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April 18, 2017

“Nature” Teams with Tumblr to Discuss Conservation and Climate Change

issuetime_card_conservationclimate-2017-04-18Tumblr’s Issue Time presents a panel of experts and advocates to answer questions around a particular issue, from gun violence prevention and immigration reform to women’s rights and LGBTQ equality.

In honor of Earth Day 2017 — Saturday, April 22 — Tumblr approved Nature‘s proposed topic of “Conservation and Climate Change” for an Issue Time.

Now, Nature’s Ask Box is open to the public to submit their questions about environmental issues. Those questions will be curated by Tumblr, then sent to four panelists with ties to the Nature series who will answer them. Afterwards, Tumblr will post their responses this Saturday on Earth Day. So send in your questions now!

The panelists:

  • Conservation biologist Arnaud Desbiez, Ph.D., whose work is featured in Nature: Hotel Armadillo airing April 19
  • Wildlife filmmaker Joe Pontecorvo who has made several programs for Nature including the recent Yosemite film, Snow Monkeys and The Last Orangutan Eden
  • Ecologist/filmmaker/TV host/narrator Chris Morgan familiar to Nature viewers from his work on the three-part Animal Homes and Bears of the Last Frontier, and Siberian Tiger Quest
  • Principal Climate Change Scientist Patrick Gonzalez, Ph.D. of the U.S. National Park Service who recently participated in a panel discussion about the topics raised in Nature: Yosemite.
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