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December 1, 2017

Leandro’s Don’t Miss List: December 2017

WNET’s very own Leandro Mejia, a self-proclaimed public media superfan, writes a monthly column of his must-see recommendations on THIRTEEN. Check out his suggestions for new and encore programs you won’t want to miss.

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On the Twelve Days of THIRTEEN, public TV gave to me: Twelve New York Treasures, Eleven Cyber Seasons, Ten Vietnam Revisions, Nine knowledge-giving NOVA’s, Eight Georgian Poldarks, Seven Days of NewsHour-ing, Six Days of o’ Graduating… Five years o’-Fo-cus-ing! Four Chef’s a-Flying, Three Theater Close-Ups, Two AM Seasons Podcasting…and a Goshawk a-sitting with her eyases!

“The Story of Tonight” is Great Performances: Hamilton’s America (December 1, 9PM). As these New York streets get colder, stay in and learn more about this shot heard ’round Broadway, its revolutionary score (including the fatidic title, “My Shot”), and a continental congress of guests such as President Obama, Questlove and Stephen Sondheim. This Holiday of Hamilton continues with Treasures of New York: Hamilton’s Albany (December 3, 7PM) — learn more about Hamilton’s life at New York’s state capital and about the rebarbative rivalry (and ultimately mortiferous meeting) with Aaron Burr.

Theater Close-Up — The Gabriels: A Year in the Life of a Family During Election Year (December 3-5, 10 PM) is a singular study of the kafkaesque election that brought about our current unprecedented president. Trichotomously aired from Sunday to Tuesday, its town hall-like ambiance, democratizes viewing experiences for audiences, whether in situ, on-air or online.

Treasures of New York: The Flatiron Building (December 11, 7PM) will iron out the history, so to speak, of the famous edifice that bifurcates Broadway and 5th Ave at 22nd Street.

Let your search for Spock end with Remembering Leonard Nimoy (December 11, 10PM). Even though Mr. Nimoy has passed on, he undoubtedly is boldly going into the undiscovered country.

Eric Idle’s The Entire Universe (December 22, 10PM) hearkens back to the halcyon Bill Nye days, where the seriousness of science was offset with the merriment of music, becoming the Promethean teaching torch reaching out to impart science to non-scientists.

The lean, mean, learning machine that is THIRTEEN presents Independent Lens: Supergirl (December 18, 10PM). Learn more about this Orthodox preteen’s unorthodox Samsonian strength.

The Critic’s Choice for Best Ongoing Documentary Series, American Masters, will make for a hopeful hiemal season with This is Bob Hope… (December 29, 9PM). The palindromic performer’s USO troupe brought troops a modicum of merriment to their Christmases. Ceasefires to the senses for those feeling like strangers in strange lands. We give Thanks for the Memories with a legacy that includes a USNS Bob Hope, The Bob Hope Show, Family Guy spoofs of his On The Road movies (with Bing Crosby), and a risible regiment of comedic commanders such as Woody Allen, Conan O’Brien and Margaret Cho.

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