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May 25, 2017

With THIRTEEN Explore App Launch on Amazon Fire TV, WNET Secures Presence in All Major OTT Markets

Earlier this week, the Interactive Engagement Group launched the THIRTEEN Explore app for Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Smart TV Edition.

The app offers an extended selection of videos to Passport members. Once their device is paired, Passport members can enjoy the limitless content their membership has to offer! Of course, there is still a large abundance of videos for non-Passport members to enjoy, as well.

One exciting feature within the app is a “Watch Later” list (at right), which allows users to save individual videos to view later. This provides users with fast and direct access to their favorite content, and a way to personally curate their own experience. In addition, the app boasts several unconventional, custom design features, such as a fly-out side menu, which distinguishes it from the pre-formatted, templated design skin that is present in many other Fire TV apps.

The market size of Amazon’s Fire TV is continuously growing, and research company eMarketer predicts that its number of users will overtake Roku’s in 2017. Currently, comScore ranks Fire TV just behind Roku in its market share of OTT (over-the-top) devices, while ranking it above AppleTV and Google Chromecast. As the OTT market itself continues to grow– in 2016, 36% of homes with a broadband connection owned a streaming media player, up from 27% in 2014 — Amazon anticipates to grow its market share of via Fire TV, as well.

The launch of Amazon Fire TV has allowed THIRTEEN’s content to secure a presence in all major OTT markets, covering Amazon, Apple, Google, Android, and Roku.

You can find out more about what our app has to offer here.

To download the app, open up your Amazon Fire TV Home Screen, search for “Thirteen Explore,” and select the result from Apps & Games.

Lisa Buch developed the app, while Victoria Malabrigo and Karen Brazell created its beautiful design.

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