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November 6, 2017

NJTV News’ David Cruz Interviews NJ Film Director At Teaneck International Film Festival

This weekend at the annual Teaneck International Film Festival, NJTV News Senior Correspondent David Cruz moderated a Q&A session with Steven Fischler, Director/Producer of the New Jersey-based documentary, Five Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History. The film, based upon a memoir by local journalist Helene Stapinski, regales the writer’s tale of growing up in Jersey City in a family overrun with underworld figures and corrupt politicians and how she re-invented herself without losing the people she loves. It originally premiered on NJTV in March 2017.

In conversation with Cruz, Fischler — a Teaneck resident — shared the story of how he was drawn to this “very Jersey” story. The two Jersey natives (Cruz hails from Jersey City) also discussed past and present politics in Jersey City and state, the production process of the film and Stapinski’s latest book, which picks up where Five Finger Discount leaves off, with further exploration of her family in Italy. Audience members, many of whom hailed from Jersey City or had family there, shared their experiences living in that part of the state.

Tune in to watch the documentary this Wednesday November 8 at 8pm on NJTV.

The conversation took place at the Black Box Performing Arts Center in Teaneck. Check out the Festival’s Facebook Live of a portion of the conversation below:

Steven Fischler (left) with NJTV News’ David Cruz (right).

Viewers take in Five Finger Discount at the Black Box Performing Arts Theater in Teaneck.

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