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May 4, 2018

Last Night, NJTV Was “In Your Neighborhood” Live From Montclair, New Jersey

Last night, NJTV broadcast live from Montclair, NJ…the network’s first In Your Neighborhood initiative stop in 2018. NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams and an hour-long special were broadcast live from the popular local restaurant Raymond’s on Church Street in Montclair before a audience of 40 (plus other unsuspecting restaurant patrons!). NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams, Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron and Correspondent Briana Vannozzi conducted interviews during the hour special, which included an on-site interview with Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson.

The special highlighted the history and happenings of the dynamic township, from the historic Frog Hollow neighborhood and ongoing development across town, to the now-playing Montclair Film Festival and the Yogi Berra Museum to the foodie scene and more. Montclair Councilwoman Renee Baskerville, M.D., NJTV Trustee Scott Kobler and CAB member Patricia Phillips were in attendance.

NJTV Trustee and GM John Servidio meet Mayor Jackson before his interview

ICYMI: You can watch the In Your Neighborhood: Montclair Special online now.

A special shout-out to NJTV’s production team for their endeavors: they endured 90+ degree heat and a sudden rainstorm from inside a production truck parked at the back of the restaurant all day to make the show happen.┬áThat’s showbiz!

Stay tuned for NJTV’s next In Your Neighborhood stops this summer: Vineland and Wildwood!

NJTV’s Engineer Mark Nixdorf outside the truck that was used as a makeshift control room for the live broadcasts. Inside: Media Manager Ian Elliott, Sr. producer Gideon Butler, Audio Engineer Frank Brown, Director Elvin Badger and Camera Operator Matt McNamara. Fans were brought in to try and keep everyone and the equipment cool on a very hot day.

NJTV News Executive Producer Phil Alongi tells the live audience what to expect in the the evening’s broadcast

L-R NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron, EP Phil Alongi and Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson share a smile after Jackson’s live interview

L-R NJTV GM John Servidio, NJTV News Correspondent Raven Santana, NJTV News EP Phil Alongi and Briana Vannozzi on stage after the broadcast

Stage Manager Pat Scanella shows her dexterity as she ducks down in-between the live audience and the stage during a live segment of IYN: Montclair as other crew looks on


Top Photo: Mary Alice Williams, Briana Vannozzi and Raymond Badach, owner of Raymond’s restaurant-turned-television-set for NJTV’s In Your Neighborhood: Montclair broadcast

All photos credit: NJTV

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