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March 2, 2020

WNET Station Representatives Promote Public Media in Washington, D.C.

Dorothy Pacella, Sasha Schechter, Sunyoung Oh, and Carlos Pineiro outside NY representative Carolyn B. Maloney’s office.

Last week, WNET was in Washington, D.C. for the annual America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) Public Media Summit and Capitol Hill Day.

WNET station representatives walked the halls of Capitol Hill to meet with legislators from New York, New Jersey and Long Island to promote public media and the importance of increased federal funding. This year, APTS asked for $515 million for CPB in the next appropriations cycle, $30 million for Ready to Learn, $20 million for Public Television interconnection and $20 million for infrastructure.

“Capitol Hill Day was an amazing day that gave me the opportunity to engage in our country’s democracy and represent an institution that I’m incredibly proud to be a part of. As someone who grew up watching and learning so much from my local PBS station the experience was especially profound and rewarding. I was honored to be able to speak with representatives and their staff about how vital public media funding is for stations throughout the country and am definitely looking forward to doing it again next year.” — Yeliz Alakas, Digital Platform Project Specialist, Wavelength

Representatives from WNET included Neal Shapiro, WNET President & CEO; Yeliz Alakas; Matt Clark, Deputy General Counsel; Deb Falk, Director, NJTV Communications; Dorothy Pacella, Friends of THIRTEEN Executive Director; Sasha Schechter, Director, Digital Distribution & Content Partnerships, Wavelength; John Servidio, General Manager NJTV; and Kellie Specter, Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer. Student volunteers helping out for the day were Janey Woo, Monisha Pillai, Lorraine McShea and Lauren Hakimi, alongside Friends of THIRTEEN Board member Sunyoung Oh and Lay Leader Carlos Pineiro.

From L-R: Deb Falk, Sunyoung Oh, Sasha Schechter, Janey Woo, Neal Shapiro, Monisha Pillai, Matt Clark, Lorraine McShea, Kellie Specter, Dorothy Pacella, Lauren Hakimi, John Servidio and Yeliz Alakas.

(L-R): Lorraine McShea (student volunteer), Deb Falk (NJTV Communications Director), and Kathy Karp Cohen (Friends of THIRTEEN Board Member) meet with Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

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