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November 1, 2018

WNET’s “Sinking Cities” VIP Screening Held at Climate-Resilient Building

On Tuesday evening, WNET’s Peril and Promise initiative hosted a VIP preview screening event for its new four-part docuseries Sinking Cities, which explores how New York, Tokyo, London and Miami are coming to grips with the real-time effects of rising seas and extreme weather. The first episode, New York, premiered last night, with the subsequent episodes airing Wednesdays November 7-21 at 10pm on PBS and available to stream the following day at pbs.org/perilandpromise and on PBS apps.

Audience looks on as Vishaan Chakrabarti, PAU Architects, architect who appears in the series, answers a question during Q&A

The event was held at the American Copper Buildings, which are featured in the series as some of the most climate-resilient new developments in New York City. After a reception, where guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres surrounded by beautiful views at the building’s Skybridge space, highlights from the series were screened and WNET Vice President of Programming Stephen Segaller moderated a Q&A session.

The audience watched five sneak-peek clips from Sinking Cities, including an inside look at Tokyo’s innovative water pumping system, a tour of the resilient design of one coastal Miami museum, a harrowing account of extreme weather in London, and New York’s climate experts discussing what’s at stake in this city of millions. Afterwards, expert guests answered tough questions from the audience about how cities can be designed with resiliency in mind, whether flood-vulnerable people should rebuild or retreat, and the pros and cons of various design solutions for New York City.

Guests included several of the world’s foremost climate, architecture, and urban resilience experts, including Dr. Philip Orton (Stevens Institute), Philippa Brashear (SCAPE, “Living Breakwaters” project), Vishaan Chakrabarti (PAU Architects), Kai-Uwe Bergmann (BIG Architects), Joseph Lhota (Chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority), Chris Choi and Tanya Gallo (100 Resilient Cities), Heather Roiter (NYC Office of Emergency Management), and Sabrina McCormick (George Washington University). Major funders for Peril and PromiseDr. P. Roy and Diana Vagelos, were also in attendance.

Check out a full photo album of the event here.

Senior Programming Consultant Ed Hersh with Dr. P. Roy and Diana Vagelos. Credit Joseph Sinnott.

Joseph Lhota, Chairman of the MTA, Tamra Lhota, and Trever Holland, attorney and resident of Two Bridges neighborhood, featured in the series. Credit: Joseph Sinnott.

Executive Producer/Project Director of Peril and Promise Eugenia Harvey, Simon Koster, Principal, JDS Development Group and Stephen Segaller, Vice President of Programming. Credit: Joseph Sinnott.

Kai Uwe-Bergmann, BIG Architects, mastermind of “The Big U” project in NYC, who appears in the series, answers questions during Q&A. Credit: Joseph Sinnott.

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