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September 19, 2017

“NJTV News” Launches New Look with Improved Digital Experience

If you tuned in or logged on to NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams recently, you may have noticed something different. The show has a brand-new logo, new music and a website update that is more user-friendly to its digital audience.

“The new features are part of the continued evolution of the NJTV Newsroom,” said Executive Producer Phil Alongi. “This rebuild espouses a ‘digital first’ mindset. It was conceived and built taking in consideration how modern audiences discover news from reliable sources. Our intention is to expand news reporting beyond the daily newscast on the site with the homepage functioning as the only place you need to bookmark and visit to learn what is happening in New Jersey. Kudos to the folks at IEG for their insight, skill, and thoughtfulness in carrying out this vision.”

The website has been designed to ensure the best digital experience for our audiences. The NJTVNews.org homepage now has several ‘modes’ of functioning.  There is the Standard Mode that highlights the day’s top stories, gathers collections of comprehensive news’ series and posts the most read and shared stories from our audience. Livestream Mode expands on the previous to include livestreams of the daily newscast and newsworthy events right on the homepage. Breaking News mode expands further to allow us to deliver breaking news as it develops, from the breaking headline to the livestreams on location to the in-depth analysis as the story continues.

Check out the new and improved NJTV News website for yourself at njtvnews.org, or in this showcase reel below:

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