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March 31, 2020

WNET Launches “Take on Fake” YouTube Series

Yesterday, WNET launched Take on Fake, a new YouTube series that debunks claims seen or shared online to show people how to stay informed.

In the premiere episode, COVID-19 Fake Cures and False Diagnoses, host Hari Sreenivasan (PBS NewsHour Weekend, Amanpour and Company) follows the Internet rabbit hole of COVID-19 misinformation, reading beyond a single headline to find credible sources to uncover the truth. When the news – and the coronavirus – moves this fast, how can you separate fact from fiction?

“This program would not have been pulled off without the creativity and imagination of Series Producer Chelsea Rugg and Producer Erin McIntyre, and with the patience and persistence of Executive Producer Chris Mather,” said Executive Producer Dan Greenberg. “This program was an incredible collaboration.” He added, “Hari is an amazing partner. Even of the most challenging circumstances, he’s a real pro.”

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