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December 14, 2017

WLIW21 Passport Launches Today!

Almost two years to the day that THIRTEEN Passport launched, WLIW launched WLIW21 Passport this morning! The streaming service is available on wliw.org, pbs.org (when localized to WLIW21) and all the PBS apps.

An exclusive benefit available only to WLIW21 members, WLIW Passport provides you with extended access to an extensive on-demand library of quality public television programming. The library will mirror the offerings in THIRTEEN Passport’s library.

Check out the new Passport pages on WLIW21, including the About Passport page, Passport Programs page, and FAQs. Here’s some more information about WLIW21 Passport:

  • This is a new member benefit for WLIW21. It is separate from THIRTEEN Passport. This means that THIRTEEN members with Passport accounts need to become members of WLIW21 and activate separately to access WLIW21 Passport.
  • WLIW21 Passport runs on the same plugin as THIRTEEN Passport. All the pages that have been created for THIRTEEN Passport are now replicated on wliw.org and branded for WLIW.
  • Passport content can be accessed on WLIW.org, PBS.org, and the PBS Apps. Visit the WLIW Anywhere page for more information on devices through which you can access WLIW21 Passport.
  • It was launched on HTTPS: This means that wliw.org is now more secure; HTTPS is standard and a best practice now

“This has been a great collaboration,” said IEG Digital Producer and WLIW21 Passport Project Manager Melissa Major. “Thank you to the entire Passport team for your hard work and dedication to the project, especially since the launch is during one of the busiest times of year at WNET!”

Coming up: starting January 14, 2018 the broadcast premiere date of Victoria, Season 2, THIRTEEN and WLIW21 Passport members will be able to stream the entirety of the second season in full.

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