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Nate Bethea

New York, NY, United States


I spend about 10 hours a week on the subway, assuming there aren’t delays. I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and work in Midtown Manhattan, and I’m not in a position to move. On a good day, I can make it door to door in about 50 minutes, but most days aren’t good and my train ride is about 60 minutes each way. A few tricks I’ve learned: on the evening commute, it’s 100 percent worth your time to get a cold bottle of water before you enter the subway (when trains idle at the 51st St station, it honestly feels like it’s above 100 degrees). If you have a smartphone or mobile device, there’s an app called SimplyE that lets you get free ebooks from the New York Public Library. Listening to music can help as well, and if you have a streaming service (Spotify offers a free version) you can at least vary up your music when connected to free wifi in the stations. Finally, the most important part: get a twitter account and use the free wifi to endlessly, ceaseless flood Governor Cuomo’s twitter account with updates about your commute. You might let him know that a) no one cares about the stupid bridge lights, b) he’s only Governor because his dad actually accomplished something and Carl Paladino is a lunatic, and c) we appreciate the new bridge over the canal in Greenpoint, but he should probably fix the stupid train that 6 million of us use every day.