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February 3, 2017

“NJTV News” Launches “In Your Neighborhood” Initiative In Union Township

Last night, NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams launched their “In Your Neighborhood” initiative. It was a hit!

njtv-in-your-neighborhood_union3The news program has been compiling all of the pieces needed to do fully remote productions by applying for grants and earmarking funds in the budget. NJTV News set up a three camera shoot with a teleprompter, a full lighting rig, a digital video switcher with multiplexer, anaudio board, and a gas-free portable battery to power the entire production all from the sidewalk of the business district in Union Township. Basically, it was a satellite production truck for people that can’t afford a satellite production truck.

NJTV News chose Union Twp. because they were doing a story on a new property tax rebate program the town recently implemented. In the future, the plan is to regularly take the show on the road and set it up “In Your Neighborhood” to highlight specific issues that affect its residents. Plus, this equipment and experience puts NJTV News in great position to be able to respond quickly to breaking news and developing stories.

Says Executive Producer Phil Alongi, “There’s no better show of NJTV’s commitment to covering all 21 counties than to take the show on the road and get our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in each neighborhood.”


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