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June 15, 2017

“Fight for THIRTEEN” Advocacy Campaign Launches

In light of the recent threat to defund public media, WNET is launching an advocacy campaign encouraging people to “Fight for THIRTEEN.”

The new website¬†FightForThirteen.org will have information about the state of funding and provide ways to “fight” for THIRTEEN.

1) Contact representatives

2) Sign up for updates

3) Donate

This campaign will be supplemented by outdoor and online advertising.

On Monday, June 12, a massive billboard was put up across the street from Barclays Center in Brooklyn (image at right). In addition, beginning Monday, June 19, posters will go up in 100 phone kiosks and 50 bus shelters and newsstands on the upper east and west side of Manhattan. These ads will run for four weeks once up.

The online ad campaign and social media campaign started today, June 15. (see examples below)

We hope the community will play an important role in preserving public media, its mission and its educational initiatives.


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