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August 11, 2017

Meet Dorean Rose Pugh

As Communications Coordinator, Communications & Marketing Department, Dorean Rose Pugh assists all members of the department, working on a variety of projects. “I tweet from the WNET account (@wnet), write for and edit The Owl sometimes, and lend a major hand to anyone in the department,” Dorean says. Read on to learn about Dorean’s recent adventures at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills, her Lamb Chop’s Play-Along superfandom, and more.

What is your background, and how did you land at WNET?

I received my degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Howard University in 2013. I interned at Prudential Financial three times and worked many odd jobs after graduation, one of which I hated with a passion of 1,000,000 suns. I joined a temp agency in October 2015, and they originally placed me at Al Jazeera America. About a week after I landed there, I was told that I would no longer be placed there and it was rumored that Al Jazeera would end their U.S. channel. In December 2015, I was placed at WNET. I began temping here in January 2016 and was hired full time in March 2016. I’m thrilled to be an official part of the WNET family!

You just returned from the July Television Critics Association Press Tour (TCA) in Beverly Hills. What were some of the events WNET produced for the conference?

WNET had three panels this time. The first was the panel for American Masters: Richard Linklater – dream is destiny, which featured Linklater via satellite and directors Louis Black and Karen Bernstein in person. American Masters also had a panel for Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive with star Denis O’Hare and director Eric Stange. Finally, there was the panel for Nature’s H Is For Hawk: A New Chapter, which featured author Helen Macdonald, director Mike Birkhead, and Stella the Goshawk.

Any favorite memories from this Press Tour or past ones?

At Press Tour last summer, Hamilton star Daveed Diggs confidently wore two different color shoes for Great Performances’ Hamilton’s America panel, which I loved because it caught everyone’s attention — and he gave me a hug. I loved the panel for The Talk: Race in America, as well, because each panelist brought a unique perspective and passion to the subject matter. But the funniest memory was the reveal of the spy orangutan camera at Nature’s Spy in the Wild panel in January. Usually the critics are pretty silent, but the shock of seeing the moving orangutan camera made one critic gasp so loud I could hear it all the way in the back of the room. The spy creatures were amazing to observe.

For our Media with Impact campaign, we’ve been asking viewers to share stories describing how THIRTEEN has influenced their life. How has THIRTEEN (or the PBS station of your childhood) inspired you?

LAMBCHOP! I LOVED Shari Lewis’s Lambchop’s Play-Along then the way I love Hello Kitty now. It was my favorite show as a kid. I had bed sheets and my own Lamb Chop hand puppet, and I sang the show’s theme song, “The Song That Doesn’t End,” endlessly, much to the annoyance of my parents. I also loved Barney & Friends and was even Baby Bop for Halloween once. Arthur was also important because it really inspired me to read more. (My father’s name is Arthur, which made the show seem extra funny to me.) I wouldn’t have had any of those amazing shows to watch if it weren’t for THIRTEEN, WLIW, and NJTV.

Which three shows airing on our stations this month are you most likely to watch, stream, or record?

I enjoy stargazing and astronomy and even used to have a telescope, so I’m really looking forward to the upcoming NOVA special Eclipse over America, especially since the eclipse won’t be visible in this area. I’m also looking forward to watching The Farthest – Voyager in Space, about the history of the Voyager missions.

Where do you live, and what are some of your favorite places in your neighborhood?

I currently live in Englewood, New Jersey. If you know anything about Bergen County, you know that the Garden State Mall has everything and walking through there can be exercise, so sometimes I go there for a bit — and leave with something I know I don’t need! I love trying new foods and there are many amazing Mom-and-Pop restaurants in the area I go to just to try something on the menu I haven’t tried before. I also plan to attend kickboxing classes offered not too far from my house soon.

What book are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading The Mothers by Britt Bennett. It’s your standard “secrets in suburbia” story, but this book is written by a black woman about black individuals in a black suburb. I’m completely hooked on the story and how all of their lives have connected for better or worse, but there is still one unanswered question I’m dying to know the answer to.

Do you have a special interest or hobby outside of work? If so, tell us about it!

I love watching sports, especially the Yankees and Green Bay Packers, and am a disgruntled Knicks fan. I love music, particularly R&B. I used to sing in middle school and high school, but sought a different career path since I’m not Mariah Carey. I still sing on occasion in my church choir, though. Hopefully, one of my hobbies in the near future will include attending Broadway shows with my Communications & Marketing colleague Elisa Lichtenbaum.

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