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Karyn Castagna

Point Pleasant, NJ, United States


I am a former New Yorker residing at the Jersey Shore for many years. Our transportation is reasonably affordable, but ridiculous in terms of the amount of time it takes ...

Ada Torres

South Orange, NJ, United States


One NJ commuter perfectly described the commute to Hoboken as soul crushing and I agree. Longer commuting times during rush hour, train cancellations, manpower shortage, and more chaos are ...

Ada Torres

South Orange, NJ, United States


A NJ commuter perfectly describes her daily commute on the Morris & Essex line as soul crushing and I agree. Although I don't work in NYC but in Ridgefield ...

Nate Bethea

New York, NY, United States


I spend about 10 hours a week on the subway, assuming there aren't delays. I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and work in Midtown Manhattan, and I'm not in a ...

benny wong

Edison, NJ, United States

NJ Transit

Everyday, I consider myself lucky to get home to my family at the end of the day due to this lengthy, unreliable, miserable commute. The picture at N.Y. Penn Station ...

Rebecca Zaretsky



My already lengthy commute has been extended by 20-30 minutes plus new stress to weave through the crowd at Hoboken to run for my train home. Mornings are a little easier, ...

Lisa Buch

New York


There were significant delays on Manhattan bound E trains when I transferred from the 6 at 51st street. What is normally a 25 minute commute for me became a 45 ...

N Greenfield

New York, NY, United States

Not applicable - I want to share an idea

I want to share an idea. If you want to give people a "Summer Survival Kit" let them know where the good restaurants are along their commute, so they can ...

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