Karyn Castagna

Point Pleasant, NJ, United States


I am a former New Yorker residing at the Jersey Shore for many years. Our transportation is reasonably affordable, but ridiculous in terms of the amount of time it takes to get to Penn Station. Trains stop at every phone pole! I have been bemoaning the state of transit for some twenty years including and especially the NYC subways. I have medical issues which prompt me to travel to Weill Cornell Medical Center. During past trips I have remarked that little to no improvements have been made to transit since I graduated Hunter College in 1976. Because of the "Summer of Hell" I have postponed attending to a medical issue I have. I also suffer from asthma and cannot risk just being jilted from a connecting train as has happened in the past. "We are gonna skip the next run" was the only explanation given when forced to sit for almost an hour to wait for the next train on the Northeast Corridor. I am hoping by fall I will be able to tend to my medical issue. This neglect is on the heads of all leadership past and present who neglected our infrastructure. Leadership bilks the system and does very little.