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February 3, 2017

Cyberchase Shape Quest Hits 1 Million Downloads!

Cyberchase Shape Quest, Cyberchase’s augmented-reality app for 6-9 year-olds, has hit one million downloads worldwide. 1,017,573, as of press time, to be exact.

cyberchase-shape-quest-02The app launched in January 2014 and hit #1 on iTunes in its first week for free iPad kids apps. It also hit #2 for education apps. Nearly half of the game’s downloads (43%) are for use by educational institutions.

In Cyberchase Shape Quest, players help their animal friends return to their homes using augmented-reality – which uses a tablet’s camera to combine the real world with digital content. Kids travel through five different environments and 80 fun-filled puzzles focused on geometry, spatial reasoning and problem solving. The app features three unique games: Patch the Path (AR), Hide & Seek and Feed the Critters.

The interactive game has been honored by the Webby Awards for “best use of device camera” and received a Recommended Award from the Parents’ Choice Awards. An academic paper co-authored by the production team – “Cyberchase Shape Quest: Pushing Geometry Education Boundaries with Augmented Reality” – was accepted and featured as a demo at the international Interaction Design and Children Conference.

Cyberchase Shape Quest is available free for tablets from the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

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