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May 16, 2017

Discover Your Chances of Success & Take the “Your American Dream Score” Quiz

ctd-logo2Today, Your American Dream Score, a new online platform to help users discover their chances of success, launched on WNET’s Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity website. An initiative of company Moving Up, the online tool is designed to create a new conversation — online, in the community, and eventually in the classroom — about what it takes to get ahead in America.

To learn what factors are working “for” and “against” your efforts to achieve the American Dream, visit the CTD website, click on Your American Dream Score, and spend a few minutes taking the quiz. Interact with others who have taken the quiz on CTD’s Facebook page.

Users are asked 13 questions about their life, with each question representing a factor that research shows correlates to social mobility and/or happiness in life. Similarly, all of the options within each question are based on scientific research related to mobility or positive life outcomes. Once completed, users receive a score and a list of factors that show what they had working for and against them. The higher your score, the more s/he had to overcome. The lower the scores, the more s/he had working in his/her favor.

Your American Dream Score and was created by Bob McKinnon, author and founder of GALEWiLL, an organization that designs social change programs, and Moving Up, Bob’s company. Digital design for the tool was created by Sol Design.

Your American Dream Score is meant to engage people on issues like poverty, inequality and opportunity, and to offer strategies and resources that can help people move up in life. By assessing your own station in life, you can gain a better understanding of those factors that impact your ability to move up or down in the world. Research suggests that this type of personal framing and reflection can lead to increased support for issues and their corresponding solutions.


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