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August 1, 2019

Meet Gabriella Vetrano

As an Audience Engagement intern, Gabriella Vetrano is spending the summer working with WNET’s Audience Engagement team on various aspects of program promotion. “Most of my long-term projects have involved finding press contacts for the team to reach out to so they can promote our shows. We then reach out to publications, influencers and social media accounts about the programs. My major project over the summer was writing the Intern Spotlights, which gave me the chance to get to know the other interns and highlight the work they’re doing for WNET,” Gabriella says. Read on to learn about the PBS programs on Gabriella’s must-watch list, her favorite places in Floral Park, and more.

Gabriella Vetrano

What college are you attending and what is your major?

I am in the Macaulay Honors Program at Hunter College where I am a Media Studies major. I’m pursuing a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Psychology.

For our Media with Impact campaign, we’ve been asking viewers to share stories describing how THIRTEEN has influenced their life. How has THIRTEEN (or the PBS station of your childhood) inspired you?

Watching THIRTEEN as a child instilled values in me that I still hold dear to my heart. Shows like Between the Lions and Cyberchase fostered in me an insatiable curiosity and love for learning, while Sesame Street taught me to be kind to everyone. When I was little, characters like Rosita brought me closer to my abuela (grandmother) by teaching me the basics of Spanish and helping bridge the language barrier between us. THIRTEEN has so strongly influenced me that this past year, when given the chance to go to attend Capitol Hill Day as a representative of Friends of Thirteen, I jumped on the opportunity.

Which three shows airing on our stations this month are you most likely to watch, stream, or record?

I’m so excited to watch American Masters–Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin; one of the first books I was assigned to read in college was her novel Left Hand of Darkness. Since then I have admired her writing; not only was she able to create imaginative, futuristic worlds, but she was able to seamlessly weave in commentary about our own society. I’m also excited to see Woodstock: Three Days that defined a Generation. I think watching this documentary with special footage is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival. I’ve also been looking forward to American Masters: Janis: Little Girl Blue since I started my internship and think it’s the perfect follow-up to the Woodstock celebrations.

Where do you live, and what are some of your favorite places in your neighborhood?

My family just moved to Floral Park, New York, so I’m still getting used to the neighborhood. My favorite place right now is an Irish American café called Swing the Teapot. It’s very quaint and has dozens of unique teapots decorating the walls. It’s great for sharing a pot of tea or having a traditional Irish breakfast.

Favorite place in your college town?

Hunter College is a commuter school without a campus. The tours like to boast “the city is our campus,” so the closest thing I have to a college town is Manhattan. My favorite place to go to with my friends is Bluestockings Bookstore, Café and Activist Center. We love going there to do work and have a coffee while listening to the activists they have come and speak.

Favorite college course? Least favorite?

My favorite college course was Reporting and Writing 2, a journalism course that allowed us to explore different mediums for reporting. My favorite assignment had us put together a short video news broadcast relating to our beat. My least favorite course was Computer Science, which just never seemed to click for me even though I had wonderful instructors and have experience coding.

Which fictional character do you most resemble?

I am most like Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Like Charlie, I am a bibliophile and I have a deep loyalty to my friends and loved ones.

THIRTEEN’S Summer of ’69 line-up concludes this month with the American Experience film Woodstock: Three Days That Defined A Generation and other specials celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. Is there a concert that has had a profound impact on you?

My first concert had a profound impact on me. I had won tickets to see Echosmith at Webster Hall and had one of the most special nights of my life. I got to meet the band after the show and from that night on, I’ve had a deep love of music.

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