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March 6, 2017

“Trusted News That Works for You”: A Message From WNET President & CEO Neal Shapiro

Neal Shapiro President and Chief Executive Officer WNET

Dear THIRTEEN Member,

Journalism is under attack as never before, so we all have a stake in responsible, balanced coverage of issues and events. We need the facts and the context so we can draw our own conclusions and act as we see fit.

I’m writing to you to reiterate and reaffirm WNET’s commitment to real, responsible journalism, where news is researched, dialogue is respectful, and diverse points of view are considered.

At THIRTEEN, we know that facts matter to you. From PBS NewsHour to MetroFocus to NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams and Frontline, we bring you the highest quality news and public affairs programming, as we have for the past 54 years.

Our mission is to serve you, our community. One way we do that is to be your trusted eyes and ears, seeking out what is relevant to our city, our region, and our country. We tackle the issues that the networks miss – in 2016, according to the Tyndall Report, the three major networks virtually ignored issues like climate change, drugs, poverty, and guns on the evening news. I think you’ll agree that with initiatives like Chasing the Dream, and throughout our newscasts, we not only include these issues, we dig deep.

As a THIRTEEN supporter, you have played an important part in our ability to meet our responsibilities. Thank you for helping us do our part to ensure that we maintain an informed, engaged community.








Neal Shapiro

President & CEO




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