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April 23, 2020

Meet Rochelle B.

I spent the majority of my career (27 years) at the Estée Lauder Companies in branding and marketing in the International division, which is the largest division in the corporation. Among many assignments, I spent 15 years as the Senior Vice President of the International Division. When I retired I was the Worldwide President of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, (a division of Estée Lauder).

After retiring I wanted to give back and was asked to volunteer for an Alzheimer’s charity to help with marketing and branding. After doing that for five years, I decided I wanted to work with a different kind of organization. An opportunity came up at WNET about a year and a half ago. The station tours at WNET were expanding and I joined with a friend (Maxine Forman) to be a guide on the Thursday tours, an expansion from the Tuesday-only tours.

I now work with the three other guides. I book all tours, reserve room to meet, advise the teams who present to the tour guests of dates and time of tours and make sure those attending have all necessary information. I also do tours for the Patron and Membership teams. In addition, I have the pleasure of working with Mary Burke, WNET’s Director of Public Programs, Community Engagement, on all relevant matters that pertain to volunteers.

One of the most interesting tours I gave was to a family from Canada who wanted a tour for their 13-year-old autistic son who LOVED PBS. We enlisted the Kids’ Media & Education and Creative Services departments so they could make this a very meaningful experience. It was a very emotional tour and the family was thrilled. It made all of us proud.

I LOVE WNET and WLIW and many of their programs. My favorites are Nature, Call the Midwife, Masterpiece and Masterpiece Mystery (anything foreign or British).

In my spare time I am passionate about travel, movies (indies), theater, reading and exercise. I also play Canasta with friends once or twice a week.

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