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October 31, 2017

Leandro’s Don’t Miss List: November 2017

WNET’s very own Leandro Mejia, a self-proclaimed public media superfan, writes a monthly column of his must-see recommendations on THIRTEEN. Check out his suggestions for new and encore programs you won’t want to miss.

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Remember, remember, the shows of November! We have our very own TGIT: ThanksGiving Is Thirteen, with a cornucopia of offerings on this penultimate month of the year!

Premiering right before All Souls Day, Nature — H is For Hawk: A New Chapter (November 1, 8PM), is appropriately timed, as this is a story of grieving but also of healing that comes through inter-species interaction. Whether Thanagarian or human, if Harvey the Hurricane Hawk is something that tugged at your heartstrings, then this will give them a Herculean heave-ho!

Remain in your aerie and tune into NOVA: Killer Hurricanes (November 1, 9PM). Given this active hurricane season, the timely offering discusses not only a devastating storm from the 1700’s but also recent findings on these aeolian leviathans.

Ailurophiles, run, don’t walk, to catch Nature: The Cheetah Children (November 8, 8PM). A dogged cameraman shadows a family of the fastest land animal on the planet. And you thought the New York Marathon was tough!

Before Lin Manuel’s sophomore hit, Hamilton: An American Musical, there was In the Heights. Great Performances: In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams (November 10, 9PM) shows the parallel pursuit of happiness both Up- and Downtown along Broadway. Mr. Miranda’s success in the Theater District, and the assiduously sanguine people of Washington Heights. Twin triumphant tributaries to the arterial urban avenue.

Stick around for second portions with Great Performances — Landmark Live in Concert: Foo Fighters (November 10, 10PM). This mellifluous sound fest showcases contemporary rockers the Foo Fighters performing at the Acropolis; quite the artist den! The Nine Muses themselves would certainly say “America’s got talent!”

If you liked September’s Legacies of War specials tune into POV: Almost Sunrise (November 13, 10PM) for a journey of convalescence by two peripatetic patriots repairing from the Midwest to the West Coast. Indeed, our troops are something to be thankful for.

Great Performances: Indecent (November 17, 9PM) serves as phylactery of the perennial tug of war between freedom of expression and censorship. Causing consternation in the 1920’s, see the play behind the play, Wrath of God, by Sholem Asch (who, incidentally, is also father of Moses Asch, founder of Folkway Records, two of whose talents, William Guthrie and Pete Seeger, have been past subjects of American Masters).

In David Letterman: The Mark Twain Prize (November 20, 8PM), see the Late Night Wars veteran receive this august accolade; like his mentor, the late Johnny Carson, Letterman is a seasoned American master of mirthful media.

Sharks with lasers, notwithstanding, NOVA: Extreme Animal Weapons (November 22, 8PM) informs on the claws, horns, fangs, oh my!, animals possess in nature’s variegated arms’ races.

Tune into Great Performances: Holiday Inn, The New Irving Berlin Musical (November 24, 9PM). This update of the original Crosby-Astaire cinematic fair about a sleepy farmhouse turned into a house of hilarity, will turn your Black Friday into a White Christmas, and make you be Plenty To Be Thankful For!

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