions on April 14th, 21st, and 28th and focused on empowering young people to explore their values, engage in difficult conversations, and take action in their communities, all through a lens of ethics. Geared toward Gen Z students, ages 14-20, the sessions featured speakers, interactive workshops, media, performances, and more. In addition, the first cohort of WNET Youth Collective Changemakers were honored at this year’s summit, including: Marley Dias, Founder, 1,000 Black Girl Books Campaign; Jubilee Media; Meerah Dasgupta, 2020 National Youth Poet Laureate; Nupol Kiazolu, civil rights activist; and Dustin Liu, United Nations Youth Observer.

Summit 2020: Beyond the Vote – In March 2020, our 2nd annual summit focused on civic engagement and the skills needed to be an informed and active citizen, including facts about voting (Voting 101), civil discourse around important issues, and media literacy. Over 200 high school students from NY and NJ gathered at The New School in New York City to attend sessions organized by youth advisors and partners. Partner organizations included the Prindle Institute for Ethics, Reel Works, YVote, and MediaWise. Featured speakers and performers included Ziad Ahmed, Deja Foxx, Chelsea Miller, Matt Post, Hari Sreenivasan, and Lexi Lawson.

Summit 2019: Confronting Bias – In May 2019, WNET’s first Youth Collective Summit brought young people together to engage in dialogue around ethics and steps we can take to confront bias. Approximately 150 students attended the event on May 20th at Paley Center for Media. Contributing partners included the Prindle Institute for Ethics, All Arts, Films BYkids, DIYdoc, IntegrateNYC, and Reel Works. Featured speakers and performers included Dorcas Davis, co-founder of the March for Racial Justice, youth leaders from IntegrateNYC, and Amyra Leon.

Youth Media

Youth Collective is partnering with Reel Works to create media featuring young people’s diverse perspectives on civic engagement and other issues they care about, and stories of youth leaders taking action.

Resources for Teachers

We are creating resources using ethical frameworks to help students understand different perspectives on issues of interest youth, like immigration, mental health, and climate change.

Gen Z Collaborators include:

    • Youth advisory board, a group of high school and early college students from the New York metro area who engage in conversations about important issues relevant to Gen Z, as well as shape media creation and activities such as our annual Youth Summit.
    • Social media/programming consultants JUV and Adolescent Content, which specialize in reaching Gen Z.

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