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March 9, 2020

Hari Sreenivasan Joins MediaWise as Ambassador

As part of WNET’s Youth Collective Summit last week, Poynter Institute’s MediaWise digital literacy program announced that PBS NewsHour Weekend anchor and Amanpour and Company contributor Hari Sreenivasan will join MediaWise as an ambassador. MediaWise and its partners aim to teach young people how to debunk misinformation online.

He becomes the fourth national journalist to contribute to the MediaWise project as ambassador, alongside Lester Holt and Savannah Sellers of NBC News and Peter Hamby of Snapchat and Vanity Fair.

“Sharing reliable facts has become increasingly difficult. Having a fourth estate a reader can trust is crucial to a functioning democracy,” Sreenivasan said. “We all practice small acts of journalism every day when we share what we think is a fact with a friend or family member, so it is incumbent on all of us to be able to discern truth from fiction. I’m excited to play a small part in MediaWise’s crucial endeavor.”

Also joining as a MediaWise Ambassador is the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs (SRL). SRL inspires young people to find their voices and engage with their communities by using journalism to create transformative educational experiences. SRL has participation from more than 150 schools across 46 states and reaches 3,000 students each year.

“SRL teaches young people how media and journalism shapes their lives, and in turn gives them a way to make sense of the world around them through storytelling,” said Elis Estrada, senior director for SRL. “Creating more opportunities for student voice can inspire young people to become civically engaged and savvy consumers of news and information. That’s why we’re so excited to work with MediaWise and provide teens with relevant resources that will empower them now and in the future.”

Learn more about the announcement from Poynter Institute.

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